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My mind is so blown. Like, it’s completely smashed into smithereens. I don’t even know what to think.

Things I thought only existed on strange reality TV shows and in the minds of some very naughty authors are actually happening around me and I didn’t even know. And Kyle is seriously thinking that it could be an option for him and his brothers.

I bet Janice would have something to say about it. I can pretty much guarantee that whoever got that gig would need to be vetted in detail by my wicked stepmother. There is no way she’d settle for anything less than a Stepford daughter-in-law. Seriously, type A! That’s a very polite way of expressing crazy and controlling. Having her for a stepmother is bad enough. Having her for a mother-in-law would be hideous. How could anyone live up to that kind of standard?

I’m definitely on the lookout for a man who doesn’t live in his mother’s pocket. It’s not good to always be second place when it comes to everything, especially not in marriage. It’s one of the reasons my mom had such a tough time when it came to my dad. She was never quite as good as my late grandmother. I guess that Janice has had an easier time as my grandmother had already passed by the time Dad got married again. And in a way, I think that Janice is a lot like Dad’s mom. Maybe that’s why he’s managed to keep this relationship going. Who knows?

Anyway, I don’t hang around for much longer after Kyle has gone. A few lengths of the pool and I’m back inside the pool house before the sun gets too low in the sky. In the shower, I wash myself, remembering the feel of Jameson’s hand on my back, my ass and my thighs, then push the thought away. I could make myself come so easily remembering the strong press of his fingers into my flesh and the gentle caress he gave my inner thighs. I could lick my finger and rub it over my clit, imaging him touching me there too, but if I did that I don’t think I’d be able to stop. I’d start imagining Kyle stroking that big dick that I know he has hanging between his legs. I saw the outline of it; thick and meaty and long. Just the kind of cock that I fantasize about. And if I let Kyle into this fantasy, then the rest of his brothers are going to drift in for sure. How could I keep them out when they all look the same? When they always travel as a pack?

I press my palm against my pussy, trying to flatten the ache but it only makes things worse. I remember how good it felt to rub lotion into myself, knowing that they were looking. The way their eyes felt just magnified every touch. When my finger grazed my nipple…. Oh fuck.

I wonder if their cocks felt as stiff as my clit. I hope they did. I hope that they’re up in their showers, feeling every bit as sexually frustrated as me.

I could stroke myself and come but I know that I shouldn’t. If I do, there will be no going back. Once I’ve felt that ecstasy with them in mind, I’ll have stepped over a barrier that no stepsister should cross. I mean, I grew up with these boys. I saw them trip and cut their knees and cry when their mom found a Band-Aid. It might not have been a bed of roses but there are enough memories there to make all of these feelings that I’m having confusing and wrong.

We might not be related, but we still live in the same household.

And I know I’m moving back across country when I’m done with studying. This isn’t going to be my home forever. I just need to focus my studies and my heart wrapped up safe. If I keep a good head on my shoulders, I’ll be out of here in no time and back to my old life.

I get myself dressed, watching some TV so that I don’t have the head space to think any more forbidden thoughts. Except, as I’m flicking I come across the show that Kyle was talking about. The McGregor brothers and their wife are on my screen and it’s compulsive viewing. Laura is hilarious and you can see the love pouring out of all of the brothers. When they’re all together, the atmosphere seems totally relaxed. I look out for hints of discord or competitiveness between the brothers and there is none. In fact, all I see is cooperation and fun. It’s exactly the kind of family that it would be amazing to grow up in. Their babies look so content. There is never a lack of arms to carry them or cuddle them. With ten daddies, a child would never feel unloved. My heart aches for little me who used to worry so much about why my daddy didn’t seem to care about me as much as he did his stepsons. All those feelings of neglect and guilt that I did something to make him be that way. I’d never want my kids to feel the same way that I did.

And Laura looks the happiest. She’s the center of their world and it looks like an amazing place to be.

By the time I’m ready to head over for dinner, it’s quite late. Nobody has called me to find out where I am so I assume they must be running late too, but when I get into the house, everything is quiet. The kitchen is empty. The dining room too and there is just the sound of a TV coming from the den.

What should I do? I guess I need to find something to eat. In the fridge there is a plate covered by Saran Wrap. I’m guessing this is my dinner that someone has kindly plated up. I wonder who it was. There is no way that Janice would willingly do something like that for me. I bet she was constantly pointing out my absence to my dad so that he was very aware of my lateness as a shortcoming. Maybe Dad did it out of pity for me. Or maybe it was one of my stepbrothers. I’ve got to admit that wouldn’t have been something I would have thought possible in the past, but Kyle for sure seems nice enough to have thought of me.

Then a ghost of a feeling from our past comes back. Could they have packaged up this food for me as some kind of joke? Maybe they spat in it and are planning to tell me about it later. Maybe there is a roach in it or a spider. Maybe it’s laced with chili so that my mouth burns like fire. The possibilities are endless. So endless that I put the plate of food back into the fridge. I find some noodles in the cupboard and make myself a quick snack dinner, chomping on a carrot while I wait. No one comes in while I eat, or while I wash the dishes. I head to the front of the house and glance out of the window, noticing that Dad’s car is gone from the drive. Maybe that’s why the house is so quiet. Dad and Janice have gone out.

I make my way back toward the den, not really sure what I’m going to do next. I hear the rumble of laughter and the sound of a movie that must be funny in the background. The door is open just enough that I can see in. Kyle and Kameron are flopped on the huge cord corner sofa. The light is off and they are cast in a white-blue glow from the screen. I’m about to leave when Kyle starts talking.

“You know, I spoke to Maisie today.”

“When?” Kameron asks.

“After you guys went upstairs. We were in the pool for a while.”

“Oh yeah.”


There’s a moment of silence and I consider beginning to tiptoe away when Kameron turns to his brother. “So what did you talk about?”

“College. The old days. Relationships like those McGregors from TV.”

Kameron snorts. “You talked to her about ten guys fucking one girl. How did that come up?”

Kyle shrugs. “Just conversation.”

“So what did she say about that?”

“I think she was pretty surprised.”

Kameron snorts again and shakes his head. “I bet she was surprised. I don’t think that many girls Maisie’s age know anything about that kind of thing.”

I take a quick look left and right to make sure there is nobody coming. I’ve got no idea where the rest of the boys are and don’t want to get caught with my ear to the door. The hallway is empty and quiet so I crane back to listen some more.

“Are you still thinking about that?” Kameron asks.

“You know when Jameson was dating that girl who had him by the balls?”


“Yeah. That skank.”

“How can any of us forget that? Jameson was a like an angry bear most of the time.”

“Imagine when all five of us are going through similar shit with women.”

Kameron lowers the volume of the TV, perhaps sensing that his brother needs more direct attention. “We won’t be going through similar shit, Kyle. I don’t know about you, but no girl like Crystal is ever going to be more than a one-night-stand to me. That’s not a girl you turn serious with. Jameson should have known better.”

“She had the magic pussy,” Kyle chuckles. “He told me she was the best fuck he ever had.”

“Magic pussy and a demon black heart,” Kameron laughs. “Not a combination made in heaven.”

“True…I know you think I’m crazy thinking along these lines, but I know that it’ll be a whole lot easier for us to find one woman who’s got all the qualities we need to keep us happy than five.”

“Finding one good woman isn’t the problem. Finding one who would take us all on is the challenge. I mean, it’s just not the kind of thing that most traditional girls would consider.”

“Yeah, but look at Laura on that show. She wasn’t up for it at first, but her stepbrothers managed to convince her. They were all living under the same roof so they had time and opportunity.”

Kameron looks at his brother and frowns. “You’re not seriously thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

“I probably am,” Kyle says.

“Dude, I know how we all feel about her…I mean, fuck, I almost tore my way out of the pool and fucked her on that sunbed today, but thoughts are one thing. Actions are another.”

My heart skitters in my chest as I realize what Kameron just said. How we all feel about her? He wanted to fuck me today.

“I think she was doing it on purpose,” Kyle says.

Kameron tosses a cushion at his twin’s head. “She wasn’t doing shit on purpose. This is Maisie we’re talking about. Not Crystal. She’s not some temptress who’s setting out to teasing her stepbrothers. Maisie’s a good girl.”

Kyle nods. “Yeah, she is. But I’d stake my life on it. She was rubbing herself that way to make us notice her. And we all did.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen Jameson move so fast since last season,” Kameron chuckles.

“He was practically fingering that sweet pussy,” Kyle says.

“Shit.” Kameron adjusts his dick through the fabric of his sweatpants and I almost come just from hearing them talk about me this way. “I don’t know.” He shakes his head. “I think you just want it so badly that you’re imagining it.”

Kyle tosses the cushion back, hitting Kameron square in the face. “You know that our brothers are getting ready to leave…this time next year it’s just going to be me and you. Is that what you want?”

“You know it isn’t.”

“So then we’ve got to do something about it. If we can just get Maisie to consider it, I’m sure the rest will fall into line. You know they’d climb Everest in socks to get to that pussy if it was on offer.”

“That’s a fucking gross image, Kyle.”

“Well, you know what I’m saying. If Maisie is feeling what I think she’s feeling, then this isn’t going to be a hard sell. Not by any means.”

I take a step back, reeling from what I’ve heard. They think that I want them. Kyle’s sure I’ve been deliberately tempting them. They both want to reel me into a stepbrother–stepsister orgy so that their brothers won’t leave.

I feel as though I’ve stepped into another dimension.

My hand is still over my mouth from where it landed with shock, and my heart is pounding like I’ve run a marathon up Everest, in just my socks. Shit.

In one day I’ve gone from dreading being in this house because they were being so mean, to freaking out that they want to get into my panties. Freaking out and struggling to stand because my pussy is aching with longing.

I can’t pretend that I’m not attracted to them anymore. So much of that was based on the fact that I thought I hated them, but nothing is what it seemed.

I know that listening at keyholes is supposed to never end well. You’re always likely to hear something that wasn’t meant for your ears, and I guess I have, but now I’m thinking that it’s good that I know. I was teasing and tempting them to stop them from making my life a misery, but now I need to be careful, because one wrong move and I could find myself in a situation that I won’t want to get out of.


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