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Her Elemental Dragons: Embrace the Dark: Chapter 25

High Priestess Nelsa was very confused by our sudden arrival at the temple in the middle of the night, but she couldn’t refuse us either. With a yawn, she led us to the outside area where we had met the Life Goddess before, and then bowed and left us alone.

Once there, I stood in front of my mates and centered myself. I’d never summoned the Gods before, but the old tomes all said it was possible. They were just vague on how exactly.

Focusing on my power, on the magic deep inside me, I pulled the elements out. The twin forces of life and death, along with fire, water, air, and earth. Tugging on each thread, they erupted from my fingers with a rush of color. Wrestling with them, I forced the colorful magical threads to comply, and weaved them around one another, moving my arms to help me focus my mind until they were braided together. Then I released the magic into the world.

‘I call on the Gods to appear before us!’ I yelled, as I pushed my power into the fabric of the realm, into the very source of it all. The primal essence of the universe.

My mates then released a burst of their own magic and called out to the Gods, and through our bond I felt their power surging and strengthening mine. We were all connected, with invisible chains tying us together, and through that bond I demanded the Gods appear before us.

And then, they did. First the Life Goddess, in her radiant glory, her dragon scales erupting with light. Beside her stood the Death Goddess, with her bones and poison fangs. Then the four male Gods appeared behind them, all of them in their dragon forms. The Fire God, with skin like shifting lava and flames on his breath. The Earth God, massive in size and made entirely of crystal. The Water God, composed of shifting waves with talons of ice. The Air God, with cloudy wings and lightning in his eyes.

“You have summoned us and we have appeared,” the Life Goddess said. “What do you require, child?”

I glanced at my mates, and several of them nodded, giving me strength. I straightened up and faced the Gods. “You said the Gods wished to retreat from the world and let mortals control their own destiny. Is this still true?”

“Yes, it is,” the Earth God said, his voice like the rumbling of a rockslide.

“We brought much chaos and pain to the world when we were corrupted,” the Air God rasped.

The Fire God flexed his flaming wings. “We will not allow that to happen again.”

“We have faith in our champions to lead the mortal world,” said the Water God, whose tail swished, spraying drops everywhere.

‘You made this world,” I said. “And now you plan to abandon it?’

‘No,’ the Life Goddess replied. Her smile sent hope and joy searing through my heart. ‘We’d never leave it. We will still be there, but more as silent observers.’

“Including the Death Goddess?” I asked.

She snarled and bared her fangs. “I have done what was required to bring necessary changes to this world. Now I am content to rule the Realm of the Dead.”

I bowed my head. ‘If you plan to remove yourself from this world, then I have a few requests for things that would bring balance to the world. That is my purpose, after all.’

“Name them,” the Life Goddess said.

“Give all mortals elemental powers and the ability to turn into dragons.”

“That is too much power,” the Fire God roared with a rush of heat.

“Agreed,” the Water God said, his voice laced with frost.

Lightning crackled in the Air God’s eyes. “Humans can be troublesome and combative.”

“If they all had magic it would lead to never ending wars,” the Earth God rumbled.

I had a feeling they would say something like that, and I was prepared with an answer. “Then give the power only to a few select humans who embody the traits you each look for in your own champions. Bravery, wisdom, and so forth. Then allow the power to pass down to their children.”

The Gods all glanced between one another, and I sensed they were communicating telepathically. Some time passed, and I shifted on my feet, nervous they wouldn’t agree to my proposal. If this failed, I had no other plan for helping the humans.

‘Very well,’ the Life Goddess finally said. ‘We will choose the humans who will become our champions, and the ability will be passed down through their lineage. But be prepared. As with other things, the humans may not always make the best choices with their magic.’

“If we do this, it will mean the end of the Ascendancy,” the Death Goddess said. “You and your Dragons will no longer be the only champions of the Gods. Are you ready to make that sacrifice?”

I sucked in a breath. “I am. As long as you allow me to have as many children as I wish, and promise they will be no different than any other of your other champions.”

“Very well,” the Life Goddess said. “You will be the last Ascendant.”

She reached out with one of her claws and touched my chest lightly. I felt a shiver run through me. Otherwise, I felt no different.

“It is done.” She raised her wings. “Our champions will be chosen by dawn. They will require your guidance. Be prepared.”

I nodded and swallowed hard. This would be a new challenge, but one my mates and I would be ready to face—and it would bring balance to the world.


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