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Her Elemental Dragons: Ride the Wave: Chapter 41



I stared down at the bundle in my arms, taking in her perfection. Her skin was smooth, soft, and dark—not quite as dark as mine, but close. She had my dark hair too, although not very much of it yet. Her eyes were hazel though, like her mother’s.

Kira watched me rocking little Sora from the doorway for a moment. “Well, there’s no doubt she’s your blood. She looks just like you.”

I grinned as my daughter stared up at me with her big eyes. Before little Sora was born, we’d had no idea who had sired her. I had to admit I’d been thrilled seeing that she was mine, since I’d always wanted children. “She has my skin and hair, yes, but her beauty is all yours.”

“Let’s hope she has your calm temperament too.”

Sora opened her mouth and let out a piercing wail in response, making both of us laugh. Even when she was crying, she was cute somehow.

“It’s probably time to feed her again,” Kira said.

She settled in the rocking chair in one corner of the nursery and got all her pillows and blankets together, while I pressed a kiss to Sora’s forehead. When Kira was ready, I handed her our daughter so she could begin nursing.

“Do you need anything?” I asked as they settled in.

“I don’t think so, but thank you.”

I nodded and relaxed in one of the other chairs with a sense of quiet contentment. I’d once wanted a simple life as a blacksmith in a small town with a wife and children. My life had ended up anything but simple, but somehow it turned out even better than I’d expected. I had a woman I loved more than I could ever imagine, three men who were like brothers to me, and a purpose that fulfilled me—and now my life was truly complete with the birth of our daughter.

Auric popped his head in the room. “The delegation from the Fire Realm has arrived.”

“Thanks for letting me know,” Kira said. The Fire Realm was in a dispute with the Water Realm over trade rights, and they wanted Kira to mediate. “Please tell them I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

He nodded. “Can I get you anything?”

Kira smiled at him. “No, thank you.”

All of Kira’s mates were eager to help out. With four fathers, Sora would never be short on love or attention, that was certain. Each man had already shown that they loved her as their own, and I didn’t mind them sharing in the fatherly duties. Someday Sora would be the next ascendant with her own set of mates, and we would be there to train and guide her.

When Sora was finished, I took her from Kira again. “I’ll put her to bed.”

“Are you sure?” Kira asked.

I patted Sora on her back and got a good burp in response. “Yes. Go meet with the ambassadors and nobles. You know I hate that stuff anyway.”

“Trust me, it’s not my favorite either, but unfortunately it’s necessary.” She touched Sora’s tiny nose, then gave me a kiss. “Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Kira straightened her clothes, drew herself up, and prepared to be a leader again. She worked hard, and our advisers had suggested that Kira get other women to nurse the baby and watch over her, but she’d refused. She wanted to raise Sora herself, and I sensed it was especially important to her after what happened with her own parents. The other men and I supported her as much as possible in both of her roles as the Silver Dragon and a mother. I knew there were times when it would be rough, but I was confident she could balance both, and we’d help her however we could.

After Kira left the room I changed Sora, then hummed a nursery rhyme my mother had sung to me and my sisters when we were little. When Sora’s eyes drooped, I set her down in her bassinet. The future leader of the Dragons let out a big yawn and farted at the same time, making me laugh.

Yes, this life could be messy, complicated, and dangerous, but it was perfect.


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