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For The Fans: Chapter 24


Peteypie89: Anyone else feel like they just got dumped?? Backwardz_Cap & Not_Your_Baby please come back! I can change!

I wake up on Frankie’s couch, with Robin walking all over my stomach. She’s clearly very excited to have spent the night in a new place.

Rubbing my face, I sit up and look around, releasing a breath.

What a crazy night.

I’m sure I would’ve been fine staying in my dorm last night. Despite the way Kyran was acting, Ash isn’t a rapist. He was flirting with me, and then he kissed me. It wasn’t really a big deal.

Okay… so I kind of let it linger because I was mad at Kyran, and I wanted to get him back for being the most stubborn, insufferable jerk I’ve ever had massive, complicated feelings for. But I wasn’t going to let it go further than a few quick tongue lashes. And if we’re being totally honest, I really didn’t expect him to freak out the way he did.

I thought he’d make out with Lexi or something, to counteract my immaturity with more immaturity. But what he did instead was… so much sexier.

No, no. Violence is bad. He really needs to get that temper under control.

But I don’t know, seeing him rage out and make a scene, for me instead of at me… God, it just turned up the swoon factor a zillion times more. Which is obviously very inconvenient because I still have no idea where we stand.

Even more so now that he sent me that text…

Grabbing my phone off the table, I open it and read it again, for the sixtieth time.

Kyran: You’re right… I never really hated you, baby.

My lips curl into a ridiculous smile before I bite it off.

I’m glad he didn’t hurt Ash, or get himself in trouble. Though he certainly raised a few questions with his outburst. Mainly from Ash, and my friends.

But I was able to smooth it over by blaming the whole thing on Ky being drunk and hating Ash from high school. They bought it for the most part. And Ash was totally remorseful, especially when I returned to the dorm to pack up Robin and a quick change of clothes.

“I feel like you think I’m some kind of Chester the Molester…” Ash whined, lingering outside the bedroom, peeking at Frankie, who was standing watch like a guard dog.

“No one thinks you’re a molester,” I told him with a scoff. “I kissed you back, remember? It’s not your fault, Kyran just doesn’t like you. And he’s…” My eyes flicked to Frankie for a second. “Very protective.”

“Will you give me his number so I can apologize?” he pleaded, while Frankie stood behind him, shaking her head and mouthing the word no.

“I will…” I hummed. “But not right now. Let him cool off a bit.”

I slapped him on the shoulder on the way out, leaving the dorm that’s been mine for nearly five months.

But truth be told, I was a little relieved to get out of there. Ash had been driving me crazy since he showed up. Especially after I found out that he was Zeb’s friend who showed him my OnlyFans.

Seriously. What are the freaking odds?

It certainly made things more than awkward, having a roomie who’s seen you in all manners of naked, cum-soaked positions. And even worse was having to dodge all his questions about who Not_Your_Baby is, and what happened to the account.

I think it’s for the best that I just crash here for a while… Until things settle down.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Frankie shuffles into the room in skimpy shorts and an oversized hoodie, yawning her way to the kitchen. “Sleep well?”

“Well enough.” I scoop Robin off my lap and set her down on the couch, wandering over to where Frankie is making coffee with her fancy cappuccino machine.

Her eyes shift. “Have any more hot phone sex with your stepbrother?” She smirks deviously, cocking a dark eyebrow.

“No.” I squint at her, tilting my head. “I’m still giving him space.”

“I saw you on your phone when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night…” she sneers.

“He texted me,” I mumble. “And I may have fallen asleep trying to think up the perfect response.”

She chuckles, shaking her head. “You two are ridiculous. And so fucking cute it hurts.”

Leaning up against the counter, I rub my eyes hard. “What am I supposed to do about him, Frankie?? I have no clue what I’m going to say when I see him tonight at the banquet…”

“Here’s a thought.” She licks some foam off of her finger, before turning to face me. “How about telling him the fucking truth?”

“And what would that be…?”

“That you love him and you want him to be your grumpy boyfriend.” She grins.

I scoff. “Even if that were true… which it kinda is… he’s way too unsure. If he can’t even convince himself to be with me in secret, how the hell would we ever make a relationship work? He’d be terrified to tell his friends, his teammates… And our parents?? Forget about it.” My head swivels. “I mean, what would we even say to them? Oh, hey, so I know you guys are married and all, but your sons want to date each other. Is that cool?”

Frankie laughs, then pouts at my misfortune, rubbing my back. “If they love you, they’ll get over it.”

“My mom would,” I rumble. “But Tom is, like, this super strict Catholic dad. He and Kyran already have an awful relationship as it is…” Sighing out my despondence, I stare down at my feet. “I won’t ask Kyran to make things worse between them.”

“You shouldn’t have to ask him, Avi,” she says pointedly. “If he cares about you, he’ll just do it.”

Yea… and I don’t really want to pull at that thread.

We were so fucking close before the drama with the Fans blew us all out of proportion. Then last night, he says we’re just friends, then proceeds to almost kill Ash for kissing me.

I swear to God, I need some Dramamine for how nauseous this back and forth is making me.

“I guess I should shower, then head back to the dorm…” I sigh, weakened from the bleak state of my existence.

“You know you can stay here as long as you want,” Frankie says. “And the same goes for that little peanut.” She glances at Robin.

“Oh, so you like her now?” I smirk.

“She’s growing on me, okay? Last night, she came into my room and purred next to my face for like an hour. It was the cutest thing ever.”

I laugh. “Well, that’s good, because I really don’t want to deal with carting her back and forth.”

Frankie looks like she’s trying to subdue her excitement as she says, “You can just leave her here for the weekend, until you figure out what to do about Ash. If you want to, I mean…”

Smiling down at her, I wrap her up in my arms. “Thanks for being the best best friend ever, bae. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Don’t thank me.” She squeezes me around the waist. “Just stay here! You know you want to. The dorm was great when it was just yours, but sharing it with Ash isn’t gonna work. Especially with Ky in the picture.”

If Ky even wants to be in the picture…

I know Frankie is right. I have no real desire to live with Ash, knowing how fond he is of me. And Kyran will never go over there again as long as he’s breathing, I’m sure of it.

It sucks, because that dorm was where it all began for us. But I also kind of want to see if we can make this work outside of TMA 446. And without the Fans…

Could we ever be more than him showing up in the middle of the night?

Would he even want that?

So many questions, and not enough answers. And it’s all happening at the worst possible time, what with the banquet tonight, and then the Rose Bowl right after. As antsy as I am to figure this stuff out, I also don’t want to stress Kyran out before the biggest game of his life.

Putting it all on hold, just for now, I decide to take a shower and prepare to stop by the dorm to get more of my stuff. At the very least, I should stay here through the weekend. I can figure out what to do about Ash and the dorm when I get back from California.

As I’m stepping out of the bathroom, my phone is ringing. Rushing to it with my heart in my throat, it falls a bit when I find that it’s not Kyran.

It’s the BC Admissions Office.

“Hello?” I answer, a sudden burst of nerves rattling my body.

“Avi Vega?” a female voice asks.


“Hi, this is Sherry, Assistant to Dean Perkins. The dean would like to see you in her office as soon as possible.”

I gulp. “But it’s Saturday…”

“I know. Unfortunately, it’s urgent, and can’t wait until Monday.”

My pulse is immediately thumping like crazy. “Okay… Then I guess I’ll be right there.”

“Perfect. I’ll let her know you’re on your way.”

The call disconnects, and I’m left standing, frozen, with my phone clutched in my fist.

Whatever this is… I’m sure it can’t be good.

Sitting in the dean’s office, I can’t stop fidgeting.

As it stands, I don’t do well with authority figures. They make me very itchy, and the longer I sit in this prim and proper office, walls adorned with degrees and fancy plaques, the less I feel like I belong here.

Maybe it’s just the dread I’m feeling from whatever urgent matter has called me in here on a Saturday, but my insecurities are taking over. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I belong in this school.

Sure, I’ve made friends, and connections I might otherwise never have come across. I’ve had fun, and I’ve learned about myself. But I feel like all of that relies heavily on the relationships I’ve made here. Not the school itself.

Basically, I’m sitting in front of the dean feeling like a big fat phony for even being here wasting her time.

Dean Perkins takes a seat at her desk, folding her hands on top of it. “Good afternoon, Mr. Vega.”

I nod, my palms sweating all over my jeans. “Your… Dean-ness.”

She squints at me. “I’ll just cut right to the chase…” She picks up her cell phone and taps a few times, turning it around to show me the screen. “Is this you?”

It’s a screengrab from my OnlyFans account. One of my more modest posts, but still a pretty scandalous thing for the dean of Boston College to be presenting you with.

I swallow hard, shaking in my boots. “I… don’t think so?”

“Is that an answer? Or are you asking me?” She’s very stern. Quite frankly, it’s scaring the shit out of me.

“Can I ask what this is about?” I struggle to regain some of my confidence.

Setting the phone down, she sits back in her seat. “I’ve received a few anonymous tips from concerned students and faculty that a student fitting your description has been engaging in… online sex work on campus. Now, either you have a twin brother I don’t know about, or this account is being run by you, Mr. Vega.”

I simply blink at her. I don’t think my vocal cords want to work at the moment.

“Avi…” she sighs. “We both know this is you. Do us both a favor and—”

“But can you prove that it’s me?” I grunt.

“Yes,” she says firmly. “Because it’s your face.”

“Maybe it’s just someone who looks like me…”

“Avi. This is a very serious matter. I’m sure you understand that we can’t have things like this occurring on campus.”

“How do you know it occurred on campus?” I keep going, standing my ground.

I don’t think she has any actual evidence. And yea, it’s obviously me in that picture. But if she knew for a fact, she’d be expelling me on the spot instead of expecting me to confess.

See? All those true crime documentaries and court case shows have paid off.

“Well, unfortunately, I have no choice but to suspend you while we investigate this matter.” She straightens, shuffling papers on her desk like it’s no big deal.

Suspend me?? You have no proof!”

“That’s what we’ll be looking for, Mr. Vega.” Her lips quirk. “And if we find out that this is you… and that you’ve been producing pornographic videos on school property, you’ll be expelled permanently. Along with anyone else who participated.”

My jaw clenches together so hard it’s aching.


If they find out he was in those videos with me, he’ll lose everything.

Fuck me. This is not good.

“That’ll be all for now,” Dean Perkins says, sort of shooing me away. “We’ll be in touch.”

Standing up slowly, I glare at her from across the desk. Call me crazy, but I don’t think this lady likes me very much.

I leave her office in a fog of stress, heading back to Frankie’s. Zeb is coming over with a suit for me to wear to the banquet tonight, since I don’t own one. But now that I’m suspended, I’m not sure if I’ll even be welcome at the banquet.

Whatever. I’m still going. Fuck that. I need to see Kyran. Plus, I’m a member of that goddamn team, whether they want me there or not.

When I get back to Frankie’s, my anxiety is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, it seems that it’s only going to get worse.

“Oh my God!” Zeb squawks at me the second I step through the door. “What happened??”

“What are you talking about…?” I mutter, choosing to wait for him to tell me why he’s freaking out before I drop the news that I’m suspended pending allegations that I’ve been running a fucking porn studio out of my dorm.

“Did you get kicked out of school??” Frankie hustles over, clear worry on her face.

“What would make you think that?” I ask as my entire body stiffens.

How do they already know?? This is not good…

Someone’s out here running their fucking mouth, and when I find out who it is, I’m gonna lose my shit.

“Everyone’s talking about it,” Zeb says, watching me closely while I pull out my pen and take a long drag to calm my nerves. “They’re saying you got suspended because of your OnlyFans. For making porn on campus…”

Allegedly,” I correct him, smoking even more; deeper.

I need to get rid of this anxiety. I’m fucking shaking.

“So it’s true?” Frankie frowns.

“They’re launching an investigation,” I grumble. “To prove that the account belonged to me, and that I was making the videos on school property.”

“And if they find it?” She blinks over wide eyes.

I shrug. “Then I’ll be expelled. And so will anyone who… participated.” I give her a solemn look. “If they can identify that person…”

“But I thought you said the guy you were with doesn’t go here?” Zeb jumps in.

I stare at him for a second. “He doesn’t. I’m just… saying…”

“This is fucked…” Frankie rubs her face.

“Well, maybe they won’t figure out it was you,” Zeb tries with the positivity. “The account is closed, so it’s not like they can access any of your content. All they probably have are screengrabs from whoever the fuck has been ratting you out.”

“Yea, and that’s another thing,” I grunt, aggressively brushing my hair out of my eyes. “Who the fuck is giving them all this information?? I mean, what have I done to anyone in this school? I’m basically invisible. Why do they want to take me down so bad?”

“Jealousy is a bitch,” Zeb sighs. Straightening his shoulders, he takes me by the arm. “Let’s not worry about this right now. I need to dress you up and make you all pretty for the ball!”

I can’t help but laugh. I love this kid for making me smile when everything in my life is crashing down around me.

“It’s not a ball.” I roll my eyes, grinning. “It’s a banquet. I hope you didn’t bring over a fucking tuxedo for me to wear…”

“No, no. Nothing like that.” He smirks. “Just my best Burberry suit, which you’ll look super hot in.”

I’m really not in the mood to get dressed up right now. But there’s no stopping Zeb where fashion is concerned. I might as well just sit back and let him do whatever he wants to me. It’s what he’ll end up doing anyway.

“Ohhh my God, it’s gonna be like Cinderella!” he squeals, walking me into Frankie’s bedroom, where a garment bag is hanging up over her closet. “Baldwin the Eagle, who everyone’s been shitting on all season, shows up stunning in designer labels, like the belle of the ball!”

My brows zip together and my lips slant into a frown. “Who’s been shitting on me all season??”

“I’m just saying,” he rasps. “You’re the underdog. No one probably even expects you to show up. And then bam! In you strut, looking fucking gorgeous. That’ll show that grumpy stepbrother of yours.”

At the mention of Kyran, I gulp. “Kyran won’t care…”

“Oh, yes, he will,” Zeb croons, unzipping the bag to reveal a suit that is so not me. But I’ll admit, it’s very nice. He peeks at me, lips curved wickedly. “I think he likes you.”

My spine stiffens. “What makes you say that??”

“Girlfriend, he ripped Ash off you last night like a wild beast protecting his territory from an intruder.”

“Yea…” I sigh, rubbing my face. “I was afraid that was how it looked…”

When I glance up, Zeb is gawking at me. “You’ve already hooked up with him, haven’t you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I huff, avoiding a lie by not actually answering the question.

Frankie wanders into the room with a bottle of Prosecco, and Zeb points at her accusingly. “And you knew, didn’t you?!”

Her forehead lines. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s elementary, my dear Watson.” Zeb starts prancing around in front of us like he’s cracked the case. “Micah told me he saw Kyran leaving your bedroom the night of your Halloween party, after which he high-tailed it out of the party. Just like someone who just had their first gay experience would.”

I chuckle and shake my head.

“And the only other people in the room were you two,” he goes on, spinning to face us, pinning Frankie with a look. “Which means, you must have gotten a front-row seat to watch the two of them do a li’l rub-n-tug.”

“You’re the biggest fool on the planet,” Frankie scoffs.

“I’m not done.” He aims that devious grin at me. “I also happen to remember another time Kyran slunk out of a room all flush-faced… The bathroom at Theo’s party. And who should exit said bathroom only moments later, grinning like he just got himself some secret quarterback dick?” He swoops a hand in my direction. “Our own little Avi Vega.”

Narrowing my gaze at him, I force myself not to react. “Can we not do this right now? I have no interest in your half-cocked theories.”

“Oh, but they’re not half-cocked at all, are they, princess?” he sneers. “They’re fully cocked.” He steps in front of me and bends to make eye contact. “All of this has been going on right under our noses the whole time. So only one question remains…” I roll my eyes again, chuckling at how extra he is. “Who is really co-starring in all those videos with you? Someone who started out just a little curious, but turned into a beautiful, big-dicked fiend for our darling Backwardz_Cap.”

Pursing my lips, I start the slow clap, to which his grin widens. “Great job, Sherlock.” Then I squint up at him and murmur, “Prove it.”

“I won’t stop until I do, you bisexual mastermind.”

I toss my head back in laughter that feels really good right now. All the stress lately has been weighing on me… Things with me and Kyran, constantly second-guessing myself, school, and money, and the fans.

I forgot how good it feels to just laugh with my crazy friends.

“Okay, if we’re done playing detective,” Frankie mutters, popping the bottle and pouring us each a glass. “We need to get ready.”

“Guys, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get in,” I interject. “If the dean is there, she’ll tell them to bounce my ass, since I’m suspended and all.”

“Trust me, dear,” Zeb says, sipping his drink while fussing with my hair. “I wouldn’t get you all dolled up for nothing. We’re gonna sneak you in.”

He peeks at Frankie, and she smirks.

I force a weak smile, but I’m not exactly confident in this plan.

From an eagle suit to glass slippers… Fairy Godmother, take the wheel.


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