If You Dare: Chapter 11



God, it felt so good to have my hands wrapped around her throat. Her eyes were wide while she was bleeding and trembling. Watching her cower in front of me, feeling her delicate little throat beneath my palms, made me want to wrench open that pretty mouth and make her suck me off.

I can’t do that, though. Can’t give in to that last bit of stupid, lingering attraction.

Violet has always been beautiful. Long brown hair, usually tied up in a ponytail begging to be pulled. Stunning hazel eyes, button nose, and a pouty little mouth. She’s so tiny. Can’t be more than five-three. More than a foot shorter than me. I can’t count the number of nights I’ve spent daydreaming about her tiny hands and perfect mouth wrapped around my cock.

Sure, in my fantasies I mix the pleasure with a bit of pain. Have her choke on my cock, drive into her from behind so hard she screams. But I’ve never actually thought I would do any of that. I’d be gentle, do whatever she asked to keep her around.

But I don’t care about keeping her around anymore.

In the locker room, I scrub the grime of practice off in the showers. In the other corner, Luke does the same in silence. Before Chloe died, Luke would belt some country song in an exaggerated Southern twang until I’d holler at him to shut up. He hasn’t been the same since my sister died either.

All because of Violet Harris.

My vision pinpricks when her heart-shaped face and round eyes pop into my mind. I squeak the shower off, wrap the towel around my waist, and stomp to my locker, shaking thoughts of Violet from my head.

Out in the locker room, my teammates watch while a puck bunny blows Trey in the middle of the room, his hand pressed against a locker beside him while he smirks down at her.

He smacks her cheek when he spots me. “Give the captain a turn. He needs a pick-me-up.”

The girl turns to me, chestnut eyes framed by hair of the same shade. Wrong complexion, different nose, thinner lips, but the color in her cheeks reminds me of Violet.

She flashes me a salacious grin, saliva coating her chin. My cock throbs when I picture Violet doing the same.

No. I block the images of her out of my mind as Trey tears open the puck bunny’s top, exposing her tits nearly spilling out of her bra. She gasps before giggling. Normally, we have a few girls in here at a time, their high-pitched moans and cries echoing. But I like when we get to focus on one girl too, admiring how many cocks she can handle at once.

I stride for her, ripping down her bra to expose her peaked nipples and pinch her cheeks between my thumb and forefinger, a flash of fear in her dark eyes that makes my cock twitch. “Hey, bunny,” I murmur.

I’m squeezing too hard for her to respond, but I don’t need her talking. I need her sucking. Making me forget all about Violet.

My cock springs out when I drop the towel around my waist. The smile fights to pull across her face. I slap her cheek with my dick a few times before placing the tip on her lips and finally releasing my hold on her cheeks to slide in.

Her wet tongue caresses the underside of my shaft, her cheeks sucking in because she knows exactly how to get a guy off. She lets out a little yelp when I push in all the way to her throat. She gags, and Trey groans behind me, already wanting back inside her.

I thread my hand in her hair, rubbing the back of her head like I’m giving her a scalp massage. She groans until I drive my cock deep into her throat in a hard thrust, keeping her head in place with both hands while I fuck her face.

Her nails bite into my thighs as she gags and chokes, but that only makes me fuck her harder. Rage pumping in my veins as I picture Violet on her knees before me, mouth wide and jaw coming unhinged to accept her punishment.

“I need to be inside her,” Trey groans.

I nearly growl when he interrupts us, pulling the puck bunny to her feet. He tugs her shirt and bra off while Brody yanks her shorts and panties down. She’s naked in seconds, every inch waxed and plucked in preparation for this moment.

“Bend over the bench, bunny,” I instruct her, leaning back against the locker.

She does as she’s told, bending with her eyes peering up at me as Trey drools over her ass. “My name is—”

“Shh, bunny.” I press a finger over her lips. “It doesn’t matter.”

Before she can say another stupid fucking word, I shove my cock down her throat. She blinks back the tears, but they eventually start to spill when Trey spits in his hand and slams into her pussy.

She cries out around my cock, gagging every time Trey’s thrusts send my dick down her throat. Brody stands over her, jerking off as her ass bounces. A couple of the guys crouch and suck her tits into their mouths. Her eyes roll with pleasure.

Luke walks by and out of the room without a word. He’s never been into sharing. If I gave a shit about the girl, I wouldn’t either. Wouldn’t want another guy even looking at her, let alone burying himself inside her.

Trey gets on the floor, spinning her to face him and pulling her down onto his cock. “What a good fucking slut,” he growls, pounding into her like she’s a blowup doll while her tits bounce wildly.

Brody kneels and sucks on his finger before nudging at her ass. “You’re going to love this, baby.”

She whimpers when I snap her head back to me, forcing her lips to part again even though her jaw is aching.

When Brody enters her ass, she cries out, lurching forward. I slam into her mouth over and over, dark makeup mixing with her tears and I smear the mess across her face before slapping, turning her flushed skin a brighter red.

She manages to wrap her hands around two more cocks, pumping them while she gets fucked in every hole. I squeeze her neck, restricting her airflow until she’s gasping around my cock.

Her saliva drips down to my balls just as they tighten. One of the guys cums on her back, and the room fills with the slap of skin on skin. Brody grunts, slamming into her tight ass just as Trey thrusts up into her and shouts, “Oh, fuck!”

The puck bunny’s scream around my cock sends reverberations all the way to my toes, and I release her neck as my hot cum spurts out and down her throat. She chokes, pushing at my thighs. But my hand crushes her head to me, her nose nearly brushing my pelvis as she’s forced to swallow my cum or drown in it.

“Good girl, bunny.”

With both hands, I mix her spit with her makeup and tears, spreading the concoction across her face.

Exactly what I would do to Violet Harris if I ever had her in this position. Getting off on her tears, her terror.


The instant Aneesa spots me waiting for her in the dining hall, she gasps and hurries to the seat across from me, dropping her plate onto the table. “What happened?” She immediately digs out the med kit from her bag, scoots her chair next to me, and dabs at the scrapes on my hands.

“I tripped and fell.” The practiced lie comes out easily. I managed to cover the freshly blooming bruises on my neck with concealer.

I can’t tell Aneesa what really happened. She’ll demand to know who pushed me, and when I refuse to give her the name of my assailant, she’ll figure out who it is. Then she’ll do something stupid. Either track Wes down herself and demand that he leave me alone, which would only make my torment worse, or she’ll go to the administration and report it. And once Wes finds out I reported him, he won’t let me leave this campus alive.

No, Aneesa can’t know about any of this. I just need to suck it up and deal with it. Any punishment that Wes wants to dole out to me, I deserve anyway.

Thankfully, she buys the lie. “They should heal in a few days. Just make sure you keep the wounds clean and watch for infection.” I can’t help but smile. She’s so obviously pre-med. She slips the med kit back in her bag and stabs at her salad. “Anyway, I hope you have a cute outfit to wear because we’re going to a party tonight.”

I shake my head. “I’m not—”

She holds up a hand. “Stop, you’re going. A bunch of my friends will be there too. We’ll all look out for each other. You can’t spend your whole semester locked up in our dorm. You need to enjoy college.”

“I’m here to study and work, not to party.” I’ve been there, done that. I know exactly how a party ends.

Aneesa clicks through her phone, ignoring me. “I’ll even let you wear my favorite little black dress.”


She shoves her phone in my face, a sexy black dress on her screen. She reminds me so much of Chloe. Stubborn, demanding, athletic, outgoing. The kind of girl who won’t take no for an answer only because she wants the best for you.

If she’d gotten a chance to meet Chloe, they would’ve been friends.

If I hadn’t fucked everything up.

So I sigh and tell her, “Fine. I’ll go.”


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