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Her Elemental Dragons: Embrace the Dark: Chapter 24

Peace was restored to Soulspire now that the Unseen were defeated, but I knew nothing will be the same. Those cultists were violent murderers and criminals, but they shed light on a real problem plaguing the world. Humans lacked the power of the elementals or the Dragons, and felt that their voices were not being heard and their lives were in danger. As the chosen representative of the Gods, it was my place to address this problem. If only I knew how.

Wrill and many of the Unseen were sent to prison. The Quickblades were disbanded. My mother called an assembly and gave a beautiful speech about change and acceptance, and though the city settled down again, I knew it wasn’t enough. Real changes had to be made, or humans would rise up again to demand equality.

My mates and I settled into the palace, continuing to train together to become a stronger team, while our love grew every day. Even Varek was fitting in like a true member of the pack.

And then one night, they cornered me in my bedroom.

I had just donned my chemise when all five of my mates walked in. We had a rotating schedule set up so that I shared a bed with one man a night, plus had two nights free. This was one of my alone nights, which I often needed after being surrounded by so much masculine energy all day. However, tonight the men had other plans.

“What are you all doing here?” I asked, as they filled my room. It seemed a lot smaller with five large men inside.

“We think it’s time we all took you to bed,” Carth said, with a naughty gleam in his eye.

“Is that so?” It was something I’d wanted badly, but I hadn’t been sure when the other men would be ready for such a thing.

“We’ve discussed it, and we think it would strengthen our bonds,” Parin said.

Erroh rolled his eyes at his brother. “What he means is, yes, we want to do this. All of us. Together.”

“Tonight,” Zain said.

“Now get that chemise off,” Varek demanded.

I cocked my hip. “Only if you take your clothes off too.”

“I think we can manage that,” Erroh said.

They were done talking then, and before I knew what was happening, they’d removed my chemise and pushed me back on the bed. For a few seconds they each took me in appreciatively, like I was the sexiest woman they’d ever seen. Then they removed their own clothing, and it was my turn to appreciate them. Five gorgeous men, all with different muscular bodies, but each mine.

I wanted to admire their bodies some more, but they had other plans. They moved in on me as one, each taking a different section of my body. Their hands were all over me, gentle yet firm, as they explored me. Zain’s fingers roamed across my calves while Carth stroked my thighs, sending waves of sweet heat right to my core. Varek’s rough palms covered my breasts, squeezing and fondling them, his callused skin brushing against my nipples and making me moan. Parin’s hands went into my soft hair and his mouth found mine, and we kissed while Erroh’s lips moved along my neck and shoulders.

When I was first given my mates, I hadn’t thought I would feel anything for Parin and Varek like what I felt for Erroh, Carth, and Zain, but as Parin kissed me, I realized I was wrong. I loved all five of them. And I wanted all five of them inside me tonight.

I pulled Erroh up to my mouth and kissed him too, while Parin moved to lick and kiss my neck. As Erroh’s tongue slipped into my mouth, Carth gripped my ankles and spread my legs wide. A second later, his lips traced a path up the inside of my thighs, getting closer and closer to where I needed him. I arched my hips, wanting more, but he took his time as he got a taste of me.

Finally his mouth moved to my core and when his tongue slipped inside my wet folds, I gasped into Erroh’s mouth. Parin had moved to my breasts now, sharing them with Varek, their tongues flicking against my sensitive nipples, driving me wild. I had tongues on me and inside me, worshipping me, making me feel things I’d never felt before. I was in absolute heaven.

Then Zain shoved Carth aside and dipped his head between my legs too. The two of them licked and sucked me at the same time, and I cried out when one of them lifted up my leg to get a new angle. I felt the touch of a tongue on my back hole, and all new sensations shot through me. Then the men added their fingers, sliding one of them inside each hole, and I was totally gone. The orgasm shook through me, making me cry out and grab onto the guys around me.

“That’s the first of many,” Carth said, as he stood up. “Tonight’s all about you.”

“I need you inside me,” I begged. “All of you.”

Varek flashed me a devilish grin. “Patience.”

“We should give her what she wants,” Zain said.

“Yes, she deserves it,” Parin agreed. “And I’m claiming her first this time.”

“Do it, brother,” Erroh said.

Parin stood up and pulled me to the edge of the bed, so my behind was almost hanging off. Then he lifted my ankles and set them on his shoulder, exposing me and stretching me wide. I was shocked at his boldness, but Parin had changed a lot during our time together.

“Beautiful,” he said, as he gripped his cock and rubbed it against my wetness. Then he grabbed my behind and lifted my hips up as he pushed inside. “This what you want?”


He pulled my hips flush against his, and he was buried so deep in me thanks to this angle. He held onto my ankles as he began sliding in and out, withdrawing almost completely, them slamming back inside in one hard thrust.

The other four men were watching with lusty eyes, and I knew they would want to get in on this soon. I reached for Erroh and he moved toward me, bringing that long cock right by my face. I took it in hand and brought it to my mouth, humming in approval as he slipped inside. I licked and sucked on his hard length, until he closed his eyes in satisfaction, while his brother pumped into me. Varek pinched my nipples at the same time, sending a touch of pain to mingle with the pleasure. I moaned around Erroh’s cock and he dug his fingers into my hair, moving my head as he thrust between my lips. Then he surged against my tongue and his hot seed spilled down my throat. Parin pumped into me harder as he came at the same time, and seeing both brothers come apart sent me over the edge too.

“Our turn,” Carth said.

I didn’t have time to recover before Zain was lifting me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He turned so he could lay back on the bed with me on top of him with his cock in me, nice and deep. I liked being on top and I began to ride him, my breasts hanging over his face. Carth moved behind and grabbed my cheeks, then spread them wide. I felt some oil being slid into my back entrance, followed by the pressure of his cock there.

“We’re both going to be in you at once,” Carth said, his lips by my ear. “Do you want that?”

“Yes!” I managed to get out, as the feeling became overwhelming. Carth pushed inside to the hilt, filling me completely, while his best friend filled me from the front.

Carth had his hands on my hips, and he guided himself in and out of me, which pushed me on and off Zain at the same time. Soon they found a rhythm and all I could do was give myself up to it, as the pleasure built quickly.

“I need to get in there too,” Varek said, and then his cock was shoved between my lips so fast and hard I almost gagged. Somehow when Varek treated me roughly like that it only turned me on even more. I looked up at him with a challenge in my eyes as he pumped into my mouth, but I was helpless to do anything but let him own me.

Varek grabbed my chin and held me steady as the other guys pounded into me from behind and below. Their skin was touching me everywhere, and I didn’t know where any one of us ended and the other began. We were one entity, writhing in pleasure together, racing toward our release.

It was too much though, and soon I was screaming around Varek’s cock as the most amazing orgasm exploded through my body. That caused both Carth and Zain to climax into me with quick thrusts and rough groans, their fingers digging into my skin. I thought Varek might do the same, but instead he lifted me off the other men, wrapped my legs around his waist, and slid his cock into me. I was already weak from pleasure and could only hold onto him and enjoy the lingering effects of my climax as he came inside me too, while kissing me hard.

When it was over, we all collapsed in the bed, a mess of sweaty limbs and pounding hearts. I understood now why this bed was so large and smiled up at the ceiling. My soul was bursting not just with pleasure, but with love.

“That was incredible.” I touched each of their faces softly. “I love you all so much.”

“We love you too,” Erroh said, and the other guys murmured in agreement as they curled up around me and pressed loving kisses to my skin.

Varek propped himself up on one muscular arm. “Now that we’ve all filled you with our seed, can we expect a child in nine months?”

I gave him a sad smile. “It doesn’t work that way. In ten years, I will have one daughter, who will become the next Ascendant. No more, no less. Such is the price we pay as Dragons.”

Erroh idly rubbed my stomach with his hand. “How do we determine who the father will be?”

“I’m putting in my claim now,” Varek said.

Parin played with my curls. “I don’t think that’s allowed.”

“No, we’ll have some sort of contest when the time comes,” Carth said.

“What kind of contest?” Zain asked.

“We’re not having a contest,” I said, but a pang hit my heart at the thought of not having a child with each of them. I wanted that, more than I could ever imagine.

Then I had an idea.

I untangled myself from my men and stood up, gathering my clothes. “Get up. We’re going to the Life Temple.”

Erroh sat up with a confused expression. “Now?”

“Why?” Zain asked.

“Because I know how to fix things.”


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