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Flawless: Chapter 26


Summer: Wanna go for a midnight drive?

Rhett: Now who’s the animal?

Summer: Still you. I’m the princess.

Rhett: Fuckin’ right you are. *My* princess.

Summer: Okay, Neanderthal. Meet outside? Bring a condom.

Summer: Actually, a few condoms.

Rhett: I just bought a whole box. You should have seen the look I got from the cashier.

Summer: Great. We’ll probably be in the town newspaper tomorrow.

Rhett: What a headline that would be.

Summer: Gross. Are we going out or what?

Rhett: Wear one of those prissy skirts, but no panties. Meet at the rust bucket.

“What is this?” Summer places a gift bag in the middle of the table where I’m sitting, enjoying a coffee by myself. I’m feeling a little wrung out after saying goodbye to Beau this morning. He and my dad hit the road together to drive back to Ottawa, and while Summer’s been at the gym, I’ve spent the last hour wondering if how I feel about saying goodbye to my brother is how they all feel every time I leave for an event.

“It’s a bag, Summer.”

I wonder how Summer feels when she watches me get onto the back of an angry bull. I don’t know why, but I’ve never spent a lot of time considering how my job might make everyone else feel. I’ve been too busy not caring about what anyone thinks.

And trying not to terrify myself with the realities of this sport.

She juts out her hip and quirks her head, causing her thick ponytail to flop down her slender neck. The flyaways over her forehead stick to her damp skin after her workout. “No shit, Eaton.”

“Where’d it come from?”

I give her a lopsided smirk. “Me.”

She rolls her lips together, appraising me. “What is it?”

We’ve spent the last few days stealing kisses in the hallway. Or driving my old truck out into the field to sink into each other under the open sky. It’s romantic as fuck. It’s also the best sex I’ve ever had.

While I’ve mostly convinced Summer to buck the rules, she’s a real stickler for “not banging in your dad’s house” and is still convinced she needs to hide what we’re doing for some stupid reason—even though everyone knows what we’re doing.

I’ve never been more motivated to get my own place so I can bend her over whenever I please.

“I don’t know how you fancy types do gifts, but ‘round here you find out what the gift is when you open it.”

Her mouth turns down at the corners. “I don’t have anything to give you.”

I laugh. That’s such a Summer thing to say, always worrying about everyone else.

“I don’t want anything, Princess. It’s a gift, just because. Now sit that fine ass down and open it.”

Her head bobs from side to side as she pulls the chair out. “Well, I do love presents,” she murmurs, eyes lighting as she pulls at the tissue paper I shoved in there kind of haphazardly.

When she reaches into the bag, she stills, eyes darting over to me. In a flash, she’s tugging everything out.

With the chaps free of the bag, she makes this satisfied little sighing sound. “Rhett.”

I sip at my coffee and enjoy watching her, every little drop of excitement that plays across her face. I’ve never gotten off on giving someone a gift quite like I’m enjoying this right now.

“Do you like them?”

“Do I like them? Are you kidding me? I love them. But these are from the first rodeo we went to?”

I shrug.

“Did you order them or something?”


“You bought them while we were there?”


Her mouth opens and closes as she holds them up again. They really are beautiful. The craftsmanship is top of the line. So was the price tag. When she surged ahead of me, I purchased them as fast as I could.

But it’s not a completely unselfish gift. I’m dying to see her in them.


“Where else would you find a nice pair of child-sized chaps?”

She rolls her eyes.

“I got them because I saw you staring at them. I saw the look on your face. And then you told me you had to quit riding when you got sick. I thought you’d want to start again at some point. Maybe out here. With me. Then I saw you on my horse—a fucking natural—and I knew I’d made the right call.”

She blinks at me, eyes shinier than they were seconds ago. Her smile is watery as she stares down and runs her dainty fingers over the polished silver studs. “I thought you hated me then.”

I shake my head, a little sheepish over what a growly prick I’d been to her. “The only thing I hated was how badly I wanted you, Princess.”

“Thank you.” She says it so earnestly, it tugs on strings I didn’t know exist. Those big brown soulful eyes—fuck—I’d do anything she wants me to. I’m an absolute goner for this girl, and I never even saw her coming.

“You’re welcome.” My voice is gruff, and I know I need to tell her what this is too. To tell her things I’ve been thinking about. Like that once the season is over, once I’m not a client to her, I’m going to commit my entire off-season to convincing her to give me a shot. A real shot.

A shot to be everything.

But I chicken out, not sure I can handle a rejection, or another person leaving me. Especially not one who’s rapidly become as important to me as Summer is. So instead, I just say, “Put them on, then you can thank me on your knees.”

Summer grumbles as I lead her up the stairs, her hand wrapped in mine so damn perfectly. Her grumbles are half-hearted and done with a small smile. Something about if the press found out I’m a sex addict, they’d have a field day.

When we get to my room, I shut the door and give her a little push into the sprawling space. Wood beam ceilings boast an antler chandelier hanging over a four-poster pine bed. Big sliding doors open onto a spacious second-floor patio, which holds a small wrought iron bistro set looking out over the range, pointed right at the Rocky Mountains.

“Wow,” she breathes, struck by the view. She stops and stares. “Why the hell do you have your coffee downstairs with a view like that?”

I watch her as she admires the scenery—the slender column of her neck, the sharp angle of her jaw, dainty ear adorned with an understated gold stud. Summer is all class. All shiny and proper and well-educated.

It’s fucking hot. It also makes me want to dirty her up a bit.

“The view downstairs has been better lately.”

She shoots me a playful look, pursing her lips and shaking her head.

“Show me the chaps.” I take a step back and point at the custom leather in her hand.

Summer turns to face me. “I’m wearing workout clothes. These need jeans.” She holds them up in my direction.

“They need nothing. Lose the clothes. Let me see.” I jut my chin in her direction.

Her dark eyes flare. “You want me to put them on with nothing under them?”

“Fuck yeah, I do.”

Her cheeks turn pink right before my eyes. “I haven’t had a shower. I’m all sweaty.”

“Don’t much care, Princess.” I cross my arms over my chest. “Fully intend to get you all sweaty right now anyway.”

Her cheeks twitch as she glances away momentarily. Shy but . . . eager.

She drops the chaps on the wooden floor with a heavy thud, rolling her lips together. The pink stain on the apples of her cheeks deepens to match the rose color of her lips.

She undresses, and I watch her like a total voyeur. She’s literally just undressing and not even trying to be sexy. It’s just that it’s her, and everything she does is sexy to me.

Work out tank top and bra, gone. Perky golden tits pop out with a playful bounce. A sprinkling of freckles dust the tops of them, and I’d like to trace every one. Write mine on each of her tits.

She peels off the tight-as-fuck leggings, bending over to clear her ankles and toes, and tosses them toward the pile of gym clothes beside her before straightening and looking at me. All curves, soft lines, and toned muscle.

“Like this?” she breathes out, puffy lips parted, eyes a little hooded.

“No panties? Yeah. I agree with you about the view up here. Far superior.”

She gives me a shy smile in return, and I stride forward, needing to be close to her. Needing contact. I slide my hands over her hips and the globes of her round ass as I drop to my knees in front of her. “You’re too fucking much. Too pretty. Too good.”

‘No, you are.’ Her hand cups my cheek, fingernails rasping over my stubble. “I think I’ve wasted enough time with men who aren’t good enough to know that you are better than good. More than enough.”

I close my eyes and soak that up for a moment. Hearing that I’m enough for someone like Summer. I didn’t know how badly I needed to hear that.

All I can do is shake my head, press a kiss to her stomach, and reach for the chaps beside her. I hitch them around her waist, feeding the soft leather strap through the buckle, watching the silver detailing glint beneath her hip bones.

Wrapping one loose piece of leather around her leg, I start the zipper at the top and pull it down, careful not to catch any bare skin as I go. When I move to the opposite side, I notice a light tremor in my hand and shake my head again.

Summer threads her fingers in my hair as I pull the zipper all the way down. I lean forward and give the slit of her pussy one long, firm lick. Because I can’t be this close to it and not pay it some attention.

Her fingers tighten in my hair, and she pulls me closer. My chest rumbles as I give her clit a good hard pull with my mouth.

“For a girl who’s never had her pussy eaten, you’ve sure developed a taste.”

She tenses, pushing my head back. “Is it too much?” Her eyes are wide as she looks down at me and whispers, “Oh shit, I’m sorry.”

Grabbing at my shoulders, she tries to pull me up, but I shove two fingers inside her already slick, warm hole. So ready for me. “Summer, stop. It’s never too much. I’m the one who’s developed a taste.”

I lean forward again, on my knees for this girl, and give her another long, firm lick. “There is never too much of this. I’ll eat this pretty pussy all day, every day, if it means I get to watch you squirm around and beg for my cock. I love doing this for you.”

My fingers pump into her languidly as I suck hard at her clit, knowing I can get her close and then pull away to watch her get all flustered and huffy. Desperate.

I love that too.

When she leans on me, I pull away and stand, gripping her skull to plant a firm kiss on her mouth. “You see how fucking good you taste?” I slide my tongue into her mouth, swallowing the dirty moaning sound she makes at the back of her throat.

That’s where I plan to go next.

I step away to get a better view. Sexy, fancy leather chaps, tits heaving, eyes a little glassy.


Yeah, I love this.

“Spin.” I twirl my finger and watch her swallow heavily. “Let me see you.”

Her lips roll together, and her nipples pucker even tighter at my command. I can see the wetness glistening on her bare cunt. If I look too long, though, I’ll just toss her down and go to town.

She slowly turns, and I’m struck by a tightness in my chest. And when I watch the creases beneath that perfect peach-shaped ass as she spins, a painful tightness in my jeans too. Bare ass surrounded by soft leather. Yeah, my perverted mind is racing.

Facing me again, she hits me with a quirk of her lips. “How do I look?”

“Perfect.” My voice is gravel.

“Yeah?” Her head tilts.

I curl a finger at her, urging her to come closer. Her bare feet pad toward me, and I reach for her chin, tipping her fresh face up to mine, heart stuttering in my chest. “Such a pretty fucking princess,” I muse, letting a grin touch my lips. “And do you know where pretty princesses belong, Summer?”

“Where?” Her voice is soft, but thick.

I point to the hardwood floor below me. “On their knees.”

Her eyes widen, but her lips roll together to hide a hungry smile. My girl likes it when I talk to her like this.

“Lose the shirt, Rhett,” is her only response.

I grab the back of my neckline with one hand and tug hard, ripping it off and tossing it away. Her palms trace over my chest, gentle on my shoulders—still so careful with me. She smiles when her fingers tighten on the bulge of my bicep.

It makes my dick twitch. And then her hands are sliding down my torso as she lowers herself to the ground at my feet. And suddenly, she’s rushing, hands fumbling with my fly like she can’t get to my cock fast enough. Like she’s starving. The view from above is fantastic. Dark shiny hair and perky, pointed nipples.

My cock springs up between us when she tugs my boxers down, and she wastes no time wrapping her hands around my girth, licking a flat tongue over the head while tipping her wide eyes up at me.

“Keep looking at me like that, and I’m going to blow on your face, Summer.”

She giggles and does it again. “Good. Do it.”

I growl, a deep, feral sound.

But she doesn’t give me a chance. She opens wide and takes me to the back of her throat, humming as she goes.

My head falls back and I close my eyes. “Fuck, Summer.”

She sucks me slow, but firm, hands working the base, head bobbing eagerly.

When I finally get my act together and chance a look down at her, I find her staring up at me with an almost worshipful expression on her face.

I slide a hand over the line of her jaw. “You love this, don’t you?”

She hums and nods, head tilting into my hand a little.

My opposite hand wraps in her thick ponytail. “Touch yourself.”

She blinks but removes one hand, sliding it down between her legs, eyes hooding when she gets there.

“That’s it.” I thrust into her mouth slowly, letting her focus on herself, watching her slide one finger in and pull it back out to swirl at her clit, lids fluttering as she does.

When her eyes close and she moans, I almost explode on the spot. I squeeze her ponytail tighter, holding her head still, and increase the speed of my thrusts into her mouth.

“What a good fucking girl you are. Fucking your fingers while I fuck your throat.”

Her eyes flip up to mine instantly, going wide right as her chest and neck go pink. She looks like a little rodeo doll down in front of me. She cries out around my cock, body shaking as she comes apart beneath me.

And I’m the lucky son of a bitch that gets to watch. It’s too much. I can’t wait any longer. My hands are under her arms, and I’m picking her up, kicking off my pants, bending her over, pushing her face first onto my bed.

She crawls up onto all fours, baring herself to me, whimpering desperately. “Rhett, please.”

I squeeze my cock hard in my fist, eyes glued to her pussy clenching and releasing with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

“Fuck. Summer. Hang on. I need a condom.”

“No,” she whines. “I want it. I want you. Just you.” She glances at me over her shoulder, eyes wild and sparkly. I don’t think she means to, but her back arches, which pushes her ass out toward me.

“I’ve never not used a condom,” I say, licking my lips.

“I have an IUD. I’m clean.”

My hands are on her ass, rubbing. Spreading. Back to shaking just a bit. My cock throbs like it never has before, and my bed puts her at the perfect height to slide into.

“Are you sure, Summer?” I ask, slipping two fingers into her dripping pussy.

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes,” she chants, rocking her hips back toward me.

I groan and notch the thick head of my cock against her.

“More.” Her slender fingers grip the sheets. She doesn’t move, but she’s begging me to.

I wrap my hands around her hips and push into her slowly, carefully. She always feels so small, and looking down, watching the way her body stretches to take me, just drives that fact home.

“Fuck,” she breathes out. “That feels . . .”

“Incredible,” I finish, savoring the feel of being bare inside her as I seat myself to the hilt. Skin on skin. Memorizing every pulse, every twitch and flutter. It’s other-fucking-worldly.


“Princess, I need a second. You should see how you look from here.”

“Tell me.” She wiggles against me, peeking over her shoulder again. Flushed cheeks, wisps of hair on her temples. A hungry gleam in her eye. I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock when she says, “Tell me how I look.”

I growl, sliding one hand up her back, pressing her down onto the bed while the other hand grabs the back strap of her chaps and hikes her ass up, positioning her how I want her.

I pull out and thrust back in. “You look perfect.”


I pump in and out of her, letting one hand trail down her spine. “I love this indent down your back. And this ass.” I squeeze hard, gripping it and letting go, watching the white fingerprints turn pink and smiling when she wiggles it at me again. I give her one firm slap and hear the breath whoosh out of her lungs.

I reach between us and rub a finger against her pussy where it hugs my cock. A shiver races down her spine as I do. “You look like you were born to take my cock.”

She moans. “Jesus, I love it when you say shit like that.”

I smile victoriously and slam into her, watching her body shake with the force of my thrust. “Princess, you look like you were made for me.”

Her voice is hushed when she responds. But I catch it all the same.

“I feel like I was made for you.”

That’s all it takes for me to unleash. I grip the leather strap around her waist with one hand, her ass with my other, and fuck her like she was made for me.

She doesn’t crumble. She meets every stroke, arching her back and pushing in for more. Letting me take her farther, deeper, than I ever have.

Perspiration trickles down my temple, and her moans turn into screams. “You’re going to take it, Summer. Take every fucking inch. And you’re going to scream my name when you come.”

Like it was a command, I feel her body shake and buck beneath me.

And when she screams my name as I spill myself inside her, surge after surge, I’m hit with a realization that sends me reeling.

Summer wasn’t just made for me.

She’s it for me.


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