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Her Elemental Dragons: Stroke the Flame: Chapter 4


A month ago I’d been on patrol in the forest and had stopped to take a piss on a tree when the Fire God, in all his blazing glory, appeared out of thin air and told me to find a woman. And trust me, when a giant made out of flames tells you to do something, you do it. Especially when he wraps a scorching hand around your neck. Except instead of burning me alive, his power became absorbed into my body, branding me as the next Crimson Dragon.

The Fire God told me my duty and gave me a name—Kira—along with a split-second glimpse of her image and one month to find her. No directions. No hints. Not even a vague idea of what Realm she was in. Just an order to find her, serve her, and protect her. Then he vanished.

It took me a day or two to wrap my head around his demand and to believe it all really happened. The Fire God didn’t just appear to people, especially ordinary guys like me. Don’t get me wrong, I was a damn fine soldier, but that was it. Up until that point, I wasn’t even sure the Gods were real. No one had heard from them in hundreds of years, after all. Now I’d been chosen by one of them to be his representative in this world and to take the place of the current Crimson Dragon, who wasn’t going to be happy about being kicked out of the role.

I’d spent the last two weeks traveling from the Fire Realm, following the persistent urge that guided me northwest, into the farthest depths of the Earth Realm. Now the woman the Fire God sent me to find stood in front of me, and she was so gorgeous it made my blood heat like never before. Her shiny red hair was tied back in a tight ponytail, and I had the strongest urge to free it and let it fall about her shoulders. Her sharp eyes were an intriguing hazel color, as if many different shades danced within them. And her body, with those fit arms, full breasts, and curvy hips…damn. Maybe being tied to one woman for the rest of my life wouldn’t be such a hardship after all.

A slow grin spread across my mouth. “I had no idea you’d be so beautiful in person. Thank the Gods indeed.”

“Who are you?” Kira asked, with suspicion in her voice. She stared at me as if she recognized me, but wasn’t sure how. Did she not know who I was? Or what she was?

“Name’s Jasin,” I said. “I’ve been sent to find you.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Sent? By whom?”

“By the Fire God.”

She took a step back and crashed into a chair, knocking it to the ground, as fear and confusion crossed her face. “I don’t understand.”

Maybe she truly didn’t know. Had she not been visited by the Spirit Goddess too? Did she not know about the task in front of us?

I glanced around, but the tavern was empty except for the two of us. I moved closer and lowered my voice anyway to be safe. “A few weeks ago I had a visit from the Fire God. He told me I was the future Crimson Dragon and that I had to find you—the next Black Dragon.”


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