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I’m up and ready early with my bag packed because I have no idea what time Jameson will be leaving this morning.

The house is quiet when I enter through the back door.

I head to the fridge to find the milk, then rummage through the cupboards to find cereal. All I can find are sugar-coated kid’s varieties — I guess these boys are grown on the outside but still eating like children! None of the cereals appeals, so I go back to the fridge and find the ingredients I need to make pancakes. The flour is the same cupboard it used to be in. I remember the one time Janice offered to bake with me when I was ten. I guess she was still trying to impress my dad at that time.

It takes a few minutes for me to make Mom’s amazing batter and another couple for me to find the utensils I need. The next thing I know, the whole herd of stepbrothers enters the kitchen. They look confused for a moment. Maybe they were expecting their mom to be rustling up breakfast for them. Then, when they see the stack of pancakes that I’ve been assembling, their eyes light up.

“Check out Maisie. She made breakfast for us,” Kyle says with a wolf-like grin.

I’m not fast enough to take hold of the plate before his hand darts out, and he snags all my hard work.

They grab a pancake each, stuffing them into their mouths like they haven’t seen food for weeks. I remember how much food they devoured last night, and my blood boils.

“Hey. I didn’t make those for you,” I shout.

“Oh, sorry, princess. My mistake.” Kyle places the dish back on the counter and raids the fridge for juice, glugging back what’s left in the carton. For goodness’ sake. That is just unnecessary.

No one looks sorry at all. In fact, they’re all still standing there like I’m going to make them some more. Don’t they get that I would rather boil my own head than do anything nice for them?

Obviously not.

There is enough batter left for two pancakes for me, so I fry them quickly and put them onto the plate, turning my back on Jameson and his crew while I find the maple syrup. After rooting around in the cupboards for a minute, still clutching my plate, I turn to find Kameron holding the syrup.

“Looking for something?” His eyes are gleaming with an evil amount of malice. I might want that syrup, but there is no way I’m going to play his game.

“No.” I take hold of both pancakes and start to stuff them into my mouth, chewing defiantly.

They actually taste good. No wonder they are all still waiting for more. Now that my pancakes are definitely off the table as an option, the boys start preparing toast and finding fruit. Jessie and Joshua are the ones who like the candy cereal, and I swear they use a salad serving bowl for their portions. Gross.

Jameson gets the coffee pot brewing, and when he’s not looking, I pour myself a cup.

There is lots of chatter, but I don’t take part. In fact, they ignore me so much that it’s almost as though they’ve forgotten I’m in the room.

It’s only when they’ve finished eating and are loading their plates into the dishwasher that I pluck up the courage to ask if they’re leaving.

“Yep,” Jameson says. “I hope you’re ready.”

I pluck my bag from the counter. “As I’ll ever be,” I mutter under my breath, following them out.

I sit right at the back of the truck as I did on the way from the airport. Sara has agreed to meet me outside the library, and from there, we are going to make our way around the campus for all our required talks and orientation meetings. She’s even going to show me her dorm. For the first time, I feel a little bubble of excitement, and I’m super grateful that she was sitting on the plane next to me.

The truck pulls into the lot, and I have no idea where I am, but there is no way I’m getting any help from these ogres. They pile out of the vehicle, and I’m scrambling to get out as Jameson is trying to lock up.

“Oh,” he says. “I forgot you were in there.”

I shake my head. “Is this where I need to meet you later?” I ask.

Jameson nods. “I’ll be done at five o’clock. Make sure you’re here on time, okay?”

Wow. That’s a long day, but I guess I’ll be able to find something to do. Maybe get ahead on an assignment or something. I call Sara’s number, and she answer’s immediately. “Where are you?”

I laugh. “You know what? I have absolutely no idea. This campus is huge.”

“Well, you’d better ask someone. Is there anyone around?” I make my way toward a building that seems to be busy and ask the first girl I come across.

“Sure,” she says. “It’s in that direction. See that tall spire?”

I glance in the directions she’s pointing. “Yeah.”

“Well, follow that, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

She dashes off, and I drift toward the spire, trying to keep it in sight as I pass between buildings and under trees. Eventually, as I round a corner, I can see the steep steps and Sara sitting at the bottom. She jumps up as soon as I come into view. “Maisie!” She tugs me in for a huge hug, which smells of expensive perfume. “You found me!”

“I need a map,” I laugh. “This place is daunting.”

“Well, don’t worry. We’re going to get shown around this morning. We’ll hopefully get a little more familiar with campus layout after that. I’ve got a whole heap of places that I want to find.”

“Oh yeah. Like what?”

“Well, you know. Like the gym, the football training grounds.” She gives me a huge grin.

“Basically, anywhere you might bump into an athletic man.” I put my hands on my hips and pretend to look disapproving.

“We’re only young once, Maisie. College isn’t just about learning boring facts. It’s about learning life skills too. You know, like how to ride the huge cock of the starting quarterback.”

“Sara!” This time I really am disapproving.

“Believe me, you wouldn’t be Sara-ing me if you saw him.”

“I’m pretty sure I would be.” My eyebrows are practically at my hairline.

“You definitely wouldn’t be. Hang on a minute.” She digs around in her back and pulls out the welcome pack we were sent through the post. “Look.” She jabs her finger at the page in the prospectus about football. “LOOK.”

I’ve got to admit he’s pretty damn fine; blond hair, blue eyes, and a body that looks as though it was designed with sex in mind. And those shorts leave nothing to the imagination. I manage to drag my eyes away from Eddie Jenkins to look at the other players, and that’s when my eyes bug out. There, in the prospectus, are my five stepbrothers. In full color, they’re unbelievably good looking. If I didn’t know their sheer unbelievable level of assholery, I’d be dribbling all over Sara’s book.

“Well, look who it is,” she says.

“I had enough of being around them last night to last me a lifetime.”

She shakes her head. “I’m an only child. I don’t get the whole sibling rivalry thing.”

“Believe me, it isn’t sibling rivalry. I’d rather have nothing to do with them, but they seem to have it in for me. It’s always been that way, ever since my dad got together with their mom. I was so nice to them at first, but they just threw it all back in my face. It’s as though they had it in for me from the very beginning, but I don’t know why. We were just kids.”

“I think they thought you were hot,” Sara says, nudging me.

“You know what, I get why people say that, but it’s fucking bullshit. If that’s what boys do to someone, they like it’s just the start of abusive behavior that carries on into adulthood.”

Sara nods. “You’re right. They need to get a life.”

“Five lives would be good. And if they could leave me to live my own life without interference, then that would be an amazing bonus.”

“But you’ve got to admit they are fine,” Sara says. “I mean, look at that. I could be the ham in that sandwich.”

“Seriously, gross,” I say. “I mean, the size of them…they’d kill a normal-sized girl.”

Sara uses the prospectus to fan herself, blowing air upward, so it fans her bangs. “You never read a reverse harem romance?”

I shake my head. “Reverse harem. What’s that? Like an Arabian thing?”

“That’s a harem. Reverse harem is when the girl gets to have fun with lots of guys.”

My eyebrows shoot up. “That’s a thing?”

“Like a massive thing. Your stepbrothers would be perfect reverse harem material.”

“For a masochist…both mentally and physically.”

“Do you think they’re in proportion?” Sara waggles her eyebrows.

“Do you think I want to be thinking about my stepbrother’s cocks?” I wrinkle my nose, even as my mind conjures the image of them standing side by side, dicks tall and proud. My pussy warms between my legs, and I wrinkle my nose in disgust at myself.

I hate these men. I’ve always hated them since that first time they were mean to me. I can’t be getting horny at the idea of their huge cocks. They probably don’t even have huge cocks. Maybe they have average-sized dicks that look even smaller on them because of how gigantic they are. I smile at the thought of them taking down their underwear and girls pointing and laughing. That would be karma for sure.

Sara glances at her watch. “So, we should get a move on if we want to catch our orientation tour.”

“Lead the way. I have no idea where I’m going.”

“Lucky you met me,” Sara says, linking her arm into mine.

We stroll across campus, and Sara tells me all about her roommate who snored all night. It makes me feel a teensy bit grateful for the pool house I managed to sleep soundly in last night.

When we get the building we are meeting in, I notice Kameron ahead of us in the hallway. What the hell is he doing here? This is just for all us pathetic newbies. When we gather in the hallway, I notice Kameron standing with other older-looking students, receiving what looks like a briefing. Is he showing students around today? That would just be the worst kind of luck if he ended up being our tour guide.

I think that bad luck should be my middle name.

Our names are called, and we are allocated to a guide, and of course, Kameron has been sent to torture me. Of course.

How could it be any different?

I want to punch the fuckwit who has organized this thing. Then punch Kameron. Then drink a very large glass of wine.

“Well, look who we have here,” Kameron says. His gaze travels from my head, right down my body, and my skin prickles. He’s so big, and those blue eyes of his are like two wicked-bright sapphires scanning me. It sounds stupid, but the way he looks, it’s as though he can see right through my t-shirt and jeans to my bra and panties beneath. In his tight black t-shirt and grey sweats, there is not much of his body that is left to the imagination. The sweats are snug, and I swear I can make out a sizeable bulge between his legs. Oh God, I’m looking between his legs, and he’s probably noticed. I tear my eyes from where they definitely shouldn’t be and find Kameron grinning devilishly. Oh, he saw. He really saw. And I saw enough to confirm that my hopes that my stepbrothers had small-sized dicks were in vain. They are definitely in proportion. Oh, my God. If it looks like that through clothes, what would it look like naked and erect?

And here I am, thinking about my stepbrothers’ cocks, AGAIN.

If I was alone, I’d slap my cheek to try and knock some sense into myself, but I don’t think self-abuse would leave a good impression on my first day in this place. Instead, I take a deep breath and mutter to Sara. “Fucking typical.” But she’s grinning as devilishly as Kameron.

“I think you like them,” she whispers.

I shake my head. “No fucking way.”

“We’ll start on the west side of campus and work our way across. Of course, I’ll show you the sports facilities as a priority. A jock in the group makes a whooping sound, and I cringe. These dude bros are just such idiots when they all get together.


Kameron does a surprisingly good job of describing the campus and what life is like here. Where all I usually hear from him is grunts and mean comments, he actually comes across as an eloquent and thoughtful member of the university community, and that isn’t good.

Kameron, the douchebag, can be rejected outright, and any weird thoughts of attraction can be pushed to the back, but Kameron the decent human-being…well that’s a whole other story.

We’re shown into one of the cafeterias, and, as we’re walking past the bathrooms, Sara puts up her hand. “Can I have a two-minute break?”

Kameron glances toward the exit, obviously not that happy that his tour is going to be delayed. “I guess,” he says.

Sara rushes to the bathroom, and I follow too. Might as well take the opportunity. We’re fast and don’t even dry our hands, but by the time we’re done, Kameron and the rest of the tour group are gone.

I guess the decent human-being part was just an act after all.


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