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God of Fury – Chapter 18


At the end of the day, I’m spent.

Violence might be frowned upon by a bunch of ethical elites, but it’s actually the only method that manages to calm me down.

But that’s not exactly the case right now.

I should’ve stayed at the mansion and bugged Jeremy for another mission, to give myself something to do, but I found myself driving my Harley to the penthouse.

The moment I step out of the elevator, I sense something different.

No—I smell it or, more accurately, him. Clover, citrus, and a fucking conundrum.

Sure enough, Bran is sitting on the sofa, legs wide apart, elbows on his knees, and his fingers forming a steeple at his chin.

God-fucking-damn-it. He’s hot.

I can barely stop myself from reaching over and messing up his perfectly styled hair and put-together dark-blue polo shirt and khaki pants.

Mr. GQ reporting for fucking duty.

Upon seeing me, however, he doesn’t seem to be here for round two. His expression is calm and composed, but I can sense the waves of a malicious storm whirling beneath.

Still, I take an immense amount of pride in the fact that he let himself in for the second night in a row.

“I got you something.” He reaches into his pants and throws something at my chest.

I catch it and then frown. “A pack of condoms?”

“Figured you’d need it so you don’t give people STIs.”


He stands up with the same infuriating calm. “Good night, then.”


The moment I touch his wrist, he whirls around fast and slams me against the wall with an elbow on my throat.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” he grits out, his lips so close to mine, he almost kisses me with every word.

I suppress a groan at how fucking sexy he looks when he’s enraged. I take a shit ton of pride in the fact that I’m the only one who sees this side of him—rugged at the edges and different from the golden-boy image he wears in public.

He’s perfect to the outside world but himself with me.

So what do I do? What I do best, of course.

Provoke him more.

“Are you mad about something, my lotus flower? Maybe a certain scene you saw earlier today?”

“Who the fuck do you think you are that I would notice you?”

“Oh, but you did.” My fingers dig into his nape. “It’s why you’re losing your precious control right now. Tell me, Bran, are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Over you? Not in this lifetime.”

“In that case, should I call Simon to join us? That’s his name, by the way, Simon. He’s gay and loves threesomes. Or maybe you can sit down and watch as I rail him.”

He lifts his fist and punches me in the face. Oh fuck. He’s really losing it, my Prince Charming.


Give me more.

I grin up at him. “I take that as a no?”

“I’m going to fucking kill you.”

“Promises, promises.”


“Yes, baby?”

“Don’t baby me. In fact, we’re done.” He releases me with a shove. “Go to your Simon.”

“No, fuck no.” I clutch him by the wrist, then shove the condoms back in his hand. “I’m clean, asshole. I wouldn’t have done that to you or anyone. In fact, I only fuck with condoms. Last night was the only exception.”

He faces me, his eyes dark and shining with rage. “Was Simon also an exception?”

“No. Besides, I haven’t been with anyone since the initiation.”

“No one?”

I shake my head. “What about you? Should we get you tested, considering the Clara situation?”

“I’m tested and clean. I haven’t had sex for…six months.”

Fuck me.

Holy fucking hell.

I knew he only got back with her just to mess with me. I knew he didn’t want her. I knew it.

My grin is wide as I stroke his nape. “Did I mention that you’re so adorable when you’re jealous?”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Nikolai.”

“As you wish, baby.” I press my lips to his, teasing at first, and then bite down and breach his mouth with a growl.

He puffs out a shuddering breath and I swallow it deep in my throat. Christ. It doesn’t matter how many times I kiss him. It always feels like it’s the first time.

His taste explodes in my mouth and I inhale him deep in my fucking lungs and keep him there.

He tastes of tea, citrus, and lust as fucked up as mine.

I push him toward the bedroom and we stumble inside, his fingers tugging on my hair, removing the band so he can mess it all up. I enjoy every spark of pain, every push and fucking pull.

He can shove me away all he wants, but I’ll trap him again.

Own him again.

Once we’re inside, I make quick work of removing his T-shirt and run my gaze over his smooth muscles that are only tainted by my marks. “You’re so hot, baby. I want to lick you up.”

He tugs my hoodie off, his fingers touching my chest, exploring my muscles. “I fucking hate you.”

“Mmm. Talk dirty to me.” I nibble on his bottom lip and drag his zipper down over his hard cock agonizingly slowly.

I torture him, reveling in every shudder and tormented sound that slips out of him.

Bran squeezes my dick through my pants, then loosens his fingers, slides his hand in, and fists my length, stroking me with a tight grip.

“Fuck, baby. Your hand feels so good.”

He leans over and whispers in my ear, “Better than Simon?”

“Better than anyone.” I fight the grin that’s rushing to the surface as I kiss his throat and suck on his Adam’s apple. He hisses between his teeth and cocks his head to the side to give me better access.

I continue my way down, kissing, nibbling, and biting on his collarbone and nipples until he’s shaking, but he keeps stroking me with a firm grip.

Still feasting on one nipple, I pull out his cock, teasing the foreskin with my thumb until I find the opening, then push it against my crown and guide him to thrust me against his cock.

“Umph… Fuck,” he breathes out, his lips parted as my piercings dig into the pretty hole, and I fuck his cock with mine.

“That feel good, baby?”

He nods, but I don’t think he’s conscious of what he’s doing as he falls in rhythm with me. His lips find mine and he kisses me loudly. The wet, sucking sounds match the in-and-out of our precum mixing as we leak all over each other.

How can the asshole be so pliant when his body talks to mine? He acts as if I’m invisible outside, but when I’m touching him, kissing him, he’s all mine.

Mine for the taking.

Mine for the owning.

Fucking mine.

“I have to get inside you, baby.” I pull away and drag him toward the bed.

Bran doesn’t protest as I push him to a kneeling position in front of the bed, his chest on the mattress and his muscled ass in the air.

“Mmm. Stay like that.” I slap his ass cheek and I don’t miss the way he bites his lip as he follows my movement.

After I grab the lube from the drawer, I slip behind him and squirt it between his ass cheeks. My fingers circle his rim, then slide inside at the musical sound of his groan. My Prince Charming loves having his ass filled, whether by my fingers or my cock. I can feel his hole swallowing my three fingers, clenching and pulling and tempting my fucked up side.

But I take my time priming him for me. I slowly fuck him with my fingers, my cock sliding up and down the crack of his ass as I pepper kisses on his nape, his spine, and his ass cheeks, kissing and nibbling and leaving so many of my marks, he’ll never be able to remove them.

Not now. Not ever.

Mine. He’s fucking mine. And everyone who sees these marks will know he’s taken.


Fucking claimed.


Jesus fucking Christ. I have to pause and shake my head or I’ll come all over his ass like a fucking pubescent kid.

I’m fucking doomed.

He moans my name and I’m going feral.

“Yes, baby?”

“Do it, please.”

“Do what?”

“Put your cock inside me.”

“Mmm. Fuck.” I wrench out my fingers and pull his ass cheeks apart. “Say it again.”

“Just fuck me already, you fucking bastard.”

“You drive me fucking crazy, baby.” I nudge my crown inside and he jerks, his ass wiggling against my cock, trying to swallow me fucking whole.

“Your greedy ass is made for me.” I thrust all the way in, eliciting a growl from him. “Only me.”

“Umm… Fuck… Fuck…”

“Look at me, baby.”

Bran twists his head to the side, his hooded eyes meeting mine as I grab his hips and drive forward with shallow thrusts.

“That’s it. Feel me fucking you.”

He moans, the sound so fucking erotic, I’m surprised I last. Bran might be quiet, but he’s fucking loud in bed. He releases these blabbering noises that I can’t understand most of the time, but that means I’m fucking him good. I’m fucking him rough, like he wants.

And I go feral for it.

There’s something about owning a standoffish, uptight asshole like Bran. It’s thrilling but also rewarding. The fact that I’m the only one who can see him fall apart on my cock is better than any drug.

“Harder,” he mutters, his hips jerking as he rubs his cock against the bed.

“What was that?”

“Fuck me harder. Don’t take it easy on me.”

“Baby. If you keep talking like that, I’ll break your ass.”

“Promises, promises.”

I burst out laughing and he smiles, but it morphs into a grunt when I pull out until only my crown is inside and then drive all the way in. The headboard bangs against the wall from the force of it.

“Ummf… I’m…fuck…”

“You like that?”

He loses the battle and buries his head in the sheets, nodding and releasing muffled noises.

Keeping one hand on his hip, I reach over and pull him back by a fistful of his hair. “Eyes on me when I fuck you. You wanted hard, right?”

He nods, his face turning red, lips parted.

“Kiss me, baby.”

He tugs on my lower lip with his teeth and plunges his tongue into my mouth as I drive into him with the intensity of a madman. The sound of his ass slapping against my groin fills the air and obliterates my sanity.

I fuck him hard, I fuck him deep, until he’s blathering in my mouth, releasing noises and words I don’t think he even knows the meaning of.

I love the way he completely lets go when my lips meet his. I love the way his muscles grip me like a vise, milking and swallowing me whole.

“Y-your piercings…” he grunts, voice hoarse against my mouth as he reaches for his dick and strokes himself savagely.

“What about them, baby?”

“They feel so fucking good… Fuck…you feel so fucking good, Niko.”

I’m done for.

A goner.

Absolutely decimated.

My hips jerk and I drive into him faster, harder, rougher. The way he likes it. “Come with me, baby.”

He groans, releasing a long moan as he works himself faster, matching my crazy rhythm.

“I’m… I’m… F-fuuuck…” His words end in a growl as his skin flushes and his lips part, his cum spraying all over the bed.

I devour his noises with my lips and he shudders, but he keeps rolling his hips and slapping his ass against my groin as I empty inside him with a groan.

“Fucking fuck…baby,” I breathe out as I bite his lower lip and he bites back with the same animalistic energy. His beast matches mine as he kisses me with a similar fever, still moving against me and milking me from my orgasm.

We keep kissing for some time until I realize the uncomfortable position he’s trapped in. He doesn’t complain about that, but he does protest when I wrench my lips from his and pull out of his ass.

His hole clenches around me and I moan at the feel of him. Jesus Christ. I can survive on fucking him alone.

My gaze follows the cum that spills out of him, trickling down his thighs and smearing his balls and spent cock.

I kneel behind him, pull his ass cheeks apart, and feast on the cum, licking and fucking it back inside him.

“Niko…what are you… Oh fuck… Jesus…f-fuuuck.”

He wiggles, but I slam a hand on his lower back to keep him in place. “Stay still, baby. We can’t waste any cum.”

I rumble against his rim and he shudders as I lick every drop clean.

By the time I’m done, his voice has turned hoarse and his cock is getting thicker by the second.

He’s sluggish as he turns on his back, his skin flushed red. A sheen of sweat covers him, and his face is caught in a pleased daze. I lick my lips and his gaze falls to them. I can’t help staring at his swollen mouth.

“You’ll kiss me?” he asks cautiously, hopefully, even.

“I’ll always kiss you, baby.” I fall on top of him, my lips crushing to his, my chest pressing on his muscles, and our limbs entangling.

Bran slurps on my tongue, drinking me, tasting me as he tosses my hair and messes it the fuck up.

The kiss is sloppy at best, but it’s fucking erotic. I’ve never kissed anyone after sex, but it’s vital with Bran.

I have to kiss him to feel him. To get beneath his skin and dismantle him.

Kissing had no meaning before this motherfucker. Now, it’s the damn center of my existence.

“Want us to be exclusive?” I ask against his mouth.

The lust slowly withers from his face, replaced by whatever demons that force him into autocratic control.

I curse myself for ruining the moment.

He blinks a few times and pushes me away. “You’re crushing me.”

I scoot to the side, falling back on the bed and propping myself up on my elbow. “You weren’t complaining about me crushing you when you had your tongue hooked on mine.”

“Jesus…” He stands up and I follow so that I’m in front of him.

“What do you say?”

“About what?” He faces away, seeming distracted as he studies his surroundings, looking anywhere but at me.

“You fucking heard me, Bran. Want us to be exclusive?”

“Why would I? I don’t want a relationship with you.”

Motherfucker. I can’t believe I was fucking this guy a few seconds ago. Now, I want to drive my fist in his goddamn face.

“So I can go fuck Simon and the dozens of others waiting in my contact list?”

This time, he whirls around and faces me, that menacing danger dancing in his coral-blue eyes.

Yes, baby. Feed me your fire.

“Fuck another person and we’re over, Nikolai.”

“That’s the definition of exclusive. Would it kill you to admit you want that?”

“Fine, whatever.”

He starts to head to the bathroom, but I clutch his wrist.

“Now what?” he asks, watching me slowly.

“Why are you so adamant about hiding your sexuality? Being bi or gay isn’t a taboo, you know. This isn’t the sixties.”

“None of your business.”

“You’re such a dick. I’m just asking.”

“Well, don’t. I told you this is just physical, so stay in your lane. My problem with my sexuality is my own. If you can’t accept that, I can go somewhere else.”

“Like fuck you will.” I grab him by the throat and relish the pop of his pulse beneath my fingers. “My cock is the only cock you’ll sit on, got it, baby?”

“You need to stop talking to me in that language.”

“But you enjoyed this language a few minutes ago.”

“I give up.” He releases a sigh. “Let me go so I can shower.”

“Can I join?”


“Are you going to run away again?”

“I’m not running away. I’m leaving.”

I let him go with an exasperated breath and I expect him to fuck off to the bathroom, but he faces me.

“Don’t do this, Nikolai. I’ll see you in the morning?”

I release an affirmative noise and he smiles, but it’s tight, like my fucking insides.

He opens his mouth to say something else, but he shakes his head and slips into the bathroom, closing the door behind him with a fucking lock.

Locking me out.




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