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Do I have the guts to do this?

I’m not shy of people seeing my body. I never have been, even though it’s not Victoria’s Secret catwalk–ready. I guess my Mom did a good job of helping me achieve body positivity.

I might not be shy, but I’m not exactly a temptress, either. I’ve had boyfriends, but I’ve never danced for them or paraded around to tease them.

The whole idea of giving my stepbrothers something to think about other than tormenting me might seem strange, but I get Sara’s rationale. It’s about me being in control, and I like that. Am I a masochist for enjoying the idea of getting them all riled up for nothing? Probably, but I don’t feel bad about it.

I wash out the bath to get rid of any lizard germs and then take my shower. I make sure everything is nice and smooth and throw on my bikini, and I find my sunglasses in my purse. I peek out through the window and find two of the five giants still lounging by the pool and the others splashing around in the water. This seems like the perfect time to get my plan off to a flying start.

This time, I don’t bother with my wrap. I take a towel and my kindle and head out to enjoy some sunshine. Jameson and Jessie go quiet when they see me, and the rest turn to see what they are looking at. I smile and wave, feeling a ripple of nerves in my belly but taking a deep breath to stoke my determination. I spread my towel over the sunbed and take a seat. Through my dark glasses, I can see the boys glancing in my direction every so often as they talk and swim. I have brought out my sunscreen to apply, thinking that some seductive rubbing of lotion might get this thing started. I squirt a generous blob onto my hand and begin to rub it into my right leg, pointing my toe and using long, languid strokes.

I clock Jameson’s eyes widening just a little. I take more cream and start on my thigh, rubbing slowly against the soft inner flesh close to my pussy for much longer than is necessary. Jameson says something to Jessie, and his eyes flick in my direction too. When I’ve done both legs, I decide to make this really interesting. I begin to undo the strings of the bikini top at my neck and leave them loose at the side of my chest. My boobs are just about covered like this, and any quick movement would make the material slip down. I take the bottle of lotion and squirt a little more into my palm. I begin to rub it at my collar bone, sliding my hand over my shoulder and then onto the soft, fleshy curve of my breast.

It feels good.

I feel good.

Sexy and wanton and a little bit dangerous.

My finger glances over my nipple, which is just hidden beneath the fabric, and it goes hard as a rock. The point is definitely visible, especially from the angle of the pool. I keep rubbing, adding more lotion to my hands. I move to my belly, making slow circles around my navel. Then I smooth it over my arms, returning to my breasts. I think it’s now quite obvious that I’m completely covered in lotion, but I don’t stop the stroking. Instead, I lie back on my chair and keep caressing my breasts, knowing that the boys are mesmerized. Maybe they can sense how it makes me feel. I’m wet between my legs and hotter than lava. My clit, which has had no attention for months, is aching to be licked. I drop my legs apart just a little, just to give my stepbrothers enough of a view to make them hard. I want them to have something to think about later when they’re alone in their beds. I want to be on their minds for days and days so that they forget about their ridiculous tactics.

A moan slips from my throat as the heat of the sun finds my sensitive pussy. The heat of a hot tongue is what I need, and fingers—lots of thick fingers to stretch me open wide. I think I feel a trickle of arousal leaking from me. Will it wet my bikini bottoms…I don’t know, but maybe it would be a good thing if it does? Then they’ll have no doubt that I’m turned on.

I have my eyes closed, so I have no idea what the boys are doing right now. Just before I’m about to take a look, a man clears his throat right next to me, and I almost jump out of my skin.

I jump enough that one triangle of my bikini slips down, and my right nipple is revealed. It’s pointed and hard, and I go to pull the swimsuit up as quickly as I can. By the time I look up, Jameson has his half-smile out in full force.

“You looked like you were struggling,” he says.


“With the lotion…” His eyes graze down my body, which is slippery and glistening in the sun.

“And you thought you’d offer to help?” I smile as though that idea is the best he’s ever had.

“Well, I wouldn’t want you to get burned.”

Such a thoughtful boy. Well, if he wants to play things like this, then I’d be a fool not to play along.

“You can do my back.”

Still gripping hold of my top, I roll onto my front.

Jameson takes the lotion, and I hear him squirt out a generous amount. The lotion is cool, and I shiver as his big hand begins to move over my shoulders. He’s down on one knee, so he’s close enough to see the goosebumps that are breaking out over my skin and close enough for me to feel his presence. He’s so big that he’s almost completely blocked out the sun, and his palm is hot and rough. What would that palm feel like grazing the very tips of my breasts? And why am I thinking about this?

Oh hell. I just don’t know what I’m doing. This is supposed to be about me taking charge, not feeling hot and flustered about my stepbrothers. Not wishing that instead of a hand sliding over the small of my back that it was hand sliding over my belly and into my panties.

Jameson starts off gentle but gradually adds more pressure, easing out the tension in my muscles. Then, without warning, his hand moves from my back to my ass. I flinch as his fingers press into the soft swell of flesh in a way that makes me moan. Fuck, would he do that if I was riding him? I need to stop thinking about riding him.

Jameson’s hand slides down my leg, gently squeezing my calf, and it feels so good. Then, it’s sliding back up, his fingers grazing my inner thigh. He’s so close to my pussy that if I sneezed, he’d probably lose a hand, and I try not to move, but it’s impossible not to squirm just a little.


“Thanks, Jameson. I think you’ve got it all now,” I say in my best, light and breezy voice that still manages to sound a little strangled.

“Are you sure? I think I missed a bit, just here…” His fingers graze the side of my breast that is exposed, and there is no doubt in my mind. He’s not doing this for my benefit. He’s definitely doing it for his.

Sara said this would work. She said that I could get them thinking about all kinds of dirty things about me, and I have to admit that I was a little skeptical, but now I think she is definitely right.

“You let me know if you need any more help,” Jameson says huskily.

“Oh, I will,” I say.

I watch him get up to leave, but I’m now lying on my tummy, facing away from the pool. My big round ass is facing the rest of my stepbrothers, and as it’s one of my best features, I decide to leave it exactly where it is. Jameson has kindly pushed the fabric up so that it’s clinging into the crevice, and with my legs slightly parted, they will definitely be able to see the plumpness of my pussy lips. Just the thought of ten eyes on the outline of my private place is enough to get me hot. Imagine what it would be like if I was naked and they were there, watching everything.

I don’t know how much longer I can stay like this. A trickle of sweat runs from my neck and into my lotion soaked cleavage, and I pant shallow breaths to try to cool myself down, but it doesn’t work.

That’s it. I need to get myself into that pool. I take hold of the strings and tie them around my neck securely before I roll onto my back. It takes some adjustment before my boobs are nice and secure. I mean, they probably all got a look at my right nipple, but that doesn’t mean they have to see the rest. This is about the tease.

I look over to find that all my stepbrothers are now in the pool. With my sunglasses on, I feel less self-conscious. I know they’re only two small, dark lenses, but it’s like a shield for my emotions. With a quick, deep breath, I stand and walk slowly over to the edge of the pool. The boys go from laughing and joking to quieter almost immediately, and all eyes are on me as I perch on the side. My legs feel amazing in the water, and I kick them back and forth gently as I rest back on my arms.

“You getting hot and bothered up there?” Jessie asks his quirk of a half-smile almost exactly like his brother’s.

“It’s certainly a hot day,” I say.

“Yes, it is,” Joshua says, ducking under the water as if to illustrate the point. When he rises up, he flicks his wet hair to the side and grins.

Damn, if they weren’t such awful fuckers, they’d be picture perfect. But a personality shines through a person in a way that can tarnish good looks, or make a plain person radiant.

“Maybe you should get in for a swim,” Kyle says.

“And wash off all the lotion that Jameson kindly rubbed into my back?”

“I’ll be happy to rub it back in later,” Jameson laughs.

“You need to watch that arm of yours,” Kameron says, splashing his brother, eyes flashing. “Coach wouldn’t be happy if you strained it.”

“He strains it enough by himself.” Jessie makes a lewd hand gesture and gets dunked by his brother.

“I don’t think so,” I say. “In fact, I might go in for a while and fix myself a cool drink.”

I know they’re all watching me as I pad back to the pool house, rocking my hips with every step. Once inside, I pull up the blinds so they can see right in. Then I make myself a big jug of lemonade and pour myself a glass.

I’ve really earned it.


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