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Her Elemental Dragons: Ride the Wave: Chapter 20


I must have dozed off in Reven’s arms, because at the sound of rushing water my eyes snapped open. I yanked my robe up around me, covering my naked skin. Reven sat up and shoved me behind him, protecting me with his body. Water poured into the dome in front of us, and I worried that the entire thing would crash down and crush us under the weight.

The water rushing in began to take shape, forming a large body with four legs, a long tail, a head with a pointed snout, and great wings that rose upon its back. A huge dragon arose in front of us, a creature of pure swirling water with glowing white eyes and fangs made of ice shards.

“The final binding is complete at last,” the Water God said.

I reached for my magic, finding the fluid grace of water deep inside me alongside the other three elements, and summoned a snowball in my palm. A large smile spread across my face as it slowly melted against my fingertips. We’d done it. I was bound to each of my mates now, able to use all four elements, along with my own life magic.

“Can I turn into a dragon now?” I asked aloud.

“Not yet,” the Water God said. “Not until the Spirit Goddess gives you her blessing.”

“The Spirit Goddess is trapped inside Nysa,” Reven said dryly. “Something the other Gods failed to mention.”

The great dragon flexed his watery wings. “When you defeat Nysa, our Goddess will be freed. Only then will you be able to unlock your true powers.”

“But if we free her, the Death Goddess will turn this world into another realm of the dead,” I said.

The glowing eyes narrowed. “Doran told you this, but he is also the one who imprisoned us for nearly a thousand years. Nysa and her mates wanted unending power and immortal life. Now they lie to spread doubt through your hearts.”

I glanced at Reven warily. “Is it true that the Spirit Goddess is actually the twin Goddesses of Life and Death, bound together?”

“That is true. One cannot exist without the other. Life and death. Dark and light. There must be balance.”

“If we free her and the balance shifts too much to one side, can the Gods help us split the Spirit Goddess apart and banish the Death Goddess from this world?”

“We can. If it comes to that, we will.”

I nodded. It was the most we could ask for.

The dragon’s tail swished back and forth in the low pool. “Do not forget that to defeat Nysa, Doran must be destroyed first. He will tell you anything to protect himself and his mate. You cannot trust him.”

That was true, but could we trust the Gods either? I wasn’t sure. “I understand.”

“The time of the Black Dragon is over, and now the ascendants must rise. Do not fail us.”

The Water God began to flow back into the dome, losing shape, but Reven called out, “Wait!”

The huge dragon paused, reforming instantly, and asked, “Yes?”

Reven’s brow furrowed. “Why me? I’m not a hero. I didn’t want this. I rejected my fate at every turn. You must have known I would, but you picked me anyway.”

“The Fire God looks for courage. The Air God chooses one with wisdom. The Earth God seeks out stability. I value change.”

“Change?” Reven asked.

“Adaptability. Resourcefulness. A certain fluidity in morals. The world is never as simple as black and white or right and wrong. It is always shifting, and my Dragon shifts with it. I did not want a hero. I wanted someone who would survive, and change, and grow, and show the ascendant how to do the same.”

“I see…” Reven said, although he sounded more confused than ever. I reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze. I was certain he was the perfect person to be the next Azure Dragon and my mate, even if he wasn’t. He’d made me wait and doubt and nearly tear my hair out plenty of times, but that had only made it even better when he’d finally admitted his feelings for me. Jasin and Auric had loved me from the start, but Slade and Reven had made me work for it—and I’d learned something from each of them. I couldn’t have gotten to this point with Reven if not for the other men, and I saw now how each one complemented me and made me become a better person. Including Reven.

“Trust in the Gods,” the dragon said. “We created you. We chose you. And we have reasons for everything we do.”

With that, he collapsed with a huge splash, and was gone. I had to give the Gods credit, they were good at dramatic entrances and exits.

Reven turned toward me and slid his hand around my waist, bringing me back to him. “Now that that’s done, it’s time for round two.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled open my robe and eased me back onto the bed. “Is that so?”

“I’ve waited a long time for this night. The other men have been with you multiple times, but we have some catching up to do. I’m not letting you go until I’ve explored every inch of you. Multiple times.”

His head bent to my chest and he ran his tongue in the valley between my breasts, making me gasp. For once, I didn’t have to rush off after speaking with a God. No one was waiting for us or coming to attack us. We could spend the entire night in the bonding room if he wanted.

And as Reven kissed his way down my body, I had a feeling he wasn’t in any rush to leave either.


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