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For The Fans: Chapter 14


PoundTown69: Are you a raisin? Cuz you’re raisin my dick

FranknBeanz: Ass so tight I could crack my nuts on it

Bearb0tt0m: What has 3 holes? ur favorite t shirt and me—I want in

“Someone’s checking you out.”

My eyes lift from the words on the page. And sure enough, there’s a girl I definitely recognize, sitting a few tables over, smiling at me and twirling her hair around her finger.

“Oh, yea. I’m sure that wouldn’t be disastrous or anything,” I mutter sarcastically, gaze falling back down to the book in front of me.

“Hey, football players and cheerleaders are, like, a known thing,” Guty says while absentmindedly flipping pages of his book, not even pretending to study. “Plus, you and Lexi aren’t exclusive, right?”

No, we are… not.

I shake my head. “We haven’t even really hooked up in weeks, aside from the occasional makeout session.” Which usually only seems to happen as a means to get a rise out of people…

My jaw tenses, and I redirect my thoughts.

“Hey, I love a good makeout session.” Guty grins, and when my eyes fling up to his, he winks.

I’m not trying to think about making out…

In bathrooms. With tall, muscle-clad smug, smirking… humans.

Squeezing my eyes shut tight, I shake it off and try to go back to my reading. But I’m getting nowhere because Guty has zero interest in studying. All he wants to do is talk shit, which is why I knew inviting him to the library with me was a bad idea.

Still, I could use the distraction. Because lately whenever I’m by myself, the silence seems to echo louder than someone screaming directly in my face.

“Then maybe you should take Lexi off my hands.” I shoot Guty a smirk, and he laughs.

“I’ll take one for the team. If it means you get to take a stab at Little Miss Flirty Eyes over there.” He leans back in his chair, prompting me to glance up once more at the girl in the back.

Her name is Krystle, and she’s also a cheerleader, which means I wouldn’t have to put in much effort at all to get with her. Guty wasn’t wrong. Football players and cheerleaders go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But the nagging little voice in the back of my mind keeps on insisting that I’m growing bored with peanut butter and jelly. Especially when there are so many other interesting sandwiches out there…

No. I shake my head again. No, peanut butter and jelly is fine. It’s a classic, and everybody loves it. There’s no need to be thinking about grilled fluffer-nutters with banana, or apple brie paninis, or all those other exotic, different sandwiches when the standard, regular ones do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Nourish you.

That’s what food is, after all. Sustenance. No more, no less.

Move on, Kyran. It doesn’t matter.

Suddenly, I’m feeling impatiently determined. I need a new distraction, one that’s more captivating than simply focusing on schoolwork. I need to hook up, to prove to myself that everything is fine. Nothing happened the other day in the bathroom, and it wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced in my whole life.

It was a mistake. An accident.

I was drunk, that’s it. I never need to even think about it again, because it didn’t happen. Deny deny deny.

Standing up, I pack my books into my backpack and mumble to Guty, “I’ll catch you later.”

I hear him murmuring, “Get some, playboy,” as I saunter casually over to the back table.

Sliding into the seat next to her, I show Krystle my well-rehearsed charming grin, and she bites her lip to contain her obvious excitement.

“Hey, Ky,” she whispers, already oozing temptation, which bodes well for my plan.

“Hi, beautiful,” I hum, then wince.

“Shh… Quiet, beautiful.”

Nope. Stop it right now. Stop remembering that thing that never happened.

“Are you excited about the first playoff game?” Krystle asks, distracting me from my inner turmoil, which I really fucking appreciate.

“Fuck yea.” I grin. “Beating Virginia Tech on home soil is gonna be so satisfying.”

She giggles, and continues on with the hair-twirling. “Well, if you ever need to, ya know… blow off some steam.” She bites her lip again. “You know where to find me.”

“Here in the library?” I tease, and she laughs at my dumb joke, smacking me playfully on the arm.

This is good. This could work.

“Actually, I think I’m done.” She slaps her book shut. “Wanna get out of here?”

Yes. This will definitely work. Distraction-mode: activated.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Standing up, I grab her backpack for her—being all chivalrous and shit—as we leave the library, and I ignore Guty humping the air in my direction when we walk past him.

I’m fully prepared to go back to this girl’s dorm with her, but we don’t even get that far. We’re actually not even out of the building before she shoves me into the bathroom.

Oh no… Not the bathroom.

Krystle sneaks inside and closes the door behind her, locking it and immediately lunging at me. Dropping our bags with a thunk, I grasp her face and accept the kiss she’s throwing my way, her lips hungrily attacking mine as her hands slither all over me.

“You’re so fucking hot,” she purrs into my mouth, grinding her small, petite body on me. “I’ve wanted to hook up with you for so long.”

“Mmmhm…” is all I can manage to say with her tongue pushing into my mouth.

My hands cup her ass, hauling her into me, which is easy because she’s almost a foot shorter and weighs practically nothing. Gripping and squeezing her butt, I can’t help but recognize how it’s much less muscular than the last one I hand in my hands…

Fuck. Stop it.

I’m instantly sweaty and hot beneath my clothes, my mind working overtime to focus on what I’m doing. Focus on the girl I’m kissing… Her small, shapely form… Perky tits pushing against my chest.

This is what I like. Tits. They’re rubbing all over me while our tongues tangle, her flowery, feminine scent filling my nose.

My limbs are abnormally rigid, lungs tight like I’m suffocating, but I push past it. I ignore the fuck out of all of these stupid little thoughts and focus.

“I know this is bad…” Krystle whispers while sucking on my lip. “If Lexi found out, she’d be so pissed.”

“I don’t… I’m not…” My words are getting caught in my throat, the mere act of trying to form a sentence taking a backseat to me just trying not to freak out about how small she is.

This is what I’m used to, goddamnit. Not… that other thing that did not happen, for fuck’s sake.

“I like it, though.” She keeps on talking, not picking up on how much I’m on the verge of a major freakout. Her lips pry away from mine and move over to my ear. Oh no… “It’s like it’s… forbidden.”

She sucks my earlobe between her lips, and I cringe.

“Do I do it better than her…?”

Shut up! Go away, Goddamn you!

I can’t fucking breathe. My lungs are burning like they’re running out of available oxygen. It feels like the room is getting smaller and smaller and…

My hands gently shove Krystle off of me while I frantically suck in air, struggling to breathe.

Her hands run over my chest, and she chirps, “Are you okay?”

Head wobbling, I rake my fingers through my hair, eyes creeping open to peek down at her. She probably thinks I’m a massive freak, which clearly, I am. So I say the first thing that comes to mind to get me out of this situation…

“I’m sorry… I can’t.” I gulp. “I can’t do this to… Lexi.”

Snatching my bag, I reach behind her to unlock the door. I know this looks awful, and I really don’t want this girl to run around spreading rumors that I’m a fucking weirdo, so I kiss her on the head before opening the door.

“I’m sorry, Krystle. You’re great, but I just… need to figure things out with Lexi before I hook up with anyone else. You understand, right?”

She doesn’t look thrilled, but her wide eyes are sympathetic as she nods and shows me a small smile. “You’re a good guy, Kyran. Remember… I’m always here if you need me.”

Right. Awesome.

“Thanks,” I mutter, storming out of the bathroom as fast as my legs will carry me.

Running away… Away from the memory of panting and kissing and hushed words in the bathroom.

I’ve been staring at myself in the mirror for far too long.

So long that I don’t even recognize the face looking back at me anymore.

Who are you…?

Where did you come from?

I can’t have this. I can’t have any of it. One of the biggest games of my football career is coming up in a few days, and my head needs to be clear. I need to be all in it, not spiraling out of control like a satellite that’s fallen out of orbit, lost and tumbling through space.

I need to clear my head, and figure out what the hell is wrong with me.

I need to get laid.

The problem with hooking up with Krystle was that it was too new. It threw me off. That has to be it… Even though she’s just another cheerleader, she was different. Sort of.

Stomping into the other room, I grab a bottle of Jack Daniels and take a large gulp. I’m going to sort this out. I have to.

Removing my phone from my pocket, I type out a text to Lexi…

Me: Are you around?

She writes back almost immediately.

Lexi: I’m at my dorm. Waiting for you 😉


I text back an eggplant emoji followed by five water-squirts, then pocket my phone and rip another shot from the bottle. Drinking excessively is another good way to numb myself to all the realities infecting my thoughts. But I don’t have time to casually get blasted, since I’m in a rush to get this over with; sink my dick in Lexi’s pussy and prove once and for all that everything is fine, and mistakes or not, I’m still me.

Kyran Harbor. Eagles QB. Exceptional student, with a sick body and great hair. Not to be hypnotized or coerced into unnamed things by whatever trickster voodoo certain stoner stepsiblings might possess.

Choking down several more large swallows of booze, my vision is already blurring as I leave my dorm and set out on a mission to Vanderslice Hall. I get there quick, hazy and barely remembering the walk as I take the elevator to Lexi’s floor. Staggering up the hall, I pound on her door, and she opens it, wearing nothing but my football jersey.

See? This is why she’s the safe bet.

Relief washes over me as she pulls me inside, closing and locking the door behind her.

“Mandy will be back in a half-hour,” she breathes, tugging my mouth to hers by my jaw. “We have to make it quick.”

“You got any booze?” I murmur on her lips, needing a few more shots for good measure. To make sure all the memories are sufficiently drowned to death.

She nods, kissing me a few more times before spinning away and scampering to grab a bottle of Fireball. The cinnamon standard for college kids, apparently.

Uncapping it, I slug it back, nearly choking when Lexi stuffs her hand inside my pants to grab my dick. Her fingers are small and dainty, and I close my eyes, focusing on the sensation of her stroking my cock… Which is pretty much a limp noodle right now.

My teeth grind together. Come on… It feels good, you know it does.

Taking another big sip, my head feels like a bowling ball. My neck can barely hold it up anymore.

Clearly, Lexi is just as determined as I am to make this work, because she gives up on the handy and drops to her knees, unzipping my pants and shoving them down with my boxers. My blurring vision falls down to her head of blonde hair, seeing double as both of her slip my barely hard cock into their mouths.

It feels good… It does, but I’m a fucking mess and I know it. Nothing is working… I’m too up in my head.

“You feel so fucking good…”

Eyes drooping shut, my head tips back and I bite my lip, remembering a much greedier mouth. One that sucked me with hesitation framing the curious need.

“Fuck…” I swallow hard, biting down hard on my lip as my erection finally gains some traction.

That mouth was warm and wet, too. The lips were so soft, the tongue so playful… Teasing my head the same way it teased my own tongue…

“Suck me.”

A whimper of a noise leaves my lips and I try like hell to cover it up. I don’t want to be thinking about this… I don’t want to be remembering him while I’m getting head from a girl.

“You want me to catch your hot load in my mouth?”

Growling, I force my eyes open to watch the girl on her knees, bobbing below my waist. That’s who I should want… No one else.

But I can’t stop seeing him. I can’t stop thinking about all the little details missing from this supple creature.

“Go away…” I rub my eyes hard with my fingers. “I don’t want you.”

Lexi pops off my dick. “Ky, are you feeling alright?”

Shaking my head, I mutter, “Uh, yea… No…” I scrape a hand over my face. “I don’t know.”

She stands up, taking the bottle before it slips from my fingers. “We can just go into the bedroom if you want…” Her small hand runs up my chest. “You can fuck me from behind—”

Pulling back, I stumble away from her. “No. No, I’m sorry, babe. I’m actually not… feeling well.”

Turning before I can embarrass myself any further, I head for the door.

Fuck this. It’s fucking hopeless.

I’m broken.


He fucking ruined me.

“Kyran, wait!” Lexi shrills after me, but it’s too late.

I’m already out the door, stalking away. Running away. Again.

I’m fuming as I leave Vanderslice, marching through the chill of December air. My blood is boiling, fury weaving through every cord of muscle in my body. I’m half-cocked between vibrant rage and drunken belligerence, which is a bad combo. Because no matter how hard I try to overcome it, they both bring me to the same place…

Thomas More Apartments, room 446.

My fist slams three times against the door in rapid succession. Jagged breaths flutter my chest, jaw ticking at the sound of footsteps on the other side. It opens a crack, the iridescent gray hitting me as the final strike of a match tossed onto a bonfire soaked in kerosene.

His lips part, but before he can even try to make some sort of remark, I barrel inside and tackle him to the floor.

Avi lands beneath me with a grunt and my hands immediately circle his throat.

“You fucking ruined me!” My fingers dig in as his hands fly up, attempting to hold me back. “This is all your fault!”

“W-what?? What’s my fault?!” he croaks, struggling out from under me.

But I pin him down with my body weight, shooting unbridled frustration at him through my eyes. “Everything! All of it.” I’m smoldering, burning up beneath my clothes as his hands grip my forearms, trying to pry them away from his neck. “We should fuck sometime?? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“Kyran… Calm down,” he chokes, his face turning red from my fingers cutting off his air supply. “We can talk about this…”

“I don’t want to talk to you,” I snarl, leaning over his face.

He blinks. “Then what do you want to do?”

“I want to kill you,” I hiss, emotions taking over, the hate, weakness, and confusion mixing together like a lethal combination of chemicals, flooding my system. “I want to destroy you like you destroyed me.”

“How did I destroy you??” he grunts, using all of his strength to push my arms back; hold my weight from crushing his throat.

“With your stupid fucking ideas,” I teem, suddenly exhausted. Tired… So, so tired of fighting. “Your bullshit plans and your asinine fucking rationales. You got me into this… You and your fucking mouth.”

Sighing out of hopeless despair, my grip around his neck loosens and my forehead crashes onto his. I feel depleted, like there’s nothing left. I’m just so tired, I could collapse.

Avi doesn’t move. He stays lying on the floor beneath me, his hands sliding carefully from my forearms onto my hands. He moves them off of his throat, down onto his chest, sucking in a long breath of air as my body drapes over him in surrender.

“You fucked me up…” I whisper. “I couldn’t get hard.”


“When I was hooking up with Lexi… I couldn’t even get hard. Because your dumb fucking words poisoned my brain.”

Avi is still, just breathing, our chests resting together as they move in tandem, up and down. His hips shift and he squirms.

“What?” I growl, annoyed that he seems like he wants to move when all I want to do is just lie here and pretend we’re both dead.

“I mean…” His voice creeps out in a hesitant rumble, “You’re hard right now…”

My jaw tenses. “No, I’m not.”

“Yea… you are.” He moves his hips again, and I feel it, like a wave of sensation raining tingles between my legs. “Your dick is… fuck, it’s like stone.”

Lifting my head just a little, I peek in between our bodies at the visible erection trying to fight its way out of my pants. Another hopeless sigh comes from my mouth, and this time I drop my head down onto his shoulder.

“Why am I so hard?” I whine, so goddamn confused and full of resentment. “Why am I hard now…? It’s so fucking stupid. My dick is broken.”

“Jesus, how drunk are you?” Avi chuckles, and it annoys me enough to lift my head again.

“You broke my dick.” I glare at him.

He’s clearly trying to stifle a smirk as he raises his fingers to brush them through my hair. “Yea, I don’t think that’s it.”

Jerking away from his touch, I roll off of him onto my back. “Whatever. I’m fucked. I’m probably gonna lose to Virginia Tech, again, all because I can’t get my head on straight…”

Before I can even process it, he rolls on top of me, straddling me and pinning my wrists to the floor. My eyes widen, heat rushing up my neck.

“Then let me help you.” His head tilts as he gazes curiously down at me.

I swallow a thick, scratchy gulp. “How…?”

Sloping his face over mine, he stops when the tips of our noses are touching. “Give your dick what it wants.”

Shivers sheet my flesh, though I’m so hot it’s like I’m standing on the sun. I force a shake of my head while gawking up at him. “My dick is a moron.”

He chuckles, bringing even more warmth to my face. “That’s probably true… But who cares? Stop fighting what feels good, Kyran.”

Stop fighting.

My brain wants me to protest. To insist that this isn’t me, and that I hate him, because he’s a stoner dipshit who smiles way too much, and doesn’t know me at all.

But at the same time, I am tired. Tired of pretending this stupid secret business isn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Tired of acting like it doesn’t thrill me to my bones to know that people are begging and pleading to see what we can do behind closed doors.

It doesn’t have to mean anything… Not right now.

Maybe right now it’s the opposite of football. A way to give up control and responsibility… And just be stupid with him. For a little while…

Until we make the money we need. And then it’ll be done.

Pressing my lips together, I wobble my head in a little shake, because I don’t know what to say.

But Avi doesn’t seem to care that I’m lost, or confused or unsure. He eases his lips onto mine, just a soft brush before whispering, “We should fuck, Kyran.”

My heart is racing, fingers threading through his where he’s holding my hands down as I mutter, “For the fans… Right?”

His lashes flutter and he peers down at me, nodding slowly. “Yea. Yea, totally… For the fans.”

I don’t even want to think about how hard my dick is right now. It’s way too confusing. Instead, I just focus on the task at hand. The business.

“Are you sure you can handle me… fucking you…” I choke on the words. “In the ass?”

He breathes a rumbling laugh, pressing his hips down onto mine, our dicks reacquainted once more. I despise how much it lights me the fuck up. “The way I see it, the other way around might make more sense.”

A nervous chill sweeps through me, and I shake my head. “No way. You are not putting your dick anywhere near my ass.”

“Says who?” he hums, brushing his lips down my jaw.

“Says me.”

“Mmm… You don’t know what you want.” He drops a kiss on my throat. “I think you might love me fucking you… in the ass.”

A soft sound gasps from my lips, and I cover it by clearing my throat. “No. You’re taking it.” He pulls back and gives me a squinting look. “End of discussion, Avi.”

“We’ll flip for it.” He grins.

“No fucking way!” I rip my hands out of his. “I’m not gonna flip a coin to decide who fucks who.”


“I’m going to hit you.” I glare at him, sitting up on my elbows while he backs up.

“Okay, well, I’m not going to let you fuck me just because you think you’re in charge.” He scoffs. Then his fingers brush over the outline of my cock, and I shudder. “I think we both know you need to loosen the reins on that control that keeps you all bunched up with stress.”

I roll my eyes. “So you’re saying a ride on your dick is like a trip to a day spa?”

“Could be.” His grin widens, and he shrugs. “You’ll never know if you don’t try…”

“See, this is why we can’t do this,” I sigh. “We can’t agree on anything.”

Avi crawls off of me and rises to his feet. “That’s where you’re wrong.” He extends his hand to me, and I stare at it. “I think we can agree, you just need to stop being so stubborn.”

Puffing out an exhale, I allow my shoulders to fall back, easing out of my inner tension long enough to take his hand. He yanks me to my feet, but doesn’t let go.

Instead, he drags me, stumbling, into his bedroom.

“What…” My eyes fall to his bed, where we sucked each other off the last time I was here, and I gulp. “What did you have in mind…?”

“Neither of us have ever done any butt stuff before…” He cocks an eyebrow at me. “Right?”

My teeth grind together, grumbling over the noise in my head. “No. Definitely not.”

“So if either one of us is going to get fucked in the ass, we’ll need to prepare for it.” He stares at me, like he’s waiting for a reaction. But I’m just staring back. “Like, priming.”

“Priming??” I huff. “What kind of word is priming?”

“It’s a word, don’t worry about it.” He tugs his shirt over his head, then shoves his pants down.

And he’s not wearing any boxers underneath. So now he’s just standing, naked in front of me, in only a backwards cap and a smirk, like something about this is fucking funny.

“Dude… what the fuck.” I look away, and he laughs.

“Kyran, for fuck’s sake…” He sighs, strutting over to his bed and crashing down onto it. “How are we going to have sex if you can’t even look at me naked?”

“That’s a great question…” I mutter, peeking at him.

He’s lying on his side, watching me. Dick half-hard, head propped up by his elbow. And I’m buzzing with all sorts of things… Mostly annoyance. Because he’s so goddamn irritating, but I can’t help how I feel compelled to counter him.

To let go of my hang-ups and match his energy; to prove I’m not the uptight, preppy asshole he thinks I am.

So in that spirit, I yank my shirt over my head, tossing it onto the floor. Then I step out of my shoes and my jeans. Avi’s dark eyebrow arches, and I roll my eyes, slowly easing my boxer briefs down my legs and kicking them away.

The way he blatantly drools over my cock is pretty satisfying. But it’s also nerve-racking, and like an instinct, my hands cup my dick and balls to cover them up. Unfortunately, I’m still sort of hard, so half my dick is peeking out, and I can’t help it.

“Will you come here, please?” he rumbles calmly. I shake my head, and he gives me an impatient look. “Kyran… stop being ridiculous. Get that sexy ass over here. Now.”

My teeth grind together, and I mumble, “I hate you so fucking much,” stepping over hesitantly and taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

“Yea, I know. You’ve made that very clear.” He spreads his legs, and my eyes find a spot on the wall to focus on.

“Avi, Jesus…” I shake my head. “You’re like—”

“Dude, stop dancing around it.” He sits up and grabs my arm, pulling me on top of him. “We both have dicks, and balls, and assholes.” Gazing down at him, I gulp with my face on fucking fire. “Let me ask you something… Do you like the idea of pushing your cock inside me?”

My dick jumps like it’s answering the question on its own, and I bite my lip, trying to pretend I’m not fully aware of how red my cheeks are right now.

“Yea, now you know how I feel.” Avi grins, eyes falling to my cock. “I guess he’s not such a moron after all, huh?”

“I’m not so sure about that,” I retort, way breathier than I wish I sounded.

“At least he isn’t afraid to admit what he wants to do…” he sings, letting go of me and scooting over to his nightstand.

He digs around in a drawer for a moment while I just sit in his bed, baking to death from the sheer humiliation of this situation. I thought I was drunk, but all of the inhibition lowering in the world couldn’t get me ready for whatever the hell is happening right now.

Avi returns with a bottle of lube, and my spine stiffens, eyes going round at the sight.

“What… what’s that for?”

He chuckles. “It’s called lube. It lubricates things.”

I glare at him. “No shit, asshole. I mean, what are we going to do with it… To figure out who fucks… whom?”

He beams in delight, and I roll my eyes again. “Like I said, we’ll need to get primed up to take a dick. So I figure the best way to decide who’s going to bottom is to see which one of us enjoys it more. The priming.”

My brows zip together. “What?”

“I’m not repeating myself,” he grumbles, opening the tube and squirting Astroglide onto his fingers. “Do you want to use your own fingers, or should we do it to each other?”

My mouth hangs open for a solid five seconds. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so baffled by anything in my whole life.

Like, really… What the fuck am I even doing here??

“Kyran…” Avi whispers my name in this low, grungy sort of tone that covers me in goosebumps. “Do you want to finger me? Or do you want to watch me finger myself…?”

“I… I don’t know,” I stammer, crazy lightheaded all of a sudden.

He grabs my hand. “Don’t think, just answer.”

“I want to…” I croak with saliva filling my mouth. “I wanna do it.”

He crawls over me, and I have no choice but to recline onto my back. “You wanna finger me?” I nod fast, practically breaking out in hives as he pushes my legs apart, kneeling between them. “Okay, good. I’ll finger you while you finger me. First one to get off bottoms.”

“Wha-what?? No…” My lips are shivering, but he’s ignoring me; my words of trepidation, my obvious rampant trembling.

He simply squeezes a generous helping of lube out onto my fingers, tossing the bottle and lowering himself over me. It’s clear that I’m a statue frozen in awkwardness right now, because he rolls his eyes and throws his leg over my arm, so that my hand is closer to his ass.

“Get on board, Kyran.” His eyes fall to my cock. “Look how excited you are… You want to do this, so stop talking yourself out of it.”

Letting out a jittery breath, I nod. Because yea… I guess if I’m being honest, I would really like to see how it feels to push my fingers inside of him. Much more than I want to feel his fingers pushing inside me.

Though there is that teeny, tiny frisson inside me, wondering if I’ll like it.

If he’ll hurt me… Or if he’ll make it feel really good…

Fear flickers in my brain, but I turn it off. I focus on Avi, and how confident he seems. How afraid he isn’t… How warm he is.

Gripping onto his thigh with my left hand, I slowly move my slick fingers until they slide between his cheeks. He grunts and swallows visibly, the first sign of vulnerability I’ve gotten from him all night. It gives me the surge of adrenaline I need to swirl my fingertip around his rim.

“One first…?” I ask, way too hoarse, but not even caring. My dick is fucking throbbing, balls aching already.

“I think that would be best,” he breathes, then wedges his index finger between my ass.

“W-wait…” My chest is heaving like crazy and it’s bordering on embarrassing. “I need to… relax.”

“Okay, fine. I’ll give you a head start.” He licks his lips.

“Stop watching me,” I grumble, and he grins.

Lowering his face to mine, he hums over my lips. “Is this better?”

Out of my desire to regain some control, or maybe even to take his cockiness down a peg, I stuff my finger inside him slowly, easing it into his ass up to my knuckle with no warning.

He groans and shivers. “Jesus fucking Christ…”

“Do you… do you like it?” I whisper, my cock leaking at the feeling of the warm, super tight channel of his body gripping my finger.

“It’s… different,” he hums, brushing his own fingertip over my hole, and I’m quaking. I draw my finger back, pumping it in again until he whimpers, “Slow, baby.”

“If you call me baby again, I’ll stuff my whole hand in here,” I growl, and he chuckles, dragging his lips down to kiss my neck.

hate how it gives me chills and thumps my nuts, the same way I hate how he’s not intimidated by me one bit. He’s not afraid, and it’s just… frustrating.

Using my hand, I drive into him slowly, pulling back and pushing in, working up a tantalizing rhythm inside his ass while he writhes his body against mine. His lips go for my earlobe, and I really fucking loathe how good it feels… How it tingles in the pit of my stomach, making me forget all the concerns and hang-ups surrounding what we’re doing.

It feels so good, in fact, that I barely notice how his finger is nudging its way inside me, using the slippery wetness of the lube to gradually probe me. Until the next thing I know, his finger is in me up to the knuckle, and I’m clenching on him in hot, aching need.

“Holy fffuck…” I groan, dizzy and seeing stars already.

It feels bizarre… The burn of doing something wrong that somehow sizzles all my nerve endings with a hidden pleasure I wasn’t sure was there.

“You like it?” he rasps, hot breath on my ear flipping me upside down.

“No…” I bite my lip to contain the sounds that want to betray my words.

“Stop lying to me, you tight, sexy thing,” he growls, then eases another finger inside me.

“Uhhmmffuck no… yesss… I do… I like it,” I gasp and whine as his fingers reach deep inside me.

They graze something that lights up my entire body.

My toes curl. My back arches.

“Say you want me to fuck you in your perfect, sweet little ass,” Avi whispers over my lips.

And I tumble. My stomach bunches, my ass clenches on his fingers…

And I fucking come.

Crying, whimpering, mewling like a slutty little kitten, my dick sprays pulses of cum all over both of us, without any provocation other than two fingers stuffed deep in my ass for literally less than sixty seconds. My entire body is trembling, from head to toe, I’m jerking and writhing, practically convulsing.

“Fuck… me.” I don’t even know what I’m saying, but I’m shooting everywhere and it feels like someone’s tapped into a well of bliss inside me. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me…

I hum the words over and over again while Avi rides me out, not even moving his fingers, just leaving them up there, brushing his lips over mine like he’s breathing my breaths.

By the time I’ve floated back down to earth, I’m sweaty and sticky and sated beyond belief. Avi pulls his fingers out of me slowly, and it takes me way too long to notice that my fingers aren’t even in him anymore. Because I was using both of my hands to hold on to his hips for dear life, like I was on a rollercoaster and not properly strapped in.

Allowing my eyes to creep open, I peek up at him. And he’s just grinning at me. Smugly, I might add.

I swallow and blink. That’s all I can do.

He purses his lips, swiping his fingers through the cum all over my chest. “Well, then…” His eyes spring back up to mine, and I didn’t think it was possible, but my cheeks flush ever harder. “Looks like we found our bottom.”


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