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Her Elemental Dragons: Kiss the Sky: Chapter 20


As we returned to our rooms that night, Kira touched my arm. “Jasin, are you all right?”

I glanced away. “Yes, why?”

“You were quiet during dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you get through a meal without making a joke or saying something a little inappropriate.”

I lifted a shoulder. “Wasn’t in the mood.”

She took my hand and pulled me into her room, then shut the door. “Tell me the truth. What’s bothering you?”

I sighed and sank onto the edge of her bed. “Auric’s parents.”

“What about them? You don’t trust them?”

“No, nothing like that.” I dropped my head, feeling foolish. “They’re being so supportive and understanding even after Auric ran away, broke his engagement, and told them what he truly is.”

She sat on the bed beside me and rubbed my back. “And you’re remembering how your father turned us in to the Onyx Army.”

“Something like that,” I muttered. “Trust me, it would have been even worse if they’d known our goal was to overthrow the Dragons.”

“I’m sorry. This must be difficult for you.”

“I’m happy for Auric, but it’s a bitter reminder that I’ll never have a family like that. My parents always tried to mold me into something I’m not. They never supported what I wanted, and then they betrayed me. Now I’m not sure I’ll ever see my parents again. If I’m honest, I’m not sure I want to either.”

She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder. “You’re right. Auric is a lucky man. My parents are gone, as are Reven’s. Yours turned against you. And Slade’s…” She paused. “I have no idea about his parents. But either way, you’re wrong about the rest of it. You do have a family. You, me, and the other men—we’re in this together for the rest of our lives.”

I snorted. “The other guys? We barely get along.”

“Isn’t that common in all families?” She pressed her lips to my cheek. “One day maybe your parents will come around. But if not, please know that you’ll always have us.”

“All I need is you,” I said, sliding my hand into her hair. I lowered my head and covered her mouth with mine, tasting her sweet, soft lips. My tongue slid across hers as her breasts pressed against my chest, her fingers digging into my arms. Through our bond I felt her desire flare bright, and I wondered if she sensed how much I wanted her too. No, not wanted. Needed. Ever since being chosen by the Fire God I’d been burning up inside, and Kira’s touch was the one thing that sated me.

I tilted her head back and left a trail of kisses from her jaw to her neck to her collar. She wore that tempting green gown she’d gotten from Brin, and I slid the straps off her shoulder one at a time. The silken fabric slipped down her skin and pooled at her waist, revealing full breasts and nipples already hard for me. I cupped them in my hand while kissing along her shoulder, enjoying the way they filled up my palm, her skin cool against mine.

A knock sounded on the door and Kira lazily lifted her head. “Who is it?”

“It’s me,” Auric said.

“Come in,” she called out.

Auric strode into the room. “Kira, I—Oh! Jasin… I’m sorry. I’ll just go.”

“It’s okay,” she said, beckoning him over. “What is it?”

As he walked inside, I continued trailing kisses down Kira’s chest, then took a plump breast in my mouth. Auric cleared his throat as he moved close to the bed.

“I… I wanted to thank you for agreeing to tell my parents. It’s good to have everything out in the open now.” His voice sounded strained, and I imagined he was getting hard watching everything I was doing to Kira and the way she responded to me.

“I’m glad it all worked out,” she said, before I flicked my tongue over her nipple and she let out a groan.

“Is it okay if I…watch?” Auric asked. “I’d like to see what Jasin does to please you as part of my training. But if that isn’t okay anymore, I understand…”

“Stay,” Kira said, her voice breathy and sensual.

Auric moved to the edge of the bed and watched as I continued worshipping her breasts with my mouth, while she buried her fingers in my hair. She reached for Auric and he knelt on the bed beside her, then she pulled his lips to hers. It seemed she wanted him to do more than just watch.

But then he broke off the kiss and sat back to watch again. I gestured for him to join me, and then circled one of Kira’s hard nipples with the tip of my tongue. She let out a breathy moan that only grew louder when Auric copied me on her other breast. When I sucked her nipple, he did the same. Together we had her moaning our names as we lavished attention on her breasts until I sensed it was time to continue Auric’s education in other ways.

“Lie back,” I told Kira. As she followed my order, I dragged her gown down her body and off of her, admiring her shapely hips and legs while pressing a few light kisses to them. Auric stared at her naked flesh like he had never seen anything more beautiful, and I couldn’t disagree.

I ran my hands along Kira’s thighs as I spread her legs wide for me and kneeled between them. She was so responsive and so trusting, I had no doubt she’d let me do anything to her. The thought made me even harder than I already was, and I couldn’t wait to be inside her, but I couldn’t forget I’d agreed to teach Auric too.

As he moved to stand at my shoulder to get a better look, I slid a finger between her folds. “Look how wet she is,” I said.

“So beautiful,” he whispered.

Kira moved her hands to cover herself, her cheeks pink. “You’re making me blush.”

I brushed her hands away. “Don’t be embarrassed. We both think you’re gorgeous. Now lie back and relax while I show Auric how to please you.”

She rested her hands on either side of her and stared at the ceiling, while I took Auric’s hand and brought it between her thighs. She let out a little gasp at the first touch of his fingers.

“Oh, Gods,” he said, as I slid them slightly inside her, coating them in her wetness.

I released his hand. “Taste it.”

Auric slowly licked the moisture off his fingers, while Kira and I watched. I didn’t know why this turned me on so much, but it did. And I was pretty sure Kira felt the same.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Very much,” he said.

“Good, because you’re going to be tasting her a lot tonight.” I took his hand again and dragged his fingers above her folds. As I found the right spot and had him start rubbing it, Kira began to moan again. “Feel that?” I asked, and Auric nodded. “That’s the spot on a woman that brings them the most pleasure. If you forget everything else I’ll teach you, remember that and you’ll be fine.”

Auric continued rubbing Kira there with a sly grin. “Ah yes, I’ve read about the clitoris in books.”

I rolled my eyes. “Forget your books. Now watch and learn.”

I shoved his hand aside and lowered my head between her thighs to finally taste her. I’d gone down on her once before at the Fire Temple, but I’d never get enough of her sweetness or the sounds she made when my tongue flicked along her sensitive skin.

I showed Auric what I was doing with my mouth, and then grabbed his hand once more and slid his fingers inside of her. He got the hint and began pumping in and out in time to my tongue’s movements on her clit, while he watched me intently. I had no doubt he was taking mental notes of everything I did along with Kira’s response to it, even while he brought her pleasure at the same time.

It wasn’t long before Kira was tightening her fingers on my hair and gripping Auric’s arm while she came with a shout. I felt her tremble underneath me and had no doubt she was clenching up around Auric’s fingers as well.

I sat back and grinned at him. “Nice work.”

“That was incredible,” he said. “I could feel her orgasm.”

“Just wait ‘til you’re inside her at the time.” I quickly removed my clothing, then moved up Kira’s body and pressed my lips to hers, my cock nudging between her thighs. She kissed me back eagerly, wrapping one arm around my neck while reaching for Auric with the other.

“Did you like that?” I asked, as I dragged myself between her folds. “Both of us touching you at once?”

“Gods, yes.” She whimpered a little as she lifted her hips. “Please, Jasin.”

How could I deny her? I couldn’t, and with a slight nudge I pushed inside her tight entrance. She moaned, but it was clear she wanted Auric involved too, even if they weren’t ready for sex yet. With one smooth movement I rolled us over on the bed, so that she was on top of me. “Sit up.”

She rose up on my lap, taking me even deeper while giving me a view of her breasts dangling in front of me. “Ohh,” she said, as she closed her eyes and began to rock back and forth on me.

“That’s it, ride me,” I said, as I gripped her hips. “Auric, move behind her and touch her breasts.”

He followed my command, and I had to admit I liked being the leader here in the bedroom. Kira leaned back into his touch as his hands covered her breasts and his mouth pressed against her neck. I rocked my hips up at her, slamming my cock deeper inside her, increasing our pace.

“Now touch her in that spot I showed you,” I told Auric.

He reached down and slipped a hand between us to begin rubbing her clit. Kira threw her head back as she rode me faster, and I knew she was unable to stop as the pleasure built inside her. Auric still had one hand on Kira’s breast, and I reached up to stroke the other one, while lifting my hips in time to her movements.

“That’s it,” I said. “Find your release.”

She pressed her hands against my chest as she let out a loud moan and began to shudder, her body tightening up around me. Watching her face as she came was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t help but follow her over the edge as the pleasure crested inside me. But I kept lifting my hips and Auric kept rubbing her until every last bit of pleasure was teased from her body, when she finally collapsed against my chest.

Auric moved beside me and wrapped his arm around Kira, as she pressed a kiss to his lips and then mine. “Well, I’d say that first lesson was a success.”


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