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Hunter: Chapter 8

Sabrina had stopped shaking a few miles back. She needed to focus. She was driving her truck at knife point by an obviously crazed person. “Dean, why are you here?”

Her foster brother now looked a bit calmer. “Well, I’ve been following you,” he admitted.

“What? Why?”

“To protect you.”

“From what? You shove a knife at me? That is not—”

“Shut up!” he shouted. “You cannot help yourself. Hanging around, watching those bikers? Then going with those other bikers. Those are bad men. You must just think they are like tough and sexy. Hell, I don’t know. But you have a dangerous obsession going on.”

Sabrina watched the road as her body shook. Obsession? He should know, she thought silently. Dean had never been a normal kid and he had always been… obsessed with her. It had always made her nervous when she lived with the Calhouns, her last foster family. One of the biggest reliefs was when she finally turned 18 and left. She had done it while Dean was in his therapy session too, as she sure as hell did not want to see him ever again.

And yet, here he was. Just as creepy and the dumbass he always was. What could she do now? He looked insane and her ribs still hurt from him slamming her up against the truck. The last three years, he must have been working out, because he was a lot bigger and stronger than before.

Looking up into the rear view truck mirror, she saw him. Hunter. It had to be. Three bikes way back, like specs. Could it be the MC?

She hoped Dean was oblivious. She decided to keep him talking, so he would remain that way. “So, what? You figure you’re my bodyguard?”

He slowly looked over at her.

Sabrina stared at him. He looked wild eyed, almost insane. She felt a shiver and looked back at the road.

“I am. You were meant to be mine.”

She gasped. “But you are—”

“—your foster brother and that is not blood relation,” he stated as he unbuckled his seatbelt and scooted over on the seat.

Sabrina felt a bead of sweat pop out on her forehead. She knew he had been unstable. His parents had him in therapy all through the time she’d been there. But she never assumed he would go as far as this. It had taken him almost three years to find her, but he had. How insane was that?

He set his free hand on her thigh while he tapped the knife against her collarbone. “You were always mine. I’m just protecting you from your own…pitfalls.” He moved his hand to her crotch.

Sabrina stilled. Her skin crawled at the feel of his hand on her.

He sighed happily and got bolder. “I am gonna enjoy you for a change. You know I watched you shower. I saw your body many times and I would have to…” he paused. “Well, get myself off.”

Suddenly, Sabrina’s fear evaporated, as did the spit in her mouth. He had spied on her? Watched her from his room or something? She felt sick to her stomach.

He grabbed her breast and squeezed. “I will finally have you. I only had those videos of you after you left. I figured you would see what we had together, but then you just up and left. I waited 6 years for you. I won’t wait anymore and when we get to the motel, I will tie you up.”

Sabrina shivered in disgust. She could never let that happen. No, she needed to stop him before they ever came to any damned motel. She had heard enough. He had videos of her? Dean was sick she knew that before but….Anger boiled up in her but she swallowed it down. She glanced at her hands that had gone white knuckled on the steering wheel. She fought the bile rising up her throat and said, “You need to scoot over and let me drive, Dean. The interstate is coming up.

He stared at her for a moment then smiled. “Well…” He scooted over while looking smug now. “I’m glad you are finally—”

Sabrina slammed the brakes with all the might she had in her foot before he could belt up again.

The truck pitched forward abruptly while going 50.

Dean screamed.

She’d heard him and glass breaking but she was too busy trying to right the truck to look over. The vehicle then went out of control as it went sideways and swerved as she now had trouble holding the wheel. The truck moved in an odd way and she could no longer control it.

God, she was going to die, just ‘cause he’d made her mad.

The truck slid sideways and burned more rubber before it hit a median and her head hit the steering wheel.

Everything faded to black.

Hunter saw it, but he couldn’t do anything. The truck spun out of control then in slow motion almost, it did a vertical slide sideways. Then it hit a median and stopped as the front of it smoked.

He got there first and had barely kicked his stand before he was off his bike and rushed up to the truck.

Ripping the door open, Sabrina fell out sideways until her safety belt stopped the fall. He reached in unsnapped the belt and grabbed her up.

Roars of the cycles came up on him as he turned with her.

Sinner got to him first. “Is she…” He stared down at her bleeding forehead.

“I don’t know.”

“Well, her friend is gone,” Bearcat shouted from the other side of the truck.

Hunter looked over to see a bloodied body on the hood. “Good for him. Saved me the fucking trouble.” He paused. “Check his pulse.

“Don’t have to,” Bearcat called back. “His jugular was cut, man. He is dead.”

“Okay, you two will have to call for backup. Call Winslow. He’s got the tow truck and he’s a mile away. Then get rid of the body.” Hunter turned and walked over to his bike.

“What the hell are you gonna do Hunter?” Sinner walked beside him.

“I’m gonna put her in front of me and get her back to Taz at home.” He lifted his leg and got on.

Sinner steadied his bike as he climbed on and looked him in the eyes. “You got it bad for this girl, Hunter. You realize that right?” He raised his hands from the Harley and stepped back.

Hunter didn’t pause as he started up and took off back to the clubhouse. He knew she was breathing but she could have a concussion. He wouldn’t or couldn’t take her to the ER. Then it would be cops and more. He knew Taz did a good job as a doctor and that was his only choice.

The clubhouse was a twenty minute drive and he took it slower this time. No good would come of a second wreck. As he rode along, he would glance down at her a time or two. She looked pale and out cold. Dammit, she had already had two injuries in 24 hours.

He felt her move her head against his chest. He slowed the bike and glanced down.

Her eyelids fluttered and she opened those baby blues. “I-I knew it was you—coming,” she whispered then closed her eyes again.

Hunter felt something in his chest again. It felt too tight. He couldn’t figure out why he felt like this.

“You got it bad for this girl, Hunter…”

Sinner’s words came back at him.

He raised his head to finally see the clubhouse, busted gates and all. “Well, so fucking what? I suppose I do have it bad.” He rode through and stopped his ride, as some of the men rushed over.

Taz reached out to take her.

Hunter shook his head and dismounted.

Wizard gasped and reached out to grab his bike to keep it from falling.

Hunter strode toward the clubhouse. “Come on Taz!” he yelled back.

At his yell, Sabrina stirred in his arms. Her eyes opened and she groaned. “Oh, god. My head.”

Hunter smiled, as this was a good sign.

She looked up at him as they were now inside. “Why are you smiling?”

He shook his head. “Cuz you have a headache.”

She blinked up at him. “W-what happened?’

“I don’t know. You have to tell me.”

Sabrina groaned and shut her eyes just as they got inside the infirmary.

Hunter laid her down on the bed.

“What the fuck happened to her?” Taz asked him.

“She wrecked her truck,” Hunter told him.

“Why would she do that?”

Hunter stepped aside to allow Taz to do his thing. “To kill the man who took her I think?”


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