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Her Elemental Dragons: Light the Fire: Chapter 12

In the morning I discovered I’d been placed in a bedroom that the men had prepared for me, although it needed more cleaning, as did the rest of the temple. Dim, murky light shone through the windows from the smoke-covered sky, reminding me that the volcano still raged on. We’d made it to the temple—would the Fire God speak to me soon and tell me my purpose?

I visited the washroom quickly, then began a more thorough tour of the temple. I barely remembered anything from last night after the shade attack, and now I surveyed the building with a more critical eye, making a mental note of everything I’d want to change or fix. Though the temple itself was all black volcanic stone and didn’t need any repairs, everything inside it required straightening, repairing, or cleaning. If we were going to live here for the rest of our lives, we had a lot of work to do.

I stopped in the kitchen, where Derel was scrubbing down the counters. “I had a feeling you’d be in here.”

He looked up at me with a wry grin. “Someone needs to cook for us. Unless you want to do it?”

I held up my hands in surrender. “I’ll help with the baking if you’d like, but you’re welcome to take over in the kitchen. That was more my sisters’ area of expertise.”

“Yes, I remember.” He propped his hip on the counter and offered me a bit of bread, ham, and cheese. “You preferred to hole up in a corner somewhere with your books.”

“That’s true,” I said, as I devoured the food. When was the last time I’d eaten? Lunch yesterday, perhaps? “Unfortunately I couldn’t turn reading into a profession.”

“You can now.”

“What do you mean?”

Amusement made his dark eyes dance. “Let’s just say you’re going to be very happy when you see the library.”

My eyes widened. “There’s a library?”

He nodded. “I’m pretty sure it has more books than all of Sparkport. It’ll take you years to read them all.”

I finished off his food and wiped my hands. “I’d better get started then.”

“Not yet,” he said, taking my arm. “There’s another place I think you’ll want to visit first.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll show you.”

He led me out of the kitchen and down the halls. I spotted Roth and Blane arranging some furniture in another room, but Derel continued on. Soon we came upon a cave-like room filled with steaming water in a few different pools. Falon was already inside and turned toward us with a smile.

“What is this place?” I asked.

‘A natural hot spring,’ Falon said, as he bent down to dip his fingers in. He brought them to his lips with a smile. ‘Freshwater. Nice and warm too.’

“This is where we’ll get our water to drink and cook with,” Derel said, gesturing at one of the smaller pools, before turning to the largest one. “And this one can be used for bathing.”

“Incredible.” I wanted to fall to my knees and thank the Fire God for providing this for us. I’d suspected there was a way to survive up here, but this was better than I’d imagined.

Derel moved behind me and began sliding down the straps of my dress. “I think we should try it out.”

“Do you?” I asked, my breath catching as he pressed a kiss to my neck.

Falon closed in on me from the front, caging me between his best friend. “You must be eager to wash off the dirt from our days of traveling.” His hands slid along my bare arms as his mouth lowered to mine. “We can help.”

“I am feeling quite dirty,” I said, before our lips met.

Derel left a trail of kisses down my neck to my shoulder, then tugged my dress down, revealing one of my breasts. Falon immediately palmed it in his large, rough hand, and began squeezing my flesh. I moaned as Derel continued yanking the dress down, freeing another breast for his friend to claim. The fabric brushed against my hips as my entire torso was bared to the two men, who took their time exploring me with eager strokes and light kisses.

Their boldness surprised and thrilled me. Derel and I hadn’t gotten along for most of my life, but the sexual chemistry had always simmered between us under the surface. Now that he’d admitted his feelings for me, it seemed he didn’t want to hold back any longer. Falon, on the other hand, had always acted as though he was nothing more than a friend, but not anymore. As he took one breast in his mouth and ran his tongue over my nipple, I didn’t have any more doubts that what we had was more than friendship.

“We know you’ve been with Blane and Roth, but now we’re going to make you ours,” Derel’s voice said, as he nipped at my ear. His hard length pressed against my behind and sent a rush of wet heat between my thighs.

Falon ran his hand down my hips to continue easing my dress down, until it fell to the floor. “For years we held back because of our friendship, knowing we could never be happy if you picked one of us. But that isn’t a problem anymore.”

“I want you both,” I said, pressing a kiss to Falon’s lips, before turning to kiss Derel too. “I’ve always wanted you both.”

“How about at the same time?” Derel asked, as he stroked my behind.

“Is that possible?”

“Oh yes.” He gave my bottom a hard squeeze. “Now get in the water.”

The two men watched as I moved toward the spring and stepped down into the water. Delicious warmth crept over me as I sank into it, making all my muscles relax. Before me, both men began to undress, tearing off their shirts and dropping their trousers, revealing their muscular bodies and jutting cocks. If this was going to be my life from now on, I couldn’t complain.

Derel descended first into the water and took me in his arms, kissing me hard while his fingers slipped between my thighs. He stroked me in both my mouth and my core and I had to cling to him as pleasure swept over me. His wet, muscular body pressed against mine in the most sensual way, and I wrapped my legs around him to get even closer. His cock slipped inside me as we came together, like it couldn’t help but find its way to where it belonged. I gasped at the sudden joining, but then his tongue was sliding against mine, matching his thrusts.

Then Falon’s hands were on me too, his body fitted against my back. He was even more muscular than Derel from days spent working as a carpenter, and I enjoyed the feel of his hard ridges on my skin. Along with the other hard thing poking into my behind, which I knew wanted a taste of me too.

While Derel gripped my hips to pump into me, Falon’s hands claimed my breasts and his mouth sucked on my neck. I arched back against him, taking Derel deeper, while turning my head to capture Falon’s mouth. Derel leaned down to lick water off my neck, but then he pulled out of me and spun me toward Falon. With water churning around us, Falon took me into his arms and captured my mouth, then entered me with one smooth push. He filled me up just as well as Derel did, but it was different. Derel was longer, but Falon was thicker—and both of them were mine.

“I think we’re clean enough,” Derel said.

Falon nodded and lifted me out of the water, my body wrapped around him as he moved onto the black stone floor. He set me down on a long cloth the men had laid out, and then pumped into me from above a few times, like he couldn’t help himself, before rolling us over so that I was on top. I took a moment to savor how huge he felt in this position, while Derel moved behind us. He picked up a bottle of oil, and I realized they’d been planning this all along. Waiting for me to wake up, so they could lay their claim to me…together.

Derel kneeled behind me and began stroking my behind, spreading my cheeks, sliding his oiled fingers along my back entrance. I gasped with each touch, especially as Falon slowly rocked underneath me. When Derel’s finger eased inside, I let out a cry of pleasure and surprise. No one had touched me there before, and I was shocked to find how much I enjoyed it.

Derel spent a few minutes stretching me wide while I rode Falon, and it was hard to believe anything could be more pleasurable than this moment, but I knew it would be once Derel was inside me too.

Then Derel’s fingers vanished, and were quickly replaced by something much larger, harder, and thicker. As he pushed inside my tight hole, a mix of pleasure and pain shot through me and I clung to Falon as I cried out. He held me in his arms and stroked my breasts lovingly, and when his mouth captured mine, Derel was able to inch deeper inside me from behind.

“That’s it,” he said. “Just relax and let me in.”

“Oh Gods,” I said, as he filled me up slowly, stretching me around him in impossible ways.

“You’re doing great,” Falon said, with a slight pinch to my nipples.

Suddenly Derel was all the way inside, his hips flush with my behind, and I drew in a ragged breath as the feelings swept through me. I was one with both men at the same time, all of us joined together in the most intimate way.

“Please,” I dug my fingers into the light curls on Falon’s chest and whimpered, not knowing what I asked for, only that I needed more.

Falon gripped my hips and began to thrust up into me, which made Derel move too. Derel’s hands found my breasts and he arched over me from behind as he sank deep inside. Together the two of them began to move in a smooth rhythm, which felt more incredible than anything I’d ever known before. I was pressed between them, joined with them both, and all I could do was let them take control of my body and bring us all to release.

The climax swept through me quickly, making me cry out again and again as pleasure shook my body. I tightened up around both men and they seemed to surge inside me, both of them groaning and exploding together. All of us succumbing at the same time to the unimaginable pleasure of being one with each other’s bodies.

As satisfaction swept over us, the men wrapped me in their arms, squeezing me between them, while they whispered that they loved me and always would. I whispered that I loved them too as I snuggled close against them, my enemy and my best friend, and thought how lucky I was to have them here with me.


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