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Her Elemental Dragons: Shake the Earth: Chapter 20


Reven paused in the doorway, his eyes slowly taking in the scene. “Apologies. I thought this was my room.”

From the tone of his voice, I didn’t believe that for a second—but I didn’t mind either. If anything, the thought that he’d come to join us only made my already racing heart pound even faster.

“Don’t go,” I said.

He lingered at the door, perhaps waiting for someone to protest or taking a moment to make up his mind. Or maybe he wanted even more of an invitation.

I reached toward him. “Join us.”

That finally brought him forward. He shut the door, his eyes never leaving the scene before him of my naked body pressed between Jasin and Auric. “I’ll stay…but just to watch.”

Reven crossed the room and sank into an armchair in the corner, his pose deceptively casual, and laced his arms behind his head as if waiting for the show to begin. Desire flared between my thighs at the thought of his piercing blue gaze on me the entire time I was making love to the other men.

But I couldn’t forget Auric and Jasin either. I wanted them to be comfortable with this. I touched both of their chests, glancing between them. “Are you all right with this?” I asked in a low voice.

Auric threaded his fingers through mine. “I want whatever makes you happy.”

Jasin’s lips touched my ear. “I invited him earlier. I didn’t think he would actually come though.”

“You did?” I asked.

A naughty grin touched his lips. “I thought you would like it.”

“You know me so well,” I said, before catching that grin in a passionate kiss. Not long ago I’d been a virgin. Now the thought of multiple men touching me at the same time seemed not only natural, but right. I blamed Jasin for corrupting me, although it was Auric who’d first initiated these training sessions. Maybe he was to blame too. Not that I minded one bit.

The two men surrounding me resumed their kissing and touching, as if we’d never been interrupted and didn’t have another man watching our every move. I helped remove their clothes, sliding my hands along their smooth, hard bodies that I loved so much. They were both so perfect, sometimes it was hard to believe they were mine.

“Tonight we’re going to try something new as part of your training,” Jasin said, as his hand slipped between my thighs, finding me already wet. But then his fingers slid back, back, back, to my other, forbidden entrance. “I’m going to take you here tonight, while Auric takes you from the front.”

My eyes widened. He’d talked about claiming me from behind before, and the idea had intrigued me—especially if it meant joining with both of them at the same time. “Will it hurt?”

“A little, but it will feel good too.” He nibbled on my ear. “Trust me.”

I closed my eyes and relaxed against him. “I do.”

With his other hand, he reached for a vial of liquid from the nightstand. “I got this in the Air Realm. The oil will make it easier, and we’ll go slow. If it’s too much, we’ll stop.”

I nodded, eager to get started, even though I was nervous too. While Auric began slowly stroking me between my legs, Jasin coated his fingers in oil and began to work it into me from behind. I gasped at the sensation, though it didn’t hurt, not at all. When Auric’s fingers entered me in front too, I got a glimpse of what the rest of the night would be like…and I wanted more. I bore down against their hands, taking them deeper, and Auric’s mouth found mine again. While the two of them stretched me out and moved inside me, my tongue slid against Auric’s in a sensual dance. Jasin kissed the back of my neck, and everything felt so good I wasn’t sure how it could ever get better…but knew this was just the beginning.

“Good,” Jasin said. “You’re ready. Now sit on Auric, but don’t take him inside you yet.”

Auric gathered me into his arms and I climbed onto his lap, straddling his hips, his cock brushing up against me. I took his length in hand and began to stroke it, while leaning forward to kiss him some more. His hands found my breasts and he began caressing my nipples, while I felt Jasin’s cock brush against me from behind. I tensed up, but he kissed my shoulder and whispered, “Relax.”

His warm voice calmed me, and my body became pliant at his touch. He began to push inside my back entrance, and at first the stretching was so intense it took my breath away. He already felt huge, and it seemed impossible he’d be able to fit completely inside, but he kept going. Gods, it was so tight, I wasn’t sure I could stand it. My fingers dug into Auric’s shoulders and Jasin paused.

“You’re doing great,” Jasin said, kissing my neck some more. “Almost there.”

“Keep going,” I said, as I willed my body to relax. “I want this.”

Auric’s fingers found my clit while I continued stroking him, and when he began to rub me there it all got so much easier. The sensations were so intense, and I found myself pushing back against Jasin, wanting more. The pain vanished, until only pleasure remained.

When he was fully sheathed, we both let out a delirious sigh. Jasin felt huge inside me, but still it wasn’t enough. I needed Auric too.

Without words, Jasin and Auric shared a look that communicated everything that had to be done. Jasin’s fingers dug into my hips as he lifted me slightly, while Auric guided himself into me. I sank down onto his hard cock, taking him deep inside, and if I’d thought it was a tight fit before, it was nothing compared to having both of them inside me. As my hips rested against Auric’s, I closed my eyes and savored the exquisite fullness with both of them inside me, their bodies pressed tight against me on all sides.

“Still all right?” Jasin asked.

“It’s amazing,” I said, breathless. I turned my head and drew Jasin in for a kiss, then brought Auric close for one too. Their mouths both pressed against my lips, their tongues sliding into me, and I found myself kissing them both at the same time. The kiss deepened, the three of our lips and tongues tangling together in the most intimate way. Soon I had no idea where I ended or any of them began. We’d truly all become one.

Our kiss broke apart as we became overwhelmed with the need to move. Jasin began, slowly pulling out of me before sliding back in. The tightness back there made me gasp, but my body quickly grew used to it, and then Auric began lifting his hips to thrust into me too. I clung to his body, unable to do anything but take what they were giving me and enjoy every second of it.

I could tell they were overcome by it too, from the way they groaned against me and bucked harder. And when Jasin reached out and grasped Auric’s muscular arm, it nearly became too much for me. Especially when I felt Auric’s hand slide from my naked hip to Jasin’s, urging him on. It wasn’t just me with them, it was all three of us bonding together and sharing this moment.

I raised my head and my eyes locked with Reven, who stared at the scene with rapt attention. I wanted to give him a show. I wanted him to see what he could have too, someday. If only he would let me in.

But then he stood and came toward the bed, surprising me. He bent down, took my chin in his hand, and captured my lips in a kiss. I reached for him, my fingers sliding around his neck, but then he pulled back and straightened up. But I didn’t want to let him go.

I gripped his shirt, then slid my hand down to his trousers, pressing against the hardness there. He’d definitely enjoyed watching, and that knowledge only made me more excited. I tore at his trousers, yanking them open, revealing his long length. He didn’t stop me. Instead, he gazed down at me with his intense blue eyes as I took his cock in hand and brought it to my lips. My mouth slid over the head and he let out a soft groan, while tangling his fingers in my hair.

Auric and Jasin kept going through it all, rocking me between their bodies, their pace growing faster. I couldn’t hold on much longer, not with the incredible feelings they sent through me. But I needed Reven too, that was clear to me now. It couldn’t be just me with Auric and Jasin forever, I needed all of my mates equally.

I took Reven into my mouth as far as I could, while circling the base of his shaft with my hand. He gripped my hair tighter and his hips jerked, like he couldn’t help himself. Like he didn’t want to give himself to me, but was unable to resist.

I sucked on him hard, feeling my own release approach. I sensed through the bond that Auric and Jasin were close too, but they were holding out for me. Together the four of us moved in a sensual dance, back and forth, in and out, with my body taking everything they gave me and still wanting more. If only Slade were here too…

The instant Reven reached down to pinch my nipple, I was gone. His touch pushed me over the edge, and I cried out while tightening up around Auric and Jasin. Ripples of pleasure more intense than anything I’d ever felt before began to overwhelm me, and I was completely lost in the sensations. They were my mates, and in this moment I truly felt as though I belonged to all of them.

Each man released himself into me only seconds later, while I was still trembling. Jasin’s head pressed against my neck as he came hard into my behind, while Auric thrust up into me faster until his seed filled me. Reven was last, gripping my hair tight while he finally let himself go into my mouth. I swallowed everything he gave me and our eyes remained locked on each other’s, though his face was indecipherable.

When it was done, he slipped out of me, closed up his trousers, and then walked out of the room without a word. It was just like him, and all I could do was sigh and shake my head, while relaxing against my other two mates.

We fell onto the bed, the three of us a tangle of bodies without end. The kissing began again, hands sliding against each other’s skin, this time to comfort and show affection rather than induce desire or pleasure. The bond between us felt stronger than ever, and I sensed their satisfaction and love through it. Not just for me, but for each other too. It amazed me how far they’d come from those first jealous fights and heated arguments to snuggling together on the bed, with me pressed between their naked bodies. I loved them both so much, and nothing made me happier than knowing they’d truly come to care about the other during the last few months. Well, except for the thought of my other two mates joining me in bed like this too.

Someday, maybe…I could hope.


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