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God of Ruin: Chapter 5


I’ve never played well with others.

Yes, I might use my charm, but it’s only so I can gain a favor here, a connection there, and a shag everywhere.

It’s by no means to gather superfans and dreamy-eyed girls.

In fact, I’ve only ever played with others so they’d fall into the exact spot on the chessboard where I want them to be.

Force is for brutes who don’t have the capacity to use their head. And while I relish the occasional bursts of violence, it’s not truly my modus operandi.

Trapping a certain mouse in a corner, however, definitely is.

The insolent, insignificant little troublemaker who managed to bathe me in blood in my own house sits opposite me in a position that’s an excellent imitation of a Greek statue.

Or, on second thought, maybe a Roman one. Those are more stilted and pack more of a punch in the details.

One difference, though—her eyes. They tell a different story from her posture. The muted blue is worlds apart from mine, nearly explosive in its color. Fierce, too, like a volcano that’s buried in the depths of the ocean.

While it might remain dormant for years, it’ll bring on a deadly tsunami the moment it erupts.

Or maybe they’re the color of deep-blue wildflowers. Crushed by harsh nature but defiant. Proud and pretty yet temporary.

Her skintight dress offers a modest view of the curved slope of her round tits. Add the illegal amount of ribbons and the glasses on top of her heads, and she looks like one of Satan’s favorite fangirls.

A goth Barbie without the pretentious makeup.

The rook remains suspended in midair as if the world has hit Pause.

Only, it hasn’t. And I get to watch the intriguing change in her expression from arrogance to absolute horror.

Taking my time to fully investigate the incident these past couple of days was worth it. I could’ve gone a completely different route with this—which would have included violence and newsworthy mayhem. And while the thrill would’ve been enjoyable for a few seconds, it wouldn’t have lasted. And it certainly wouldn’t compare to the picturesque scene in front of me.

Plump pink lips, slightly parted, revealing a hint of perfectly white teeth. Rosy cheeks and neck. Eyes so stunned, I’m wondering if she can even still see me.

In conclusion, this round is a checkmate to yours truly.

“Hello?” I wave a casual hand in front of her face. “Are you still there, mouse?”

She blinks once…


I see the exact moment she goes in for the attack. It’s like when she had the audacity to hit me under my own roof. The only difference is that she’s less guarded now and doesn’t seem to be contemplating the option of amateurish seduction.

She balls her fist, but before she can punch me, I grab it in my palm and effortlessly twist it to the side.

“That’s not very wise, now, is it? We both know I’m stronger than you and could squash you like an insignificant insect if I choose to, so don’t let me choose to.”

Her face contorts with either pain or rage—I’m not sure which. Hopefully, it’s both.

I love watching people flounder in a pool of their spineless emotions before they wither and drown.

As rumor has it, I’m nothing less than a gorgeous anarchist with a penchant for sadism.

“We’ll negotiate my terms now, shall we?” I drop her hand and it’s only after I release her that I register how small that hand is. In fact, all of her is, from her tiny nose to her petite features. She’s not short, but she’s not that tall either.

A height that can comfortably fit in a casket.

Crikey. I’ve done it again.

Imagining people dead. If I get to witness her funeral, I vote for her eyes to be kept open. So what if it creeps everyone else out? As long as I get to enjoy it, the world can piss off.

The softness doesn’t fool me, though. Despite her delicate appearance, this girl has over-the-top tendencies and has proven to possess balls bigger than some men.

The moment the little mouse is free, she signs furiously, her cheeks turning red with unmistakable rage. One of the perks of my genius neurons is being proficient in languages and picking them up from a very young age. I speak five fluently and a dozen more at different levels. Sign language, however, never really crossed my radar.

I don’t understand a thing Mia is trying to communicate, but I smile and nod anyway. “I gather from your expression that you’re not happy about the sharp turn of events. I’ll find the capacity to empathize when I find some fucks to give.”

She lowers her hand to the table and forces a breath in. It appears staggeringly ineffective and worse than a child’s attempt to remain calm.

With a dramatic huff, she punches her phone’s screen with nails that are painted blue—like her ribbons and sunglasses.

“Easy, tiger,” I repeat what I told her the night she dared to provoke me and promptly signed her death certificate. “It’s not the phone’s fault you’re losing in epic fashion.”

She thrusts the phone in my face. “If you dare hurt my sister, I’ll slice your throat and hang you out to dry by the balls.”

My attention shifts from the text to her when she slides her forefinger along her translucent neck that would look ethereal with a few marks. Then she squashes something imaginary—presumably my balls—in her palm and points at me.

I can feel my smile broadening as I connect my forefinger with hers. “Is this some telepathic method?”

She jerks her hand away and flips me the middle finger while wearing a sickeningly sweet smile.

One that’s meant to look not only fake but also forced.


Seems that Mia Sokolov has no qualms about provoking me for the fuck of it.

Seems that I’ve stumbled across someone who’s not particularly receptive of my godly personality and immaculate charm.

Then again, she wouldn’t have bathed me in blood if she were.

She plays her rook, and I block it with my queen, then place an elbow on the table and lean my head against my fist. “I’m curious.”

She types, “About how to be a better person? I can help with pointers.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. No one is curious about something that dull, and you’re far from being the person to provide any pointers.” I push my queen forward and she narrows her eyes at the unexpected move. “What I am curious about, however, is the reason behind your attack.”

Her features contort in an “Are you kidding me?” expression before she shakes her head with a huff. It looks as patronizing as a teacher who’s fed up with her problematic student.

Her attitude is eerily similar to my sister Glyndon’s whenever she tells me how done she is with my antics. But since I’m about to be twenty-four and she’s only nineteen, I get older-brother privileges.

And I’m the second King grandchild to roam the earth. Each is a different superpower in its own right.

“What?” I tap my fingers against my lips. “If it’s something I’ve done, you have to be more specific. I have no recollection whatsoever of my countless masterpieces. See, I have to delete some to leave space for the newer ones.”

She reaches into her little dress that appears to be stolen from a gothic doll, retrieves what looks like a pen, and scribbles on the screen of her phone for longer than usual.

Her handwriting, if that’s what it can be called, is tiny and messy, like a drunk ant that’s trying to find its way home after a wild night out.

“You forgot about hurting my cousin Kill? Or kidnapping my brother, which directly resulted in his injury? How could you even kidnap my brother anyway? He’s much bigger and stronger than you.”

“Strength holds no importance when he was drugged. I slipped it in his vodka, and he was none the wiser. Word of advice, don’t drink anything a stranger offers. But then again, your dear brother is a bit thick, isn’t he?”

Her eyes blaze the color of hellfire. I counter it with a broad smile.

There’s something intriguing about her murderous expression. Something I want to freeze into a stone.

Maybe transform her into one of my statues and stare at her spiky expression for eternity.


That’s actually the first time I’ve thought of sculpting someone into a statue just to stare at them. Usually, I’d imagine them as stone for the sole purpose of snuffing out their life.

“To clarify, your cousin Kill had the audacity to go after my sister—a sin I still haven’t forgiven, mind you. As for your brother, he was part of a very elaborate plan that faced a few complications but still managed to be a fantastic success.”

She starts to sign but then fists a hand on the table and scribbles with the other, “It couldn’t have been as fantastic as punching you in the face and giving you a blood bath, asshole.”

“Now, that’s where you’re wrong.” I knock down her bishop and casually place it to the side. “Your attack the other night was directed at me, even though I’ve never targeted you.”

She scribbles and shoves the phone in my face. “Targeting my family is no different from targeting me.”

“I disagree. In fact, I see the assault as an invitation to a challenge, and I take my challenges very seriously, which is why the first step is to expose Maya as…easy, for lack of a better term.”

She jerks up, both her fists balling and a vein in her neck popping with tension.

“Sit down before I decide that after her very public humiliation, I’ll also fuck her and post the video for the world to see.”

She lifts her fist as if she can punch me, but I continue staring her in the face. “Sit the fuck down, Mia.”

Her lips purse, but she slowly lowers herself, even as her tiny frame shakes with her attempts to camouflage her reaction.

“What do you want?” she types on her phone.

“To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure yet. All I’m certain about is that I do want something in return for my nonconsensual blood bath and the punch that endangered my aristocratic nose.”

She rolls her eyes. “You’re an arrogant prick with not a decent bone in your body.”

“I appreciate the unnecessary opinion, though it’s pointless when I lack the fucks to give. Also…” I grab her hand that’s holding out the phone, my fingers snaking over her tiny wrist. “You might want to stop calling me names and provoking me for sport, because you’re starting to look very much like a challenge, and that’s the last thing anyone wants to be when facing me.”

My fingers glide up her bare arm, and I can feel the shivers that break out on her skin, whether involuntary or not, I have no clue.

Usually, I only touch women with the intent of seducing them into my blood-favored world. I don’t intend to do that with this wild card.

Her destiny will see her broken against my edges. When I’m done with her, dust will be all that’s left of her bull-like determination and troublemaking confidence.

Deep powder-blue eyes spark with fire. If I were petrol, I’d be burned on the spot.

She holds my gaze the entire time. When I channel my malicious, intimidating energy, people usually cower away after a second or two.

Even though I wear the charming mask so well, it’s still a mask, and when I drop it, revealing the true entity of destruction lurking inside me, others avoid it—my family included.

Not Mia fucking Sokolov.

She stares me in the face with nothing short of a “Fuck you, how dare you threaten me?”

I seem to have forgotten that she is a mafia princess. She was probably fed pride, arrogance, and power in her baby formula.

All three will be smashed to pieces by yours truly.

The moment comes to an end when she snatches her hand away and types, “Show me your worst, asshole.”

My dick twitches against my trousers and I grin. Wide. So wide that Mia’s lips purse.

Lips that would look divine wrapped around my cock, trembling as I fuck her throat before I eventually smear them with my cum.

Well, well. I’m officially turned on by the little troublemaker.

“Are you sure? My worst can’t be stomached by the majority of society. Also…” I move my rook forward. “Checkmate.”

I stand up, and before she can study the board, where I already blocked all her exits, I’m beside her.

She smells of subtle magnolia imitating a breeze in the aftermath of freezing winter. I sink my fingers in the mass of her platinum blonde hair and ribbons, then push it aside to reveal her ear.

I lean forward, my lips finding the shell of her ear before I bite harshly, to the point that she jolts.

My dick thickens further, appreciating her reaction a bit too much. He’s known to be whorish, but not this much. Besides, I’m not usually attracted to someone who poses a direct threat to me.

Another first. Interesting.

I release the shell of her ear and whisper, “Better close your windows at night. You never know what might crawl through them.”


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