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Hidden Truths: Chapter 18


A touch of a hand on my chest, and my eyes snap open. Angelina’s breath brushes my side as she snuggles closer, and one of her legs comes over mine.
“Yeah?” she mumbles into my chest.
“You need to get back in bed, baby.”
“No. Go back to sleep.”
I close my eyes. She’s been insisting on us sharing a bed for weeks, trying to sneak in the middle of the night to lie next to me. It’s killing me to say no to her over and over again, but I can’t risk it. She doesn’t understand how fucking scared I am that I may hurt her in some way. So, like every night, I slide my hand down her body and remove her panties.
“It won’t work this time, Sergei,” she whispers and kisses my shoulder.
“Your strategy of fucking me senseless, leaving me nearly comatose so you can put me in bed once I fall asleep.”
“I’m such a scheming bastard.” I wrap my arm around her waist and turn us so that I’m looming over her, then I lean in and kiss her.
“Yes, you are,” she says and gasps when my finger starts teasing her clit.
I feather kisses on the side of her neck, biting when I reach the sensitive spot under her ear I found a few days earlier. Then, I move lower, until I reach her right breast. Angelina moans as I slowly lick around her nipple, keeping the same tempo as with my finger on her clit, before I switch to the other one. Her back arches as I trail my tongue down over her stomach until I reach her pussy. Two slow licks up her slit before I reach her clit and suck it into my mouth. The sounds she’s making, like a little kitten, are driving me crazy.
She buries her hands in my hair, pulling as I lick her pussy a few more times before letting my tongue travel upward again, all the way to her lips.
“My little fox,” I whisper into her mouth and take her face between my palms, gazing into her dark eyes. So fearless. And stubborn. Watching me without a trace of apprehension or reluctance in them. I wonder if she knows how madly in love with her I am. Kissing my way to the side of her neck, I nibble on her delicate skin. “You’re the only thing that keeps my demons at bay, lisichka.” I kiss her shoulder. “If, one day, you decide you’ve had enough of my shit, just leave and never look back. And make sure you hide very well.”
“Why?” she asks and wraps her legs around my waist.
“Because, I will follow and drag you back. And there’s nowhere you’ll be able to hide if I decide to chase you, Angelina.”
She looks into my eyes as a mischievous smile forms on her lips. “Then, it’s a good thing I’m staying.”
I tunnel my fingers through her hair, tugging on the soft strands. Our gazes lock, and I thrust my cock inside of her. Without letting go of her, I slide out slowly before ramming back inside. My left hand wraps around Angelina’s neck, feeling her heartbeat pulsing under my palm. I never realized how dead inside I’ve felt until this little fox stumbled onto my path and pulled me out of the abyss.
She pants as I pound into her, again and again, while she clutches at my shoulders. I’ll probably have scratches all over my back tomorrow. That realization almost pushes me over the edge. My balls get tight, so I grit my teeth. Holding back, I change the tempo until I’m sliding in and out so slowly my dick feels like it’s going to explode. Angelina lets out a tiny mewl, her muscles spasming around my cock, and I finally let myself come.


Low whispered words wake me from my sleep, and for a moment, I think Sergei is talking on a phone to someone. But when I open my eyes, I find him lying on his back next to me, his eyes closed. He must have fallen asleep after we had sex earlier, forgetting to move me back up to the bed. Sergei’s hand on my stomach twitches, and a Russian curse leaves his lips. He’s having a nightmare again.
I know I probably should move away, as he told me to do when this happens, but if I just blindly obey, we’ll never get past this. So instead, I lie on his chest and wrap my arms around his neck, placing my cheek next to his. His body stills for a second, then he starts tossing from left to right, trying to shake me off. I move my head to his shoulder and squeeze him harder.
“It’s okay, big guy,” I whisper into his ear, then place a kiss on his cheek. “It’s okay.”
His breathing is fast, labored, but he stops thrashing and turns his head to the side, our noses touching. I nudge the tip of his with mine and place a kiss on his tightly pressed lips.
His eyes are still closed, his mouth unmoving, but I keep kissing him. “I want you to take me for a ride on your bike again tomorrow.” Another kiss. “Maybe you could let me drive for a bit, huh? I bet it’s like riding a bicycle. Can’t be that hard.”
His breathing slows, but his hand on the small of my back is still shaking.
“I only tried riding a bicycle once, though, and ended up in a nettle bush on the side of the road,” I continue babbling. “Nana Guadalupe was so mad when I got home covered in blisters and with bleeding cuts all over my legs.”
Slowly, Sergei’s eyes open and he blinks at me. “I would do anything for you, baby.” He mumbles. “But, you’re not touching my bike.”
“Okay,” I laugh, then place my cheek on his chest. “Let’s go back to sleep.”


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