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Hidden Truths: Chapter 12


I look around the big hall with wide eyes, admiring the gigantic crystal chandeliers and the gold decorations on the walls, then straighten my dress self-consciously. I feel completely out of place here. Turning to my side, I glance at Sergei, who is standing next to me, watching the crowd.
I usually see him in jeans and a T-shirt, but right now, he’s wearing a gray dress shirt and a custom tailored black suit that fits him like a glove. He looks devastatingly handsome.
“Let’s just leave the money and get lost,” he mumbles.
We walk toward the table covered with a white silk tablecloth and flower arrangements. Two men in expensive suits stand next to it, talking with a group of laughing women in fancy gowns. When we approach, I decide to stay a few paces behind and watch Sergei as he shakes hands with the men. They exchange a few words, then Sergei takes out an envelope, which I assume contains a check, and places it on the table in front of a woman collecting the donations. The man on his left, a short bald guy in a suit that’s a little too tight around the middle, smiles and taps Sergei on the shoulder. Sergei nods, bends his head, and whispers something in the man’s ear, and the guy beams.
“What did you tell him?” I ask when Sergei comes back.
“The amount written on the check.”
“Based on his grin, I assume it was a very nice one.”
“One million.”
My eyes widen. “Wow.”
“Yup. Playing nice with the authorities tends to be expensive.” He nods toward the exit. “Let’s go. Politicians always give me the creeps. When we get home, we can take the bike and go for a ride.”
As we walk across the hall my eyes land on a man talking with a woman in the corner. He seems vaguely familiar, but I can’t place him. I shouldn’t know anyone here. They’re mostly high-level officials, not the people I would have ever come in contact with. I shake my head. Maybe he just reminds me of someone. We’re at the door when it hits me, and I stop in my tracks.
“Shit,” I mumble.
“What is it?”
“Was that Angelo Scardoni in the room?”
“Yes. Why?”
“He visited my father a few days before Diego came. It was something about business. I was at the compound, and he saw me in passing. What is he doing here?”
Sergei takes my forearm and turns me to face him. “Did he recognize you?”
“I don’t think so. He was talking with someone.”
He watches me for a few seconds, then takes the car keys from his pocket and places them in my hand. “Wait for me in the car.”
“I need to have a little chat with Scardoni.”
Based on the murderous look in his eyes, I don’t think he plans on just talking.
“There’s no need. If he saw me, he would have probably said something.”
“I’m not risking it.”
“You’re just going to talk with him?”
“Okay.” I nod and watch him as he goes back into the hall, then head outside.
Inside the car, I spend twenty or so minutes setting up the phone Sergei gave me before we headed to the party. He just put it in my hand and said that he programmed his and Felix’s numbers. It surprised the hell out of me. I guess he doesn’t think I’m a flight risk anymore.
I’m replying to Regina’s panicked email—the eleventh in a row—ensuring her that I’m okay, when the driver’s door opens and Sergei gets inside.
“Scardoni didn’t see you,” he says and starts the car.
“Are you sure?”
“I am now.” Sergei smiles.
As he reverses, I notice a male figure wobble through the service exit, holding his arm around his middle, and head to one of the parked cars. He takes a hold of the car door, then looks up in our direction.
“Jesus, Sergei,” I snap. “You said you were just going to talk with him.”
“We did talk. He said you looked familiar.” He shrugs. “I convinced him he was wrong. He’s now absolutely positive that he never saw you.”
“Is this your usual MO?”
He turns his head to look at me, reaches toward me with his hand and traces a line along my chin. “Nope. If he were anyone else, I would have just disposed of him. The only reason he’s still breathing is because he’s Mikhail’s brother-in-law.”
“Don’t you think it’s a bit extreme?”
Sergei pulls the car over in front of a closed car wash, then grabs me by the back of my neck, and leans into my face. “I will eliminate anyone who might pose even the slightest threat to you, Angelina. If I, even for a second, suspected that he recognized you, he would have been dead.”
“Sergei . . .”
“No one. Threatens. Your. Safety,” he bites out. “Got that, Angelina?”
I blink, then nod.
“Good,” he says, squeezes my neck, and slams his mouth to mine.
I suck in a breath. He’s wearing that cologne again, the one that messes with my head. Grabbing at his shoulders, I climb onto his lap and press my core to the bulge in his pants. The moment I feel his hard cock against my already tingling pussy, a shudder passes through my body.


My cock is so hard that it feels like it’s going to explode, and having Angelina rub against it with her pussy makes it a hundred times worse. I slide my hands down her body, gather the fabric of her dress in both hands, then push it up to her waist. Gripping the back of her neck with one hand, I slide the other between us, and press my fingers to her panties, finding them completely drenched.
“So fucking wet for me already.” I move her panties to the side and thrust my finger inside her.
“We’ll get arrested.” Angelina gasps, then moans when I add another finger. Then, she starts rocking her hips, riding my hand.
“My greedy little fox . . .” I whisper into her ear and bite her earlobe. “Is my finger enough, or do you want more?”
“More.” She breathes and then groans when I pinch her clit.
“I don’t have a condom here, baby. But, I get tested regularly. I’m clean.”
“I’m on birth control. I got the shot last month.” Angelina assures me, then moans again.
I bury my face in her neck, inhaling her scent, and reach for the button on my pants just as my phone starts vibrating on the dashboard. Then ringing. It’s Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” melody, the ringtone specifically for Roman’s calls.
Fuck. I lift my head from Angelina’s neck and reach for the phone, keeping my hand occupied with her pussy.
“Not now, Roman,” I say and cut the call. It starts ringing again.
I push my fingers deeper inside Angelina and take the call.
“That’s the first and the last time you hang up on me,” Roman barks. “Got that?”
“What is it?” I put the phone between my shoulder and my chin, and proceed massaging Angelina’s clit with my thumb, while sliding the fingers of my other hand in and out.
“O’Neil just called,” Roman says.
“Interesting.” I pinch Angelina’s clit lightly and smile when she whimpers. “What did the Irish want?”
“He wants to meet. Tonight. They have a deal with the Romanians for some weapons shipment that ended up being larger than expected, and wanted to see if we are interested in joining in on the deal.”
Angelina’s hands find the zipper of my dress pants. She realizes that I didn’t wear any boxers tonight and she easily frees my cock. When she squeezes it, I barely manage not to come. I lean forward and lick the arch of her naked shoulder.
“He knows we take the guns from the Albanians,” I say and slide my finger out of Angelina’s pussy, switch the call to speakerphone, and throw the thing onto the passenger’s seat. Taking a hold of her panties, I tear at the material and throw the black lace onto the back seat. Grabbing her under her ass, I lift her and position myself at her entrance. Angelina leans in, crushes her lips to mine and lowers herself slowly onto my cock, moaning as she takes all of me. Her panting is getting louder as she starts riding me, so I press the finger that was just moments ago buried two knuckles deep inside her pussy into her mouth. Her perfect lips close around it, and she starts sucking. My cock jumps inside her. I need to get off the fucking phone. Pronto.
I hear Roman saying something else, but I ignore his rambling. Removing my hand from Angelina’s mouth, I put my finger over my lips in a hush signal. When she nods, I take her around her waist, lift her, then slam her down onto my cock. She screams a little, then rocks her hips, her hands tangling in my hair.
“Sergei!” Roman’s yelling comes from the phone. I reposition Angelina slightly and then slam into her again, panting.
“What?” I bark and slam into her again, enjoying her little moans.
“Where the fuck are you?”
“In my car. With Angelina.” I slide my hand between our bodies and pinch her clit, and she whimpers loudly.
There are a few seconds of silence, and then Roman’s growly voice fills the car. “Are you having sex while you’re on the phone with me?”
“Maybe.” I smile, grab Angelina’s nape, and crush my mouth to hers, all the while pounding into her.
“Jesus, Sergei,” Roman snaps and hangs up.
Angelina’s body starts shaking, her walls squeezing my cock. She’s so alluring with her hair tangled and falling over her flustered face. I grab a fistful of the black strands and thrust inside her, hard. A slight sound, like a kitten purring, leaves her lips. Hearing it, combined with the way her tight pussy is gripping my cock when she comes, throws me over the edge. I slam into her like a madman until my seed explodes inside her.
She mumbles something incoherent, sighs, then sags onto me, burying her face in the crook of my neck.
“You okay, baby?” I ask.
“Yes,” she whispers and nuzzles at my neck.
I smile, place a kiss on the top of her head and dial Roman.
“Done already?”
“Fuck you, Roman.” I lean back and brush my palm down Angelina’s back. “Why would the Irish offer us an in for that shipment?”
“So, you also think that this stinks?”
We’re not on good terms with the Irish. They don’t come onto our turf, we don’t tread on theirs. You could say we’re putting up with each other’s presence, but each would be very happy if the other ceased to exist. Having O’Neil call Roman only two weeks after he practically declared that they would try to dip their hands into our business is alarming.
“Yes. Big time. Did you call Dushku to let him know?”
“Yes. I’m meeting him tonight,” Roman says. “I told O’Neil that I’m otherwise engaged, and that you’ll come instead.”
“In four hours. He picked someplace in the industrial district. I’ll send you the location.”
“Be careful, and call me the moment you’re done. I don’t like this.”
“Alright.” I cut the line and look down at Angelina, who is still plastered to my chest, her breathing labored. Her legs still shaking. My phone pings. Must be the text from Roman. I glance at it briefly and forward it to Felix.
“I need to call Albert. We’ll head home right after.”
“Okay,” she whispers into my chest.
I keep caressing her back as I hit the speed dial for Felix. I love this, how she feels in my arms.
“What?” Felix barks the moment the line connects.
“You’re in a nice mood.”
“I had a fight with Marlene.”
Again? Those two need a relationship counseling.
“I’m meeting Liam O’Neil in four hours,” I say as I move my hand to pet the top of Angelina’s head. “I need you to access the cameras around the meeting spot and check if there’s anything suspicious. I’ve forwarded you the location Roman sent.”
“What am I looking for?”
“I’m not sure. They said they want to discuss business, but the story doesn’t hold. Do you have someone in the vicinity who could make a pass closer to the meeting time?”
“Let me see the location first.” There are a few seconds of silence. “Hmm. I think Little Sam’s bakery is on the next block. He could have a look.”
“Good. We’ll be home soon.”


The ride to Sergei’s house takes half an hour, but I can still feel my legs shaking the whole way back. I can’t believe we had sex in a car. That I had sex in a car. I’ve only had one boyfriend, and the two times we slept together, it was in a bed, lights off, missionary position. It wasn’t exactly a mind-blowing experience, but I thought it was okay. Impulsive is the farthest word to describe me, but when I felt Sergei’s hands on my pussy, I ignited. I couldn’t think about anything other than having him inside me, right away.
The madness only intensified when I heard him speaking with his pakhan over the phone. It felt somehow forbidden but also alluring, me riding him in his car, where anyone could see us. But when he thrust his finger into my mouth to silence me so Petrov wouldn’t hear us, it pushed me over the edge.
I steal a look at Sergei. He said he needs to go to a meeting tonight, but I still feel that tingling desire between my legs. Would he object to the second round?
Sergei parks in the driveway but doesn’t make a move to leave the car.
“Do you regret it?” he asks, squeezing the steering wheel. “It’s okay if you do. Just tell me, and I won’t touch you again.”
I just stare at him. What the fuck is he talking about?
“You haven’t said a word the whole drive, Angelina.”
“I was . . . processing.” I’m not very good with relationship stuff, or people in general. It usually takes me some time to warm up to a person. The fact that I’m so strongly attracted to someone I barely know is scary.
“Processing?” He sighs and buries his hands in his hair. “Just tell me honestly if you don’t want to have anything with a mentally unstable person and . . .”
I lunge at him. There isn’t a better word to describe the way I leap from my seat, straddle him, and wrap my arms around his neck.
“Just shut up,” I bite out and slam my lips to his.
My dress ends up around my hips again, so my naked core is pressing directly onto his crotch, with the fabric of his pants as the only barrier between my pussy and his hardening cock. Without removing my mouth from his, I let my palms slide down his body, I reach the waistband of his pants and release his cock in haste. Sergei smiles into my mouth and, reaching his hands between our bodies, buries his finger inside me. But just as quickly as it was there, it’s gone.
“We’ll have to be fast.” He grabs me around the waist, lifts me, and slams me down onto his hard dick.
The moment I feel him inside, my walls start clenching, and I ride him like a maniac, clutching the fabric of his shirt between my fingers. Sergei groans, then leans back a bit causing his cock to get even deeper within my pussy, filling me completely.
“Will you be late for the meeting?”
“Fuck the meeting.” His hands travel up my body to my already tangled hair, gripping the strands between his fingers. I bend my head and bite at the side of his neck—hard—and feel his cock swelling inside of me. The pressure between my legs intensifies, and when his upward thrusting intensifies to a brutal pace, I feel my orgasm hit me harder than it ever has before, just as Sergei finishes with me.
* * *
I try fixing my hair and the dress in the car to make myself more presentable, but I still feel like anyone looking at me would know what we just did. As we climb the steps to the front door, I glance down at my hand clasped in Sergei’s, our fingers intertwined.
“I need to take a shower and change before the meeting with the Irish,” he says as we go inside.
“Okay.” I nod.
Sergei bends and tilts my head up with his finger under my chin. “Processing again?”
“Kind of.”
“Do your thing, then.” He nods. “And, when I come back, we can discuss the subject some more. To give you more material for processing.”
I stare at him. “I doubt that my pussy would be able to handle another discussion today.”
“We’ll see.” He presses a quick kiss on my lips and heads upstairs.
When I walk inside the kitchen, Felix is sitting at the dining table with a robust-looking laptop in front of him. I quickly straighten the front of my dress and pass my hand through my hair one more time. It feels like I have “just had sex in the car twice” tattooed onto my forehead. The fact that I don’t have panties on doesn’t help, either.
“Are you going to stand there all night, looking guilty as hell?” Felix asks without looking up from the laptop.
I tilt my chin up and head toward the fridge to get something to drink. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“You two should have been here half an hour ago.”
“There was a traffic jam.”
“Oh?” He looks at me over the rim of his glasses. “That’s what you kids call it these days?”
“What do you mean?”
He rolls his eyes. “I’m not blind, and I’m not yet senile.”
I ignore his comment and walk over to stand behind him. The screen on his laptop shows a camera feed with different angles of a street. “Are those . . . traffic cameras?”
He nods. “Four traffic cameras and one ATM camera.”
“How did you access those?”
“That’s what I do—or did—when Sergei and I worked together. He went into the field, and I provided support from the base.”
“And the other people on the team? What were their jobs?”
Felix looks up at me. “There were never other people. It was always one operative and one handler.”
“He was sent on missions alone? What about backup? What if something happened and he needed help?”
“Sergei rarely needed help, Angelina.” He smiles and looks down at the screen. “I missed this.”
I hear the footsteps behind me and turn to find Sergei coming in. He’s wearing another suit, with a black dress shirt this time.
“Anything?” he asks, reaches for the guns on the counter, and places them in a shoulder holster hidden under his jacket. He didn’t have those earlier.
“Nothing so far.” Felix gestures at the laptop. “Little Sam will do a pass in half an hour.”
“Good.” Sergei nods, takes a big rectangular box from the chair, and puts it on the table.
When he opens the lid to check the contents, I move to the side to take a peek and falter. It’s a sniper’s rifle. “I thought you were going to a business meeting?”
“Something about this meeting doesn’t sit well with me.” He reaches for the earpiece Felix passes him, and puts it in. “I’m going to do a sweep when I get there. Let me know the moment you see the Irish coming.”
He closes the box with the rifle, picks it up, and looks over at me. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” He smirks, and he’s gone the next moment.
I wait until I hear the front door close, then sit down on the chair next to Felix. “How come Petrov lets Sergei handle business deals? Considering his mental state.”
“Because even mentally unstable Sergei does great work. And anyway, none of the people they partner with are fully sane.”
“He never zones out while he’s at a meeting?”
“Nope. Not at a meeting. And never in the field,” he says. “He happens to overdo stuff occasionally, though.”
“Yeah, I heard. He almost killed four of my father’s men when they met to talk about partnering last year.”
“I remember that. He was probably in a good mood that day.”
“Good mood?”
Felix puts down his glasses and fixes me with his stare. “There were five of them, four bodyguards and your father. All armed. Sergei was alone. They tried to disarm him. It was very disrespectful from their side. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t just kill them all, your father included.”
“How did he manage to overpower all four of them if everyone was armed?”
“With frightening ease. Your father’s men were just some hired goons with no real training.”
He puts his glasses back on and turns his gaze to the screen again. “This will take a while. Go to sleep.”
I most certainly don’t plan on sleeping until Sergei comes back. I run upstairs to shower and change, then head back and take a seat next to Felix.


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