If You Dare: Chapter 13



While I’m in the kitchen pouring myself another Jager bomb, there’s a knock on the door. I don’t know how many more bodies we can squeeze into this cramped apartment. But if it’s another cute girl, I’ll let her in. At least one of them should be able to take my mind off Violet tonight.

When I swing the door open, a beautiful girl with a bright smile stands in front of me. She’s exactly the kind of girl who could distract me tonight. Tall, slender, dark hair and eyes. I recognize her from the soccer team, but I’ve never caught her name. “Hey, come on in.”

“Thanks!” She points over her shoulder, but she’s too tall to see whoever’s behind her. “My roommate and I are very excited to be here.”

I snort. Definitely a freshman.

The second she passes me, another girl squeals and pulls her through the crowd by the arm. Then I’m left with the girl who was standing behind her. Her roommate.

My teeth grind together. Not fucking her.

She actually had the balls to come to my party, knowing how the last party she attended ended.

She’s even wearing a skimpy black dress. Almost like she thought she might tempt me into forgiving her. Seduce me into bed, so maybe I’ll quit terrorizing her before it gets any worse.

Too bad for her, I have plenty of puck bunnies waiting in line to ride my cock. I don’t need pussy from her when I can get it anywhere.

But I’ll play the game. Let her think for a few minutes that I’m falling for her tricks until I pull the rug out from under her.

I let my gaze rake over every inch of her tiny body. From the round, hazel eyes framed by thick lashes, down to the red-lined lip she’s biting, to the plunging V of her dress, exposing the top of her tits. The thin material clings to her hourglass figure, hugging her little hips and just barely hiding her ass before stopping high on her thighs. She’s small, but in this dress, her legs go on for miles.

Before, I would’ve scooped her into my arms, carried her to my room, and kissed up every inch of those legs until I had her squirming. Begging for me. Now, I still want to make her squirm, but in an entirely different way.

I lean against the doorframe, and Violet swallows under my gaze. “Password?”

“You didn’t make Aneesa give a password,” she points out, no conviction in her voice. She should know better than to mouth off to me.

I’ll teach her exactly how I expect her to speak to me from now on. “Pretty girls like that don’t need a password.”

Violet’s eyes drop to the floor. She actually believes I don’t think she’s pretty. Tormenting her is going to be a whole lot easier than I thought. “If you say everything I tell you to, you can come in.”

Her gaze flashes up to mine. She doesn’t actually want to be here, but her roommate dragged her, and she doesn’t want to walk back in the dark alone. Smart. Not all of the Devils are here yet, and if they see her wandering around at night by herself, there’s no telling what they might do.

“Say you love sucking cock.”

Her pretty little mouth falls open. “What?”

“Say you love sucking cock, or you’re not getting into this party.”

She keeps her mouth clamped shut, gaze darting to the people chatting and laughing around us.

I narrow my eyes. “I dare you.”

Her face falls at those familiar three words. The three words that doomed my sister.

Violet’s gaze drops to her feet again before she murmurs almost imperceptibly, “I love sucking cock.”

I hold my hand up to my ear and lean in. “Couldn’t hear you. Say it again.”

She sighs and blinks furiously at the floor. Already trying to fight back tears. I almost snort. She has no idea how much worse this is going to get. “I love sucking cock.” Her voice is watery, but she manages to say it louder.

“Good girl. Now say you’re a little slut.”

“I’m . . . a little slut,” she repeats, more obedient this time.

Trey and Brody listen in, wolfish grins on their faces. “Now say you want to ride my cock.”

She swallows. “I want to ride your cock.”

Even though I’m commanding the words from her lips, my dick still hardens in my jeans. I never thought I’d hear anything so filthy from Violet Harris’s mouth. But I fucking like it. “Say you want me to shove it in your ass.”

She swipes at a tear that slides down her cheek. “I want you to shove it in my ass.”

Trey, Brody, and a few of the guys behind me step closer, hooting now.

“Now moan when you say this next part: make me come, Wes.”

Her hazel eyes finally fly up to mine, full of tears. They make me grow harder. I want to fuck her face while tears stream down her cheeks. She shakes her head.

I shrug. “All you have to do is say that and you can come in.”

She takes a long, shaky breath. “Make me come, Wes,” she whispers.

Chills race down my spine, but I pull myself together. “That didn’t sound like a moan to me.”

The guys are cracking up and a few girls snicker behind their hands.

“Make me come, Wes,” Violet moans softly.

I grin. The words on a moan from her mouth make me salivate. Almost as good as if she were saying it for real. “That’s a good girl.”

She takes a hesitant step past me when I stand aside. Probably expecting me to grab her and push her to her knees. But I let her shuffle by and into the crowd, searching for her only friend left on this campus.

I’ll let Violet think that was the worst of it tonight. At least for a little while.

She told me her name, but I didn’t bother remembering it. Her mouth slides up and down my cock and I try to focus on her red hair, not let my imagination turn it brown. The girl clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s just bobbing her head, not sucking or using her tongue. What a waste.

“Suck,” I command.

Her eyes widen. She’s been following me around like a puppy since last year, hungry for this moment, and it’s not going at all like she hoped. “I am.”

“Suck harder.”

She drops her head back to my cock and pulls in her cheeks. Better, but she’s still not the girl I want sucking me off.

Violet’s words ring in my ears again.

I love sucking cock.

No, I can’t let my mind go there. Violet killed my sister. She’s dead to me.

I want to ride your cock.

I force myself to concentrate on the curvy girl in front of me. Violet’s complete opposite. Red hair, big tits, fat ass, and thick thighs. The kind of girl every man would love to see bouncing on his cock. A girl who dresses in tiny shorts and crop tops, who throws herself at every guy on the hockey team, who waltzed up to me five seconds ago and offered me a blowjob. A confident, outgoing girl who goes for what she wants.

Nothing like Violet, with her unassuming brown hair always tied up, boring gray sweats covering her slim curves, face void of makeup because she thinks that makes her stand out less. As if that could ever be possible.

Make me come, Wes.

Fuck it. I can’t stop myself this time.

I push the redhead off me, and her eyes widen. “What’s wrong?”

“Open your mouth.”

She does as I command, and I pump my slick cock in front of her. Her hair darkens to brown, wrapped in a ponytail that I twist around my hand. The green eyes she flicks up to my face turn hazel.

“Stick out your tongue,” I instruct her.

In my head, Violet flattens her tongue on the underside of my shaft and pumps my cock with her tiny hand. Then she swirls that soft, wet tongue around my tip.

I want to ride your cock.

“Fuck, Vi—”

I stop myself just before I groan her name as my cum launches into the redhead’s mouth. She keeps her lips parted while I empty into her, but then she spits out my cum and I shake my head. I would make Violet swallow.

I pat the puck bunny’s cheek before stuffing my cock back in my jeans. “Good girl.”

She gives a little scowl, but I don’t care. Violet will like being called a good girl.

The redhead straightens and fixes her hair. “I’ll see you back out there. Maybe you can return the favor next time.”

Like there will be a next time.

As soon as she’s out the door and I’m alone, shame slowly washes over me like oil. I shouldn’t be getting off to my sister’s killer.

When I jump to my feet, I ache to punch something. I yank the door open, letting it slam against the wall.

Luke pats my shoulder as I pass and tries to hand me another plastic cup, but I shrug him off.

My apartment isn’t big, so it doesn’t take long to spot her. She’s in a corner of the kitchen, mouth shut and doing her best to be invisible. Her roommate chats amiably with a group of girls next to her, but Violet doesn’t join in. Lost somewhere in her mind.

Good. I don’t fucking feel bad for her. I hope she’s suffering in there.

I grab the punch bowl from the counter, still half full, and approach the group of girls. Fix on my usual, charming smile. “You ladies need another drink?”

They smile at me and start to answer when I pretend to trip, the punch sailing through the air. Landing right on my target.

Red liquid washes over Violet’s hair and down to her feet. She gasps, completely drenched.

She should look like a drowned rat. Her makeup should be running, her hair sticking to her face. The punch was supposed to make her ugly, but now her dress clings to her body and her nipples poke through the thin fabric. Fuck. She’s not wearing a bra.

All I want to do now is throw her on top of the counter, rip that dress down, and suck those hard nipples into my mouth. She must’ve covered those bruises I left on her neck with makeup because the faint yellow spots peek out now. Oh god. The sight makes my balls tighten. I love seeing my mark on her skin.

Her expression is a mix of horror and embarrassment. A delightful combination that somehow gets me hard again. Apparently, cumming in the redhead’s mouth was nowhere near enough to cure me of my lust for Violet Harris.

“Nice nips!” Brody shouts.

Her roommate is horrified by what just happened, but the rest of the girls giggle. Everyone on this campus knows who to be loyal to, and that’s not Violet Harris.

“Way to go, Wes,” one of the girls calls, but she says it with a laugh.

Violet’s roommate’s eyes flash to me. “Wait. You’re Wes?” She angrily grabs a roll of paper towels and starts pointlessly dabbing at Violet’s soaked skin and clothes. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

I don’t let the easygoing smile slip off my face. “Of course not. It was an accident.”

“Yeah, right,” her roommate grumbles, tossing the soaked paper towel at the trash and missing.

I grab Violet’s arm and drag her from the room, ignoring her roommate’s protests. She tries to follow us, but she can’t part the crowd like I can. Violet pulls against me, trying to free herself from my grip, but her attempts are laughable. She’s a bird fighting a brick wall.

Once I get her in my bathroom, I slam the door behind us, flick the lock, and whirl on her. She’s cowering near the shower, trying to get as far from me as she can.

“Why the fuck are you wearing that?” I growl.

She glances down at her soaked dress, scared and confused. “Um. I don’t know . . . it’s a party. Aneesa told me to wear it.”

I roll my eyes. Right. She still does whatever anyone tells her to do. Her mom tells her to stay at Diamond University, she stays. Aneesa tells her to wear a dress, she wears it. If Chloe had told her to jump off a bridge, she would’ve jumped.

She doesn’t know how to stand up for herself. How to fight back. She never has. That’s what makes this so easy.

I grab a towel and close the distance between us. Her back hits the shower and she’s got nowhere else to go. My finger hooks in her plunging neckline, her tits still wet and glistening, mere inches from my touch. She gulps.

With my other hand, I wipe the punch off her arm, her shoulder, her chest. Even with the cloth between us, I can feel her heart thumping against her ribcage.

I lean toward her neck and leisurely lick the spiked punch off her skin, the sweet flavor mixed with a hint of hard liquor and the delectable taste of Violet. She shivers but doesn’t shove me away or tell me to stop.

Her nipples peak again and I wonder how wet she already is for me.

“Don’t ever wear something like this around me again,” I warn her, glaring into her wide hazel eyes. “Unless you want to get bent over the nearest table and fucked.”

A flicker of arousal in her eyes before she remembers to fear me. She presses her back against the shower, finally pushing my hand away. “Please just let me leave.”

“You shouldn’t have come here in the first place.” I drag her out of the bathroom, shoving a protesting Aneesa out of the way, and slam my bedroom door behind us before throwing my sweats and an old jersey at her. She’ll drown in them, but at least they’ll hide her delicious curves. “Change.”

Violet stares at me wide-eyed, clutching the clothes to her chest. “What—”

“Change. Now.”

She drops my clothes on the bed and starts to bend until she notices I’m still watching. Her mouth pinches. “Can you at least turn around?”

I fold my arms, leaning back against the wall to settle in for the show. “No.” She sighs but decides arguing won’t get her anywhere. Smart girl. She grabs the sweats, but I shake my head. “Take the panties off.”

“What? Why?”

“Because you’re soaked, Violet.” I’ll let her mull over that double entendre.

“Because you threw punch on me,” she grumbles, but she does as I say, tugging her panties down her legs. My cock hardens.

“You’re the one who showed up here.”

“I didn’t know it was at your apartment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have.”

“How you can even go to a party while your best friend is dead is sick.”

Her eyes flash up to mine as she hikes the sweats to her waist, fabric bunched at her ankles. She debates whether she’s going to retort until she decides to go for it. “You’re partying while your sister is dead.”

I’m up against her in three steps. She balks, instantly realizing her mistake. “But I didn’t fucking kill her, did I?”

Aneesa pounds on the door. “Let her out of there, Wes! Or I’ll call campus security!”

Violet turns away from me, scrambling to yank her dress over her head. My erection grows rock-hard at her half-naked inches away from me. She slips on my jersey, and I hate that I love seeing her in my clothes.

Violet ducks to grab up her panties, but I step on the flimsy black fabric. “Leave them.”

She doesn’t bother objecting this time. She heads for the door, wrenching it open, and I don’t stop her.

Aneesa glares at me like a bull about to charge, but she takes Violet’s hand instead. “Come on, Violet. Let’s go.”

Violet doesn’t say a word or even nod. All she does is shake and let Aneesa pull her out of the apartment, giggles and whispers following in her wake.

I grab up her panties, ball them in my fist, and tuck them in my pocket. With every brush of my sweats against her bare ass, she’ll be forced to think of me. Of everything I’m going to do to her.


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