His Queen: Chapter 7


“I want to cook for you tonight.”

He raises a brow at me. “You? Cook?”

“Yes. Me. Cook.” I slip from under the covers and pull on my robe. “You don’t think I can cook?”

“How would I know that if you’ve never cooked anything in your life?”

I frown at him, pursing my lips. “You don’t remember?”

“See, you’re doing that thing you do when I somehow fucked up without knowing it.”


“That.” He points at my mouth, circling his fingers. “You’re pouting.”

“I don’t just pout when I’m upset with you.”

“No. But this pout has that disapproving curve at the corner of your lips.”

“Seriously?” I cross my arms. “You don’t remember?”

“I’m assuming that’s a trick question.”

“I made you scrambled eggs on your fifteenth birthday.”

“Oh, dear God. Yes,” he groans, leaning his head back against the velvet tufted headboard. “I remember a plate of rubber scrambled eggs and burnt toast.”

“If it was that bad, why did you eat it all?”

“Because you were staring at me with those big green eyes filled with so much excitement. You practically sat on my plate, waiting for my reaction. So, I ate it all.”

“Aaw.” I place my palm on my chest. “You ate it all even though it was horrible? Just for me?”

“I did a lot of things just for you, Hummingbird.”

I shoot him a sly smile. “Remind me of that the next time you piss me off. Then, maybe I’ll take pity on you.”

“Talking about pissing you off.”

“Oh, no.” I roll my eyes and open the walk-in closet, heading inside. “What did you do?”

“It’s not so much what I did, but I’m going to do.”

I grab a pair of Gucci denim jeans and slip them on when Nicoli appears by the door, buck-naked and not caring. I can’t help but let my eyes wander over his exceptionally toned body that seems carved from chipped marble, taking in every single curve and dip. He seems to revel in demonstrating his power over me by flaunting what God has blessed him with. He knows precisely what kind of effect he has on me.

I lift my eyes from his… er, assets and ask him, “What is it you’re going to do?”

He drags his messy black hair back and out of his face. “Our meeting last night. Something’s come up, and we decided it’s best that no one leaves the house for a while.”

I balk, leaving my jeans unzipped around my waist and slipping my nightgown over my head. “What?”

Nicoli’s eyes are glued to my breasts, and he licks his lips like my nipples just turned into petit fours he’s ready to devour. I shake my head, trying to bring him out of his lustful trance. “What do you mean no one leaves the house? For how long?”

“Not sure yet. But for now, everyone is to stay behind closed gates on this estate.”

“But I have a—” I stop short of blurting out my secret about the wedding project I’ve taken on and that I have an appointment with the bride this morning.

“You have a what?” Grooves form on his forehead as he frowns at me.

“It’s just that…um. You know.” I swipe my hair over my shoulder. “I wanted to go grocery shopping today for dinner.” Technically, it’s not a lie because I was playing around with the idea of stopping by the store to get some things after I met with the bride.

“Grocery shopping?” Nicoli arches a brow. “You? Woman, I doubt you even know what the inside of a grocery store looks like.”

I roll my eyes. “I know what a grocery store looks like. Why don’t we get back to the part where you tell me what you have to do that I supposedly won’t approve of?”

Nicoli walks closer to me, and I stop breathing for a moment, his eyes suddenly dark and gleaming with sin. The length of his cock hardens with every step, the prominent V of muscle demanding my attention as he moves. Anticipation stirs within me as he leans in, our bodies becoming a point of heat and burning lust until his lips are inches away from mine. “I’m struggling to have a serious conversation with you when your jeans are hanging low on your hips and your tits are in my face.” He groans softly before pressing his body against mine so he’s flush against every curve of my body.

“You’re deflecting.”

“Your body is distracting.”

“Is that always going to be your excuse?”

“For as long as we both shall live.”

Shivers travel up my spine as he drags a finger between my breasts, leaning his head to the side and biting his bottom lip as he watches. I’m trying my best to seem unfazed by his sudden sensual assault, but it’s hard to ignore the little jolts of electricity running under my skin.

My breath hitches as Nicoli’s hand slips over my breast, his fingers raking over the curving mound, feathering across my nipples. I’m biting the inside of my cheek to keep myself from moaning. He takes me tenderly in his hands and gently massages, exploring my body until he finds a pattern of movement that pleases him.

“Nicoli,” I breathe. “We were in the middle of a con—”

In one swift motion, he takes my arm to spin me around and grabs the back of my neck, pushing me forward until I’m bent over the red chaise in the walk-in closet. With a quick sweep here, a nip there, and the brush of fingers across my aching cleft, he yanks my jeans down just far enough for him to get access to my pussy.

My sex, already swollen and wet, explodes in throbs of pleasure at the contact of his cock against my slit. I cry out when he dives into me, circling his hips and pushing deeper into me with each thrust. The sudden stretch and pressure ignite a fiery euphoria I’m instantly high on.

“Fuck, I love the way your cunt sucks me in.” His voice is gruff, his pace frantic. Nicoli continues to drive into me, each plunge relentless yet undeniably pleasureful. Every nerve in my body is screaming with pleasure, and I’m quickly on the brink of climaxing as Nicoli quickens his pace, giving me the perfect friction of his erection, sending sparks all through my body. He moves with a rising intensity, grabbing my hair with his fist and pulling my head back, eliciting loud moans and rapid breaths as his arm snakes around my waist, fingers finding my clit.

“Come for me, Hummingbird.”

A sudden warmth rushes through me, and I scream out in ecstasy. Nicoli lets go of my hair and grips my hips with both hands, groaning as he finds his own release at the same time mine explodes. My body quivers from head to toe, and I’m struggling to catch my breath while his cock jerks inside me, filling me with his cum. Both arms wrap around my waist, his palms coming up and palming my breast, squeezing hard while pressing a kiss at the back of my neck.

“I’ll never get over this body of yours, Hummingbird. And the fact that you’re mine, to touch when I want, to fuck when I want. It’s like fucking Christmas morning every time I wake up and find you next to me.”

“Real smooth, Mr. Del Rossa.” I smile, maneuver out of his hold, and pull the jeans off entirely. “Now, I have to shower.”

Nicoli glances down at my thighs, jizz dripping down the inside. “I like the sight of my cum on your thighs.”

“I’m sure the general public will disagree. Seriously, though. What’s going on?” I wrap my robe over my shoulders.

Nicoli sighs, roughs his hand through his hair, then grabs a fresh towel from the rack, wrapping it around his waist. “Alexius and I, we have to show our faces at Myth at night during parties for the next couple of weeks.”

“What parties? And weeks? Why?”

“Listen, Hummingbird.” He steps up and places his hands on my shoulders. “I know this is not what you want to hear, but I need you to trust me on this.”

There’s a sudden gnawing at my spine, my insides churning with worry. “What’s going on?”

“You know I can’t give you details.”

I step back. “I know you’ve been going to the club during the day to handle business. But going to sex parties and entertaining is something else entirely.”

“We won’t be hosting the parties. We just have to make an appearance, show our faces and then we’re out of there. Believe me, I don’t want to be doing this either, but it’s only temporary until we figure shit out.”

Right now, his eyes look like the ocean before a storm—dark, deep, and mysterious. He knows I need specifics, that I need to know more. But he can’t reveal more, and he’s asking me to take a leap of faith and trust him. To not make this more complicated than it already seems to be. How can I stand here and demand things of him when I know what this life is all about? When I’ve grown up in this world and know that nothing about our lives is simple? My husband is required to do questionable things, to be a ruthless man while he rules alongside his brother. It’s the way of this world, and I knew all this when I fell hopelessly in love with him. So, who am I to expect him to live by different rules now?


“Okay?” he repeats wearily.

“Okay,” I repeat with the sincerest smile I can muster, clutching my robe tight.

“You sure you’re okay with it?”

“No. I’m not okay with it. But I choose to think that you’d much rather be here with me at night than at that club.”

“That’s the truth, baby girl.”

He takes me into his arms and holds me close. I can’t help but hope this isn’t a permanent thing. His kisses are sweet and slow, deep with unspoken promises of safety. I just have to trust him—trust that he’ll come back home to me every night until everything is resolved at the club.

“Thanks,” he murmurs as he tightens his hold around me, pressing me against his chest.

“For what?” I ask, breathing in deeply, letting his scent envelop me.

“For choosing to trust me.”

“You’re not just my husband, but the man I’ve loved my entire life. I’ll always trust you.”

“God, I love you so much, Hummingbird.”

“I love you, too.”

We remain still for a few heartbeats more, and I try to ignore the tightness of dread and uncertainty slowly seeping into my chest. I can only hope that, in the end, it will all be okay.

“So, what will you be cooking for us tonight?”

I keep my arms around him as I lean my head back, staring up at him. “I don’t know yet. But you won’t be around, anyway, so I’ll do it another night.” I try to move back, but he pulls me closer.

“What time is dinner?”


“What.” He clutches my chin. “Time?”

I lick my lips. “Seven.”

“I’ll be here. I’ll just tell Alexius I’ll be a little late.”

“Okay.” I smile. “You have any special requests?”

“Please don’t poison me.”

I jab my elbow playfully into his side. “Play nice.”

“When am I ever known to play nice?”

“I’ll see you tonight, husband.”

He kisses my forehead and brushes his thumb across my cheek as he pulls back. “Tonight it is.”


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