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Her Elemental Dragons: Stroke the Flame: Chapter 6


The woman who must be Kira stood before me clutching a bow in her hand, her eyes wide with surprise, but also something like recognition. She was so beautiful it made all other thoughts vanish from my mind, leaving only an intense curiosity about my future mate. I took a moment to study her, mentally logging everything including her worn boots, dark hunting leathers, wind-swept hair, and flushed cheeks. A single leaf was stuck to her brown cloak and, judging from her state, I guessed she had just come from the forest in a bit of a hurry.

Another man stood beside her wearing the black uniform of the Onyx Army, right down to a sword at his side. His eyes ran over me in a quick, suspicious appraisal. I held my breath, waiting for him to recognize me, but all he did was touch the pommel of his sword as he moved closer to Kira, silently warning me he would protect her with his life. He must be one of the other Dragons. One of the men I would have to share her with. But which one, I wondered?

“Who are you?” Kira asked me.

A tricky question indeed. I gazed around the tavern to take in the townsfolk who were all staring at us, including the cheerful waitress. They were intrigued by me, for sure, but no one gasped or shouted my name or kneeled before me. None of them realized who I truly was.

“Can we speak alone?” I asked Kira, keeping my voice low. I was sure she had a million questions, as did I. Questions that would be better answered without the entire town listening in.

She nodded, then turned to the waitress. “Tash, is the private dining room free?”

Tash’s eyebrows practically shot through the roof as she glanced between me and Kira. “It’s not booked tonight. Go on in and I’ll bring you three something to eat.” She brushed past Kira and said, “And you better tell me everything later.”

“I will,” Kira said.

She led us into a large room off the side of the tavern which was likely used for events, celebrations, or other private gatherings, containing one long wooden table and many chairs. A painting hung on the wall featuring the Black Dragon with her four consorts flying around her, surrounded by their representative element. Each one looked terrifying and powerful, with their scaled bodies, large wings, and long tails. I’d not seen this exact painting before, but the Black Dragon demanded that one like it had to be hung in any place where people gathered. No doubt it was to remind us that the five Dragons were watching over us at all times.

I gazed at the Golden Dragon in the painting and pondered my fate, while Kira closed the door behind us. I never would have believed any of this if the Air God himself hadn’t granted me his powers. I still hardly believed it, even though my draw toward Kira was unmistakable.

She turned toward me, facing me down with uneasy eyes. “I think it’s time you told me who you are and what you’re doing here.”

I hesitated, but I wasn’t quite ready to reveal who I was yet. I wouldn’t lie, but I wouldn’t tell them the whole truth either. Not until I knew these people better. Not until I could trust them.


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