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It’s a big day for all of us.

A HUGE day.

A momentous day that I thought would never come.

We finally have our parents’ blessing.

We’ll use the term “blessing” loosely. I don’t think that Janice is ever going to forgive me for stealing her sons. I mean, I haven’t stolen them at all. It was all them, right from the beginning. If anything, my dad should be the one holding a grudge that the five scrawny boys he took on and raised have defiled his daughter…repeatedly…in the best possible way.

Janice has begrudgingly accepted that this is really happening. It’s only taken two years, many conversations, and us showing her that this thing between us isn’t just about sex.

Of course, it really is about sex. Tons of the most amazing sex I could ever have imagined. My body has been sore for months and I don’t even care. You wouldn’t either if you saw my stepbrothers and got close enough to know what they can do to a woman. Just one of them would be a lot to handle; five has taken practice. So much practice.

The reception staff at the local motel don’t even raise an eyebrow anymore, we’ve checked in so many times. That was the other thing. Janice didn’t want it “going on under her roof.” Of course it did, when she was out, and when she wasn’t, we took matters into our own hands.

It’s about a whole lot more than sex too, and that has just grown since we first got together. The familiarity, from our shared time as children, definitely made things move faster. My stepbrothers proved to me that they had my best interests at heart, always, and with every passing day, my heart has swollen with love for the five men who love to tease me as much as they love to love me.

How much has changed?

My stepbrothers love to play games but now when they prank me, I know that it’s just them having fun. It’s their ridiculous sense of humor and their way of showing affection, as crazy as that might sound. I’m in the inner circle now, not always the one on the receiving end. When I switched Jessie’s toothpaste for shaving foam the other day, the rest of the boys almost died of laughter.

I’m still their favorite toy, though.

They tell me I always will be.

Last spring Jameson, Jessie, and Joshua declared for the professional draft. It was a nail-biting time for everyone. There was a chance that, if they were selected, they’d end up being picked for teams across the country. I couldn’t sleep for weeks before, worrying about what the decision of people outside our lives could do to our future.

When the NFL held the annual draft, we waited with bated breath, especially because Jameson’s injury, although healed, would definitely be a factor.

Only two hundred and fifty-six players are selected.

That seemed like such a tiny number.

There was a part of me, and I’m not proud to admit this, that didn’t want them to be picked. They were all bright enough to do well outside of football, but I knew that this was their passion. It was the prospect that they could be moving away that made me think so negatively.

In the end it was Joshua and Jessie who were drafted for the team they’d been desperate to be a part of since they were little boys. Jameson’s injury was just too fresh and too much of a worry for the teams to consider him. It was heartbreaking but he intended to try again with Kyle and Kameron. He remained positive through it all. I hope that I played a role in that, just like coach intended for me.

We were separated from Jessie and Joshua by ten hours of driving, but that didn’t keep us apart. We found a good spot half way between home and Joshua and Jessie’s new place and whenever we could find a couple of days to be together, we’d take it.

Those hours in the car with my boys will remain in my memory. There was such a sense of anticipation for all of us. For me it was to be reunited with the two fifths of my heart that were missing. For my boys it was to get their siblings back, even if it was just for a few hours. Mostly, it just reaffirmed that Kyle’s idea for his brothers and for me was right. If I imagined how things might have ended up had Kyle not been brave enough to push his agenda or if I had not been open minded enough to try, I can’t bear the thought. These boys would be scattered all over the country, maybe for good.

I know that Janice still holds a lot of anger and resentment, but I hope in time, when our family grows, that she will see how much this new way of loving has benefited us all. Mom has been more supportive than I could have hoped. I guess she knows me better than anyone. She knows the daughter she raised has a sensible head on her shoulders. She spoke to each of my boys in turn to make sure they were good. They got her seal of approval.

So far, we’ve managed to keep our relationship a secret and I want it to stay that way, at least until the next draft takes place. I don’t want anything to impact my boys’ futures, least of all their love for me.

There was speculation about me and Jameson from the point our sex video was circulated and we neither confirmed nor denied we were together. I enjoyed watching the frustration of the gossip-mill, especially since my privacy had been invaded so flagrantly. At least this was a way of me regaining some control. More important, Gordon was kicked off the team for his behavior. Kayla found the courage to make a statement about what Gordon had done. The charges against her for making a false accusation of rape against Jessie were dropped and new charges were brought against Gordon for assault.

It was a sorry end to a sorry situation, but at least Kayla is out of an abusive relationship. I’m done worrying about the video, and so are my boys.

Sara is the only one who knows. The secret has been burning a hole in her but she’s managed to keep it and I’m grateful. It has been great to have someone to gossip with, especially about the sex challenges. I suspect she’s still thinking of writing a book about my escapades. She thinks it would fit right in with her favorite reading material. As long as she changes our names, I don’t mind. It could be fun to be immortalized in print.

It’s our last journey to see Jessie and Joshua before the rest of my boys go through the stress of the draft and we’re bringing good news. All our battling to prove our love has finally worn our parents down. They’re giving us the green light to be together in whatever form that will take. I know my dad is worried about me not having a traditional life. Every parent wants their child to have a secure bond to just one person. Marriage is as much about financial security as it is about love.

I guess he finally sees that I have that emotional security with five good men. Five men he’s helped to raise. Five men he knows better than he’ll ever know any others. The financial security is something else though. There’s no way we can all get married. There are no progressive states in the US prepared to look on our unusual relationship as something that can be legally sanctioned. Instead, the boys have agreed that they will draw straws for the opportunity to be my official husband. The rest will be my life partners. It has to be this way because I couldn’t choose between them. Not in a million years.

We pull up outside the motel that’s going to be our base for the next two days. Jessie and Joshua are sitting outside with a couple of giant bottles of water in front of them. No sodas for my athletes. Their bodies are temples. My temples!

It’s an emotional reunion; cuddles and kisses for me and backslapping bro-hugs for the boys. I catch two men observing us from the lot and smile. We must make an odd looking group.

“You took your time,” Jessie says, punching Jameson in the arm.

“I’ve been breaking the speed limit for most of the journey,” he says. “You’re just desperate to see Maisie.”

“If you hadn’t got your dick wet for weeks, you’d be desperate too.”

“Boys!” I say, putting my hands on their chests. “We’re here now and there’s plenty of me to go around. Enough talking. Let’s get inside.”

“Yes, ma’am,” they all say.

The boys carry our suitcases and it reminds me of the day I arrived in town and the ridiculous baggage-claim situation. I held so much resentment toward my stepbrothers and they held so much toward me.

So much has changed.

The room is big, with two giant beds and a pullout. We never bother with the pullout though. Just push the beds together and get on with what Jessie and Joshua are so desperate for. Their brothers won’t make them wait. They understand how hard it must be to live so far away. Physical closeness is such an important part of any relationship.

I strip off my jeans and blouse, shaking my hair from its band so that it falls over my shoulders and over my breasts. Even though we’re all tired from the journey, it won’t impact the way we are together.

Jessie grabs me under the ass and lifts me as though I weigh nothing. My pussy is pressed against his erection, an urgent reminder of how much he needs this. He lays me on the bed, kissing me deeply, his hands roaming over my curves. I moan when he flicks the clasp of my bra open, the urgency of his touch making me swoon.

His mouth is on my pussy so fast, I cry out. He doesn’t even bother to remove my panties, just pushes the damp fabric to the side and swipes his tongue through my wet sex.

“Fuck,” he mutters, “I’ve missed the taste of you so bad.”

Joshua moves to kiss me, his hand kneading my breast. “Fuck, I missed you,” he says against my lips. “Missed this.”

“I know.” I thread my hands though his soft dark hair, roaming lower over his wide shoulders and strong arms. God, he feels good. Solid and strong. Powerful and alive.

“We’re going to do this together,” Joshua tells me, and I swear I almost combust.

Double penetration terrified me at first. How on earth could I possibly accommodate two of them at the same time? Smaller men, maybe. But my stepbrothers’ cocks are huge.

The first time they took it slowly, taking time to help me relax, turning me on to the point of madness before they finally pushed inside.

Joshua lies on the bed and I know the drill. I get on top of him, my hands roaming over his gorgeous tanned body. Damn, I think he might even be bigger. The pro-training starting to develop him even further. Looking at him should be illegal.

Jessie’s mouth has made me good and wet, and I slide down onto Joshua’s cock easily. He grits his teeth, the pleasure of that first thrust always just too good. Jessie moves behind me, his hand on the back of my neck, pushing me forward until I’m lying on Joshua.

“You ready?” Joshua asks, stroking my hair back from my face.

“Always,” I say.

Jessie waits while I move on Joshua, enough that his cock is slick with my arousal and my pussy is soft. The first press of a second cock at my entrance makes my heart skitter. The weight of him over me, the intensity of being between two men makes me shiver.

There is always a part of me that wonders if it’ll work. They’re so big and I’m so small. They always prove me wrong.

“Fuck,” Jessie gasps as he pushes inside me. Joshua’s hands are gripping my hips, holding me motionless. It takes all my concentration to relax. I synchronize my breathing with Joshua and I’m filled with a feeling of total surrender. These men own my body. I am part of them and they are part of me.

“Feel good, huh?” Jameson asks. He’s sitting on the bed, watching his triplets take their pleasure. His cock is hard, his fist wrapped around it, but he’s patient. I guess he’s enjoying the show.

“Feels fucking amazing,” Joshua says, nuzzling my neck, his eyes rolling back. He doesn’t need to move right now. Jessie’s doing all the work. And damn, he’s good at the work.

My pussy is stretched to its maximum, my clit pulled tight, rubbing against Joshua’s pelvis. Inside, my G-spot is stimulated with every thrust of Jessie’s cock. I need to come so badly that I’m moaning desperately.

Jessie’s hand grips the back of my neck, holding me tight as he pumps into me. I love when the boys are possessive. I love it when they take control of me, moving my body just the way they like.

“Harder,” I grunt, needing that little bit more. Joshua raises his hips, thrusting upward as his brother bears down. Oh damn…I can’t…I can’t…Oh, I am. “I’m coming,” I shout, loud enough that the neighbors will definitely have heard.

“Fuck.” Joshua throws his head back, the rhythmic squeezing of my orgasm making my pussy so tight. His dick swells and he jerks, coming hard. Jessie isn’t far behind, spilling his seed inside me.

Ever since the beginning, we’ve always been skin to skin and I never want it to be any different.

I’m boneless and wrecked when Jessie pulls out and flops onto the bed. I lie spread-eagled on Joshua, my pussy feeling so empty.

But not for long. Jameson’s lips find my neck, his hands sweeping my hair to the side so he can kiss me. “It’s time,” he says.

Time for more.

He rolls me off his brother, and he’s in my pussy straight away, hooking my leg over his shoulder to make the penetration nice and deep.

Kyle and Kameron take their places at my sides, wrapping my hands around their cocks. They’re all so big and hot that I feel light-headed.

“Does that feel good?” Jameson asks, although I think the question is rhetorical because I moan every time he grinds into me.

“Yeah, baby,” I say.

“You know what I want to see?” he says, a wicked gleam in his emerald eyes.


“I want to see my brother’s come on you.”

Well, that’s kinky as fuck and something I’d like to see too. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find that my men’s seed is just about the sexiest thing ever.

I look between Kyle and Kameron, whose eyes are a mix of frenzied yearning and warmth.

“You want that too?” I ask them.

There are nods all round. “Okay then.” When I stroke them, it’s usually as a precursor to sex. I don’t get them too close because I want them to be able to last when they push inside me. This time is different. They start to thrust into my hands, both of them using their own to tighten my grip. Their abs flex, rippling as they move in perfect synchronization.

“That’s it,” Jameson says, watching me stimulate his twin brothers. I close my eyes, reveling in the feeling of possession. Three men are using me for the physical and visual pleasure. Fingers find my nipples, someone slips a finger into my mouth and I suck it hard.

“Fuck,” Jameson mutters, his brows furrowed in concentration, his beard making him look rough and dangerous.

“You gonna come, baby?” I ask him. He likes it when I do. He likes it when I beg. “I wanna feel you, baby. I wanna feel that big cock swell up. I want to feel your cum leaking out of my pussy. Give it to me.”

“Shit.” He’s on the edge now, his fingers gripping my ass hard enough to bruise.

“I’m close,” Kyle says, his voice husky with arousal.

“Me too,” Kameron says.

“That’s it, boys. Let me feel you come. I want you to cover me in it. Cover my pussy and my tits. Make me sticky.”

That’s all it takes to get what I’m asking for. Kyle comes first, lashing hot over my breast. Kameron’s hits my neck, his face a picture of tension to release. Jameson is last, but certainly not least. He pounds into me, hard enough that I come again. Bright light flashes and I’m light-headed.

It’s like a dream, but it’s not.

It’s my reality, and I couldn’t ask for more.

“I love you,” I say, gazing between these gorgeous men who are mine. All mine.

“It doesn’t count after sex,” Jameson says, pulling out and patting my thigh.

“Of course it does,” I say. “It counts even more.”

“Nah,” Kyle says, gazing down on the mess he’s made of me. “I’m afraid I have to agree with my brother.”

“Brothers,” Kameron says.

Jessie and Joshua nod their agreement. “After sex, it’s not love, it’s gratitude.”

I scowl and shake my head. “You know what I’d be really grateful for? A washcloth.”

A rumble of laugher fills the room. “Yeah, you’re really dirty,” Jessie says.

“Filthy,” Joshua adds.

“Perfect,” Kyle says.

I gaze around at these men who are my life. Now’s certainly not the perfect time to share important information. In fact, according to them, post sex confessions don’t count, but I can’t hold this in anymore.

“Pregnant,” I say softly.

Jameson was halfway to the bathroom and stops dead. His brothers all seem to have been frozen into statues. The moment of silence stretches like elastic until it’s so tight, I can’t stand it.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Pregnant,” Jessie says, his hand reaching for my belly. I’m not showing yet, I’m only two months along and my belly has a natural roundness that is covering any baby growth.

I nod, feeling tears burn in my throat. I want them to be happy about this. As happy as I am.

“Pregnant?” Jameson says, coming closer.


“Baby,” Kameron says, leaning to kiss my lips. Hands rest on my body, big hands filled with reassurance and care and tears slide from my eyes.

“Are you happy?” I ask, my voice squeaky and uncertain.

“YES,” they all boom, as though I’m an idiot for even asking. I guess all the silence came from shock rather than regret and my heart soars.

I’m gathered up, mess and all, and hugged by each and every one of my gorgeous men. I have no idea who the father is but I know it won’t matter. My baby will have five amazing daddies and will be the luckiest child in the world. There will never be a time when they won’t have someone to play with. They will never have to wonder if their daddy loves them…if they’re good enough. The doubts that plagued me, the missing part of my stepbrothers’ and my childhood will never touch them.

It doesn’t matter what happens next because we’re walking life’s path together.

“We love you, you know that. You and this baby.” And I do know in every cell of my body, in every quadrant of my heart, I know.

Five men, one love, forever.


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