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Her Elemental Dragons: Shake the Earth: Chapter 29


Slade quickly removed my clothes and tossed them aside, then gazed at me with hungry eyes. I sat on the edge of the table, completely bared to him, while the echoes of pleasure made my body loose and limp. Yet I still craved more.

“I’ve never wanted any woman the way I want you,” he said, as he dropped his trousers to the floor. I got a glimpse of his huge, hard cock before he moved between my thighs and nudged it against my core. Later I would explore every inch of him in great detail with my hands and my mouth, but for now I needed him inside me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, finding his mouth again while his long length entered me.

He was big, almost too big, but I didn’t want him to stop. My hips strained toward him, begging for more, but once he was fully inside he paused. He was as hard as the marble under me, pulsing with strength and need, and I thought I would die if he didn’t move soon.

I caressed the smooth slope of his back down to the rounded curve of his behind, then gripped him tight, pulling him deeper inside. “Slade, please.”

At my words, he let out a ragged breath and unleashed the desire that he’d kept locked inside so long. He pushed me down so I lay flat against the cool stone table, his strong hands circling my waist, and then he began to pump into me with sure, steady strokes. I gasped and lifted my hips in time to his movements, while he gazed down at me with a look of pure, ravenous lust.

My legs wrapped around Slade’s hips as he stood over me, my breasts rocking with each deep glide of his cock. He took me thoroughly, possessing me completely, making me his woman with every thrust.

When he arched over me to take one of my nipples in his mouth, I couldn’t help but cry out. He thrust faster, deeper, his movements becoming frantic, and I tangled my fingers in his thick hair and gave myself up to him. Release found me first and I gasped as the sensations crashed over me, my body tightening around him. He let out a low groan as he pounded into me harder, and the room around us began to tremble. I clung to Slade’s shoulders, but his skin had turned to stone, and I realized with a start that mine had too. But he didn’t stop, and pleasure quaked through us both without end.

When he finally calmed, our skin returned to normal and the room stilled. Slade relaxed on top of me, and I enjoyed the feel of his strong body in my arms, pressing down on me. His lips melted against mine and love shimmered between us like one of the crystals on the walls.

“I wish I could hold you like this for hours and fall asleep with you in my arms,” Slade said, as he reluctantly released me. “But we should probably leave the temple in case the Dragons return soon.”

I sighed as reality came crashing back down, and all my worries about my other mates returned. “You’re right, although the Earth God should come speak with us first. The other ones did, at least.”

“Even more reason for us to dress then,” he said, grabbing his trousers off the floor.

As soon as we’d donned our clothes, the temple began to rumble again, like it had when the bonding had completed. Only now it grew more intense, to the point where I had to hold onto the table to steady myself.

Suddenly the floor split open in front of us, and Slade rested a hand on my shoulder as if to protect me. A huge talon appeared at the edge of the crack, and then a giant dragon clawed his way out of the crevice. His body was made entirely of crystal, like the ones embedded in the walls, and when he moved his scales shifted colors like a rainbow shining across his skin. I’d never seen anything more beautiful before.

The Earth God was so large that Slade and I had to press against the wall behind us to have any space at all. His wings arched behind his back and we dropped to our knees before him as his sheer physical power and strength filled the room. I’d met two Gods before, but I’d never lost that sense of awe and wonder when confronting one.

He took us in with eyes that seemed to be made of the blackest opals, while his huge tail whipped about, tossing stones and splintered wood aside. “My avatar and my descendant. Your bonding pleases me.”

Slade bowed his head. “We are your humble servants, my lord.”

The crystal dragon’s eyes lifted and took in the room, then seemed to see beyond it into the main temple. He let out a growl that made the mountain quake, and his tail smashed harder against the ground. “Those traitorous Dragons have destroyed my temple and murdered my priests. They must be overthrown.” Those deep, black eyes focused on us again. “You must bring balance to the world.”

“We’re trying,” I said. “But we don’t know how to defeat the others. We’re not strong enough yet.”

“You will grow stronger the closer you become to your mates,” the Earth God said. “But you already knew this.”

I nodded, relieved to hear that my instinct in bringing both Auric and Jasin into my bed together was the right one. The two of them wouldn’t be a problem, but the other two would be more of a challenge. I felt closer to Slade than ever before, but I wasn’t sure if he would ever agree to truly share me with the others. And Reven had made it clear he only wanted a physical relationship, nothing more.

The Earth God lowered himself to the ground, stretching his silvery talons out before him like a lazy, fat cat. “The Black Dragon and her mates are no longer as close as they once were. They are fractured and splintered. Doubt and distance threaten to divide them. If you and your Dragons become a strong, cohesive group, you will become more powerful than they are.”

Easier said than done, but I would do my best to bring them all together. Of course, that only solved one of our problems. “But the Black Dragon is immortal and has the power of the Spirit Goddess, plus the magic of all of her mates. How can we stop her?”

“You must defeat each of her mates first. Once you do, she will lose their powers and strengths. Only then will she be weak enough to overcome.”

That meant we’d have to take them down one by one before facing her, in order to stand a chance. My stomach twisted at the idea, and it took me a second to realize it was because it meant killing both of my parents in the process. I despised them and everything they did, but they were still my blood. “My father…do you know who he is?”

“No, but I can tell you he is not my Dragon. It must be one of the others.”

My heart sank. I’d been hoping the Earth God could tell me who he was, or at least confirm he wasn’t the Crimson Dragon. Sark had killed the people who had raised me, and if he was my true father, I wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to live with that.

“You must continue your voyage now,” the Earth God said, as he rose to his feet and shook out his wings. “Remember that the fate of the world journeys with you, as do the Gods’ blessings.”

“Thank you for your wisdom,” Slade said. “And for choosing me to be your Dragon.”

The Earth God gave us a nod, and then his wings tucked tight and he dove straight into the crevice. It closed up behind him, leaving no trace he was ever there. Slade and I let out a collective held breath—and then we heard a shout from the other room.

Slade pressed his hand against the nearest wall and closed his eyes, and I knew he must be spreading his senses throughout the cave as he’d done before.

His eyes snapped open. “The Jade Dragon is here.”


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