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Her Elemental Dragons: Embrace the Dark: Chapter 14

In the morning, we set off for the Fire Temple.

Parin stayed behind to see what he could learn about the Unseen, to oversee the protection of the kidnapped elementals, and to fill in my parents if they returned before we did.

Carth and Erroh both stayed in dragon form for the entire trip, except for when we stopped to eat or take a break. The journey took most of the day, although the Fire Temple was the shortest distance from Soulspire, at least when flying. Zain and I alternated riding the two dragons, giving the other one time to practice flying maneuvers. We could have had a dragon each to ride, but out of an unspoken agreement we decided to sit together. I liked having his arms around me and his hard chest against my back. I also liked when his hands spread down to cup my breasts or idly stroke my thighs.

As the sun set, the land underneath us changed to a desolate expanse of earth turned black by previously spilled lava. The volcano, Valefire, loomed before us with smoke rising from its mound, and I glimpsed the ocean behind it. We flew over vents in the ground shooting up steam and boiling water, and as we approached, the air grew thick with heat and humidity, along with the smell of rotten eggs.

Zain’s hands tightened around my waist. “It’s good to be home.”

We landed on the top of the volcano, which was flat and smooth before dropping off into a huge crater in the center. A glowing light came from within it, and Mom told me that was where the Fire God had appeared to them. I wondered if he would make an appearance for us, or if Zain was right and the Gods had abandoned us. Hearing him, my most devout mate, say such a thing had been disturbing…but I feared he might be right.

The Fire Temple stood before us and was made of glossy black obsidian and featured huge pointed towers. Two women emerged from the tall door at the front, both wearing black silk robes with red trim. One was Zain’s mother, High Priestess Oria, and the other was his grandmother Calla, who had been High Priestess during my mother’s Ascension. Oria had the same nearly-white hair as Zain, and Calla’s hair had once been blond but had turned white with age. She held onto Oria’s arm for support as they moved toward us.

“Mother, grandmother,” Zain said. “I’m pleased to announce I am Sora’s fire mate.”

“We’ve heard.” Oria held out her arms, and Zain hugged her. “We’re so proud. I prayed you would be chosen, and I’m pleased the Fire God listened.”

“I prayed as well,” Zain said.

‘Zain,’ Calla said with a giant smile as she embraced him. ‘I’m happy to see you on this joyous day.’

“And you, grandmother. None of this would have been possible without you.”

“Our family has always served the Fire God, and it pleases me that you will continue that tradition.” She patted his cheek and then turned to me.

I bowed my head in respect. “High Priestesses.”

Calla took my hand. ‘I’m so pleased things happened this way. You’ve always been the granddaughter of my heart, but now it’s official.’

My heart warmed at her words. She’d been like a grandmother to me as well, even though we were not related. When I was very small, if my parents needed to leave me to go on some diplomatic mission or another, they’d always left me with Calla, first in the Fire Temple, and then in Sparkport after she retired as High Priestess.

“We’ve prepared the bonding room for you,” Oria said, as she led us inside to a large entry with a statue of a dragon. “Would you like to share a meal first?”

“No, thank you,” I said, glancing at Zain. He nodded. Neither one of us wanted to wait any longer.

“We’ve already eaten, but we’d enjoy sharing a meal with you in the morning,” Zain said diplomatically.

In the entryway, we briefly said hello to Zain’s four fathers who all told him how proud they were, before they took Erroh and Carth to their own rooms.

We didn’t have to go anywhere—the bonding room was just on the other side of a tall door in here, which was carved with two dragons. Oria and Calla both gave us knowing smiles and bowed their heads, as we stepped inside.

The bonding room had a domed ceiling, flickering torches, and the large bed I’d come to expect. But I barely had time to look around before Zain reached for me.

There were no nerves. No hesitation. No need to speak. I didn’t care about the dust we’d picked up or how wild my hair was. As soon as the door closed behind us, we launched ourselves at one another, removing our clothes as quickly as we could.

“Later I will take the time to savor you slowly,” Zain said, between passionate, hungry kisses. “Being the third of your mates has been torture. I can’t wait any longer.”

“I can’t wait either. I’ve wanted to do this since we kissed a year ago.”

His hand slid down to my breast, recreating the moment when we’d shared a forbidden kiss in the dark halls of the temple, only to never speak of it again. Until now—when we were finally allowed to be together.

We fell on the bed together, in the same position we’d been interrupted in the night before. Desire raced through me, this time hotter, brighter. I spread my legs and grabbed his hard cock. His girth was impressive, more than either Carth or Erroh, though not quite as long. As I guided him to my entrance, eager to feel him move inside me, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be with all three men at once.

But when he pushed into me, all thoughts vanished. Throwing myself back on the bed, I moaned at the feel of him filling me, stretching me.

Zain moved fast, pulling me into his arms and thrusting into me over and over. I clenched around him when he slipped a hand between us to press against me, knowing exactly where to go and what to do.

Then he rolled us over on the silk sheets, putting me on top. After sleeping with two other men a few times, I knew what to do now, and I rolled my hips while he pinched my nipples. It felt good to take control and chase my own pleasure, especially when I could see how much it excited him too.

In the hot, humid room, sweat poured out of me, slicking my body against his so that each slide was an erotic massage. His hands clenched my behind and guided me faster, harder, urging me on while I threw my head back and let go.

My cry of pleasure echoed through the obsidian chamber as the orgasm burned through me. My inner walls clenched of their own volition, milking Zain and bringing his climax too. As we both came together, fire burst out of his skin and soon engulfed me, spreading through me like I was a dry forest full of kindling. I knew now this was how our bond was formed, and how I gained his powers, but it was still shocking to have flames rippling across my naked skin.

Then the fire died out, and we clung to each other while we caught our breath. The heat inside me slowly quieted until the sweat dried on my skin.

“I love you,” Zain murmured against my ear, as he stroked my back.

“I love you too.”

He sat up and reached for his clothes. “Come. Let’s see if we can lure the Fire God from the volcano.”

There was a door on the other side of the room that Zain opened, and it took us back outside, this time near the crater in the volcano. The heat grew more intense here, but the volcano was not erupting right now, so we had little to fear as we approached.

Zain stood before the glowing crater and raised his arms. “Fire God, we have come for your blessing. Please honor your devoted servants with your presence.”

He was laying it on thick, but waiting around for the Gods in the other temples hadn’t worked. Maybe this would. Mother had told me the Gods had just showed up, but things had changed since then. My Ascension was proving to be very different from hers.

“We beseech you,” Zain called out. “Show yourself!”

Nothing happened.

I let out a long sigh. “He isn’t coming. As you said, the Gods have abandoned us.”

“I thought, out of all your mates, I would be the one who could summon a God.” A heavy frown settled on his face. “I’ve failed, like the others.”

“I’m sorry.” I took his hand. “It isn’t your fault. None of us know why they’re not appearing, but the Fire God chose you for a reason. He knew you were my perfect mate. Focus on that.”

He slowly nodded. “I can do that.”

We went back inside the bonding room, and he focused on me for the rest of the night. It was enough to almost make my worries about the Gods vanish completely…but not quite.


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