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God of Ruin: Chapter 32


Pain explodes on the assaulted spot in my neck and spreads throughout my body like lethal wildfire.

However, I remain stunted in place.

Unable to move.

Unable to concentrate on anything but the feel of his lips on my battered skin and the fiery emotions only Landon can trigger inside me.

I should probably tell him I didn’t want Rory to touch me nor did I let him, really, but I can’t.

My whole body seems to have lost its functions and I’m seeping into a seamless, weightless reality where I can only exist in the moment.

Landon sucks on the skin with power that nearly empties my soul through my throat. It’s punishing, hard, and entirely cruel.

It’s also a fucked-up connection I didn’t realize we could establish. A liaison through searing pain and insatiable rage.

He finally pushes back, leaving a throbbing, tingling mess where his teeth were.

Blood coats his lips, enforcing the image that he’s a vampire who just finished feasting. On my blood.

His eyes plunge into mine, darker and completely hollow in their depths.

Only, Landon is no longer hollow. I don’t know when I started seeing him as more than the emptiness that lurks inside him and his need for anarchy, but I unfortunately do.

He tsks and that sound has somehow become part of my wildest nightmares. “It still won’t go away.”

His words ring in the studio like an ominous promise, and I expect him to bite the skin off, just to make the mark disappear.

“I didn’t let him touch me,” I sign, reining in the tremors that cause my limbs to spasm.

“He said you asked to meet him.”

“And you believed him?”

“No.” He points at my neck with a lift in his upper lip. “Until I saw that.”

I could offer excuses that Rory was too fast and I didn’t see him, but that’s all those would be.


I refuse to be dragged into that type of dynamic when I did nothing wrong. So I choose the option to remain silent. Fuck him.

I’m a Sokolov and we don’t offer excuses.

Landon wraps his fingers around my throat and I suppress a groan as the pad of his thumb presses against the assaulted skin.

He pushes me and I have no choice but to step back to match his movements.

“You know, I don’t react well to someone else touching my things.”

“I’m not your thing,” I sign, even though I struggle to breathe properly.

“Oh, but you are, Mia. You’re my fucking property and that means every inch of your skin belongs to me.” He digs his thumb into the injury. “Every part is my fucking property.”

My back hits the table, on top of which an assortment of Landon’s equipment clatter due to the impact.

I flinch and choke on my irregular breaths. The air around me seems to have plunged into a well of suffocating tension I can’t breathe through.

“You don’t seem to have grasped the situation, Mia. Just because I give you space and make unneeded truces for your sake doesn’t mean you can go to someone else. If you’re mine, that’s what you’ll always be. Fucking. Mine.” His other hand reaches to the zipper of my dress and he pulls it down until the cloth pools at my feet.

The night air tightens my bare nipples and naked pussy. My cheeks heat as Landon takes in the entirety of me. Lust mixes with rage in an unholy reunion, hinting at a war that’s about to blaze through.

“You’ve come prepared.” His voice drops, mixed with angry arousal. “Or was this view perhaps meant for someone else?”

I shake my head. How can he think that?

Yes. I expected something tonight, which is why I didn’t put on any underwear, but that plan is obviously being decimated before my eyes.

“No?” He reaches between my legs, cupping the arousal that’s been coating my inner thighs since his lips met my neck.

It’s part of the reason why I didn’t fight. Why I still refuse to fight. I can finally admit that I’m as crazy as Landon, because every inch of me throbs at the prospect of being manhandled.

He strokes my folds with gentle hands and I get on my tiptoes, chasing the spark of pleasure that spreads between my legs and tightens my belly.

“You’re soaking my fingers, Mia. Are you that horny for my fingers and cock?”

I suppress a moan as I stare into his impassive eyes. Anger still rages deep in them, black and encompassing me like a second skin.

But what’s troubling me the most is how he keeps calling me by my first name. There’s no little muse or any of his affectionate terms that he tailor-made for me.

“Were you also this aroused when that twat touched you? Did you moan and show him your sexy little face that should only belong to me? Did his putrid eyes see this version where you’re fighting so hard to hide how much you’re yearning to be fucked?”

My stomach dips and I clutch the edge of the table for support. His words leave me hotter and more sensitive so that I only need a little push to come.

“But that won’t be possible now, because guess what? Rory will be removing himself from this island effective immediately.”

My eyes widen, then zero in on the blood on his collar. So my hunch was right. That definitely was because of Rory.

“I taught him a little lesson that included punching the eyes he looked at what belongs to me with, then I split the lips he put on my throat. Then finally, as he begged like a little bitch, I broke the arm he used to touch what’s fucking mine. But that’s not how his miserable story comes to an end. Far from it. See, I made it my mission to gather information that even he wasn’t aware of and I will use it to destroy him inch by each fucking inch. In fact, I’ll be there as he inevitably overdoses and my apathetic eyes will be the last he sees. As he spits out his last breaths, he’ll know messing with what’s mine was the worst mistake of his meaningless life.” He slaps my pussy and I yelp as the throbbing pain spreads over my core and clenches my belly.

“Why would you do that?” I sign weakly.

“If it’s not clear yet. I’m into you, Mia, and that’s a very long-term commitment. I’ll protect you, but I’ll always keep an eye on you so no one else fancies what’s mine. You’ll never, ever, let anyone get close.”

He releases my throat and pussy. An unsatisfied groan spills from my lips, but it ends with a yelp as he pushes all the equipment off the table with a single sweep, sending it crashing to the ground. Then he lifts me up with both hands.

My ass touches the cold table, but that’s the last thing on my mind as Landon rips his shirt down the middle, sending buttons flying everywhere.

My mouth waters upon seeing his chiseled abs and a hint of the snake tattoos peeking out from the slope of his muscular shoulder and side.

As I stare at the trail of fine hair leading to beneath his clothes, Landon’s fiery eyes remain on me as he unhooks his belt and unzips his pants. He kicks them away and straps the leather around my neck.

My throat throbs, but it’s not due to the pain. In fact, there’s something reassuring about this position.

The belt remains hanging around my neck as Landon reaches for a bucket beside us, and I watch with utter fascination as he removes the lid and splashes me with the cold liquid.

I’m stunned.

Completely and utterly taken aback by the action. I can only watch as the oily-like liquid soaks my face, clings to my eyelashes, and slithers down the rest of my body before dripping on the floor.

Before I can ask what the hell this is, Lan pulls me by the belt so that I’m on the edge of the table and then swipes his thumb along my lower lip.

His mouth is a breath away from mine as he whispers hot, low words, “You look like my favorite masterpiece.”

A shudder leaves me when his lips crush against mine, claiming me in a ferocious kiss that tastes of oily liquid and blinding possessiveness.

I can’t help but kiss him back, my body falling for the spell of his intensity, the taste of his unforgivable lips and his unapologetic touch.

A bulge stabs my lower belly and then friction ignites between my overstimulated folds. Lan glides his very large cock over my core in an intimate, highly arousing rhythm, teasing but not getting there.

I roll my hips, trying to lift myself so his cock will slip inside. Lan tightens his grip on the belt and sinks his teeth into my lower lip in warning.

“This is a punishment, Mia,” he murmurs against my assaulted lip. “Why do you think you can enjoy it?”

He slides his fingers over the oily liquid on my breasts, then squeezes my nipples to aching pebbles. A jolt of both pleasure and pain shoots to where his cock slides between my folds.

The erotic sounds of the glide echoes in the air and I moan, my heart nearly beating out of my chest.

I grab onto Landon’s arm, imploring him with my eyes so he’ll end this torment already.

Landon pinches my nipple harder as a reply, then lowers his palm to my belly, then over my hip and down to where his cock meets my core.

“The way you’re begging for it while your face flickers between pleasure and shame makes me fucking hard.” He slides the crown of his cock into my entrance.

I clench around it as if refusing to let him go, but that only triggers a gorgeous smirk on his face. “You want me to fuck you, Mia? Want me to fill my cunt with so much cum, no one else will touch it?”

I nod, not caring if I look too eager for my own good.

Lan pulls out his cock and I nearly scream from frustration.

“As I previously mentioned, this is a punishment and you don’t get to enjoy it. Perhaps I’ll leave you starving for some time so you’ll be more mindful about who you let mark my fucking skin. Perhaps my cock won’t touch you for the foreseeable future until you learn your lesson.”

“Oh, please. You can’t survive without me,” I sign, even though a part of me is starting to think I also can’t survive without him.

It’s a special kind of hell. It’s hard to live with his constant mind-boggling intensity, but it’s harder to live without him.

“Doesn’t mean I won’t teach you a lesson, Mia.”

“Muse,” I sign slowly. “Don’t call me Mia.”

“Tell me something I want to hear.” He strokes the crown of his cock against my entrance.

I bite my lower lip. For the first time in a long time, I want to say this in my own voice, with my own words.

But since I can’t and possibly never will, I sign, “I’m yours, Landon.”

I watch with bated breath as the rage slowly dissipates, leaving a place for an avalanche of lust and savage possessiveness.

“Yes, you are. Always were and always fucking will be.” He thrusts into me in one powerful go so that the table and whatever remains on top rattles.

My pussy clenches around his cock and this time, Landon tightens the belt around my neck as he drives into me with powerful urgency.

“You’re taking my cock so fucking well, Mia. You’re my favorite little cum bucket, aren’t you?”

I don’t say anything. I can’t.

Lan pulls me using the belt so that my sticky chest is glued to his and my nipples brush over his hard muscles. My breath is stolen by his grip but also by the absolute unapologetic possessiveness he touches me with.

It’s like we belonged together several lives ago and we’re just reuniting.

Or maybe we’re doomed lovers who finally found our way back to each other again.

His pace grows harder, faster until it’s nearly impossible to keep up.

My legs wrap around the backs of his thighs, the heels of my boots digging into his flesh, and my fingers sinking in the slithering slope of the snake tattoo.

I’m holding on to him for dear life, but also because it feels so fucking right to be so tangled together that I have no clue where he ends and where I begin.

“Hold on to me, little muse. Quench this fucking thirsty rage inside me.” His words sound sinister in my neck. “You’re the only one who knows how.”

And then he bites down on the flesh he assaulted not so long ago.

I don’t know if it’s because of his words or the stimulation or the fact that I missed his crazy touch more than I would like to admit, but I come in a spurt of spasms.

White dots form behind my lids and I’m a mess of tremors, but I don’t let him go. It feels vital not to.

Lan fucks me through my orgasm, his thrusts going deeper and faster until the world seems to shake around me.

As I’m still recovering from the orgasm, Lan pushes me back so that my shoulders rest against the wall behind me. He reaches for a piece of his equipment—a metal ball with a handle—licks the ball, and then glides it in the liquid on my inner thighs.

“I need to fill your little arse with my cum, but first…” He pulls out and flips me so that my stomach is on the table, my feet are on the ground, and my ass is in the air.

Landon parts my ass cheeks and I hear it before I feel it. He spits on my back hole as he thrusts his cock into my oversensitive cunt.

“Once I’m done, every inch of you will be mine and mine alone.” Then he slides what feels like the ball around my back hole before he slowly drives it inside.

I tense up, not even the pleasure in my pussy making this tolerable. Agonized noises leave my lips and I bite it down.

“Shh. Relax for me.” His rhythm slows but deepens, hitting my G-spot over and over again.

Moans slip out of me, and apparently, I relax enough, because he drives the ball all the way inside my ass. I feel the burn, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

In fact, pleasure spreads all over my core until it’s become all I can think about.

I’m so full and stuffed to the brim, it’s both overwhelming and thrilling.

My nails dig into the edges of the table, my breath condensing on the surface as I take in the entirety of the intense emotions.

“That’s it. You’re taking my cock so well, baby.”

The praise coupled with the way he calls me baby is enough to make me come again.

Stronger this time.


And I scream, wishing—no, I actually try to say his name.

But it only comes out as a long sound. No words.

Just eternal silence.

Landon’s pace grows in intensity and he joins me soon after. He pulls out and spreads his cum all over my ass so that my skin is a mess of erotic stickiness.

I can barely breathe, let alone think. My ears ring and my heart seems to be fighting to keep me alive.

However, everything quiets down when Landon leans over, pushes away my hair and ribbons from my face, and whispers, “Fucking mine.”

I am.

But then again, so is he.


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