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Her Elemental Dragons: Shake the Earth: Chapter 25


The next day we flew north into the mountains toward the Earth Temple. It was located on top of Frostmount, the tallest point in the realm, although we weren’t going there, not exactly. We were meeting Parin on another mountain in a cave that he said would lead us into the temple without anyone noticing. As his mother was once the High Priestess, I was inclined to believe him, even though it was hard to trust a relative stranger with something this important. But Slade seemed to trust Parin, even if he didn’t like him, and I trusted Slade.

The air grew colder and colder as we approached the snow-covered mountains, and I pulled my fur-lined hood over my head. We’d bought cold weather clothing and supplies during our time in Clayridge, but I wasn’t sure anything could fight off the chill here.

Auric and Jasin were careful to fly high in the clouds, and cautious when they came down to land beside the cave entrance, which was covered in frost. They shifted as soon as we were off their backs, and only then did Parin emerge from the shadows.

“I’m not sure it will ever get any less terrifying seeing two dragons flying toward me, even if I know they’re my allies,” Parin said, shaking his head. “But I’m glad you made it.”

“Thank you for meeting us here,” I said. Parin was putting his own life in danger by guiding us through these tunnels, but he’d insisted on coming with us, even though it meant leaving his people to fight without him. Faya would be leading the battle at Salt Creek Tower, and I knew he must be worried about her, just as I worried about my mates.

“Are your troops in position?” Jasin asked.

“They are,” Parin said. “Everything is ready. They’re simply waiting for you to join them.”

“Then this is where we go our separate ways,” Auric said, turning to me. He drew me in for a tight hug, then kissed me softly on the lips. “Be careful, Kira.”

“You too.” My heart clenched, knowing I was sending two of my mates into danger, and that I wouldn’t be there to protect them. They probably felt the same about leaving me.

Jasin grabbed me in his warm embrace next, kissing me hard. “I’ll look after Auric. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you. I know he’ll look out for you too.” I reached out and grabbed both their hands, connecting us again and feeling the bond surge between the three of us. “I love you both.”

My two mates replied that they loved me too, and after more kisses they finally stepped back. I hugged Brin next, making her promise to stay safe, and overheard Slade talking to his sister in a low voice.

“You don’t have to fight,” he said. “It’s not too late to back out.”

“I want to fight,” Leni said, standing taller.

He hugged her tight and seemed reluctant to let her go. Then he turned back to Jasin and Auric. “Take care of my sister for me.”

“We will, I promise,” Jasin said.

“As if she were our own blood,” Auric promised.

As the goodbyes finished, I retreated to stand between Slade and Reven. Slade’s hand rested on my lower back as worry made me bite my lower lip, and together we watched as Jasin and Auric returned to their glorious dragon forms. With a few flaps of their wings they were in the air again, and then they were gone.

“They’ll be fine,” Reven said. We’d avoided each other since last night, and I still felt a pang of sadness when I remembered what had happened, but I had to get past that now.

“I hope so.” With a sigh, I turned toward the cave. According to Parin we had a long hike ahead of us through the icy tunnels, and standing here worrying about the others wouldn’t accomplish anything.

“Follow me,” Parin said, as he led us into the darkness.


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