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GTO: Chapter 12

After they drove to Laredo in the trucks and some were on cycles, they set up a gathering area.

Cobra had set up a team of two men go into the river to find the underwater tunnel. “Go now,” he ordered by comm when they were sure no one was out and about.

Whiskey and Lightning had donned scuba suits and equipment earlier and were ready. They had airtight sacks tied around their waists.

After a long swim while breathing through oxygen masks, they both got to the tube and set a small charge to damage the integrity of the tunnel. The charge would go off an hour after they left.

Cobra also set up a team of men to watch over both landings in case Arturo tried to skip town.

Then one last team with Cobra and Cotton went to the warehouse.

There was a small gun battle as they got rid of the guards. Finally, they got in and went through the offices. They were after the research for the drug, Afternoon Delight. They found only a PC in the office, so they had the men take that and any other papers in the office. Hoping later, they would be able to breech the PC.

When everyone was out, Cotton lit the place on fire on their way out the door. They knew the chemicals inside would blow the place up with no problem.

Cobra steeped back to his cycle as his baby brother came out of the warehouse.” You look almost too happy, there Cottonmouth. If I didn’t know better I would say you have a little pyro fetish going.”

Cotton did look joyful, then as he took in his brother’s words, he frowned. “Fuck you big brother. I do not have a pyro fetish.”

Cobra arched a brow at him. “Maybe you need some counseling for your Pyrotechnic problem?”

Cotton grimaced and flipped him off.

Cobra grinned then turned to watch the show. “Wish I had some damned popcorn for this shit.”

They’d set it to burn…And burn it did. The fireworks were spectacular, but they couldn’t stay and be entertained, as they did not want to be present for the firetrucks and the law.

The brothers got on their rides and hightailed it out.

Finally, most of them gathered at the meeting place again. Everyone was safe and accounted for.

Lightning called Cobra on his cell, “The tunnel just went boom. So the little rats are trapped.”

Cobra replied, “Now, we wait. To see where the rats try to scurry too.”

Most of the Soldiers headed home except for Cobra and Cotton.

They stood in the shadows and watched as a larger boat pulled in to the dock about the same time a limo pulled up. Then they spotted just one Brago man, not two… plus bodyguards rushing to the docks from the vehicle.

The two brothers Cobra and Cotton opened fire on the group.

They spotted Javier diving into the river in his effort to get to the boat. They weren’t sure if one of them had hit him though.

Cobra then dropped his weapon and knelt to his large bag sitting on the ground.

Cotton kept firing, killing two of the body guards, though he looked down at Cobra in between shots. “What ya got there, brother?”

“I got the head of the cobra and that is where the poison is,” he stated with a rare crooked smile as he hefted the large contraption onto his large shoulder. “Just watch and learn, little bro.”

A dangerous looking rocket launcher sat on Cobra’s shoulder now that gleamed like some steel monstrosity under the low light.

Cotton’s eyes widened. “Well, shit. I can’t be standing close to that fucking monster!” He crouched and rushed his way over to a crate by the dock.

“What’s the matter Cottonmouth?” Cobra called to him with much amusement in his usually growl like voice. “Didn’t you know that cobras are deadly?” He then aimed and let the rocket off.

The missile whizzed toward the boat with a loud buzzing-roaring sound.

The boat at first…just lifted off the water as if it was meant to float in the air, then it exploded into many pieces that rose up in a sudden firestorm on the water.

“BOOM!” Cobra exclaimed then laughed like a madman.

Cotton got up and looked around to be sure there were no leftover enemies lurking, then he walked over to his brother. Raising a brow at him, he said, “Dude, we may have to get you into an anger management class or something.” He shook his head.

“Fuck that!” Cobra replied. “I just got rid of lots of…issues with that fucking glorious rocket! That was all the therapy I needed. Didn’t you know it is truly therapeutic for a man to get to blow something the fuck up! I feel like a whole new snake now.” He then laughed again.

Cotton shook his head. “Okay Growly. Whatever you say.”

“Aww, fuck you baby brother. You never were any fun.” Cobra slapped him on the back in a friendly so called tap.

Cotton was pushed forward a couple of feet, though he was not a small man. Cobra was just a very large brother.

… The battle was over… at least this battle was.

GTO stood in the main room. He had left Luisa sleeping. She couldn’t seem to settle down for a long while, but finally she seemed to drift off into a somewhat troubled sleep.

This was a bad night for her. A good night for the war against the cartel—but a bad night for her.

He grabbed some coffee as he waited to hear about the missions. It was now 3 a.m. and he was on more than just caffeine, he was on pins and needles. Until he knew both of her brothers were gone, then he could relax for a bit.

His cell rang. GTO swiped it so fast, he wasn’t sure if he’d even answered the call.

“GTO?” Cobra’s deep voice came over the phone.

“Yeah, yeah. How did it go?”

“Good,” Cobra stated.

GTO’s body relaxed a bit.

“And bad…” Cobra added.

“What happened?” GTO asked, his gut clenching.

“We never saw Arturo,” Cobra went on. “Just Javier and he dove into the water off the docks. We haven’t found a body.”

GTO sucked in a breath. “So, for all we know, they are both alive.”

“Yeah. Not good news,” Cobra spoke again. “So we are going to…”

GTO dropped his cell and rushed down the hallway.


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