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Flawless: Chapter 21


I drop the can of cream on the carpet right as the heavy door clicks shut behind us, and all bets are off. My entire body hums with need. For her.

Ruin me.

She’d told me to ruin her. The only thing I’m going to ruin her for is any other man. I’m going to give her a night she’ll never get over. A night that will keep her coming back for more.

I push her against the closed door, the brim of my hat on her head brushing against my face as I swoop in to taste her lips. But this time it’s not for show. This time it’s because she told me this is how she’d want to go out. Kissing me.

And fuck, a statement like that is a powerful drug.

I kiss her like my life depends on it, like hers does too. We latch onto each other, her arms curling around my neck while mine roam her body.

It’s a desperate sort of kiss, full of angst and longing. She seems rushed. Like she thinks this might end. Like there’s a time limit on this thing we’re doing.

I pull back just a little, cupping the base of her head, her hair silky beneath my hand, her breathing labored, her breath sweet like sugary cream, hands still feverishly tugging at me. “Stop rushing, Princess. We’ve got all night. Save your energy, you’re going to need it.”

“Fuck,” she whispers as she sucks in a sharp breath.

“Let me show you. I’m going to take my time with you,” I murmur before taking her lips slowly, swallowing the sweet little humming noise she makes, feeling her arms soften, hands tracing across my shoulders. Her nails drag and a shiver races down my spine.

I don’t know what this is between Summer and me, but I want to worship at her throne. I want to give her the best of everything. The best of me.

She slides her tongue against mine, and I taste the whipped cream I just made her swallow. Even with my eyes closed, I can see the way her throat worked, the way she swallowed it the way I told her to. It’s burned on the back of my eyelids.

Didn’t think my cock could get any harder than it already is, but it pushes painfully at the zipper of my jeans at the memory.

I slide my hand down the curve of her body. My thumb flicks at her nipple through the thin cotton shirt as I clear her breast, and she whines into my mouth, trying to rush the leisurely pace I’ve set.

“Greedy girl,” I growl as I pull back and press a kiss to the bottom line of her jaw.

I kiss just beside her mouth.

“Rhett.” My name on her lips. Fuck. It’s a prayer. It’s a plea. It’s my goddamn undoing.

I kiss her cheek.

“I thought I got off on hearing fans scream my name from the stands.”

I kiss her temple.

“But hearing you moan it?”

She tilts her head, giving me more access. Asking for more.

“Hearing you moan it is so much more satisfying.”

I kiss the spot just below her ear, and she squirms against me. She goes all breathy and moans my name again. “Rhett.”

“You like that?” I nip at her ear.

“It’s the beard. It feels so good. I . . . I’ve never had that before.” The girl who is usually so put together and well-spoken is a puddle, all because of my beard.

And I get off on it. I get off on being the first man to give her beard burn. Her neck isn’t safe tonight, neither are her inner thighs.

I chuckle and drag my teeth down the side of her throat, fueled by her moans. By her hips rocking toward me. By her fingers in the back of my hair.

My fingers land at the waistband of her tight fucking jeans and reach in to tug her shirt out. I instantly squeeze the taper of her waist, her smooth warm skin, noting the strap of whatever sexy fucking panties she’s wearing coming up over her hip in the most alluring way.

And then, I’m pushing the white shirt up over her head, wanting it off as quickly as possible. Wanting to see what she’s hiding underneath this well put together exterior.

Her arms raise, and as the shirt clears her head, my hat topples to the ground at her feet. But I leave it there, just to take in Summer propped against the door, wild hair, chest heaving, full breasts pushed up high in the red lace bra. Straps of matching lace panties wedged up high over her jeans.

She looks a little unsteady and a lot desperate. Totally disheveled.

And I love this look on her.

I crouch quickly to swipe the hat and the can before replacing the hat on her head. My hat. I groan and shut my eyes at the fucking wet dream before me.

“You should see yourself right now.” Her teeth dig into her puffy bottom lip, really completing the whole look. “So fucking pretty.”

“Please, don’t stop.”

“Wasn’t planning on it. Just admiring the view.”

“Lose the shirt.”

I chuckle. “There she is. My bossy girl.” I step closer, crowding her against the door. “You want it off, do it yourself.”

An expression of defiance flashes across her face, but within moments, she relents. Her small hands reach for the buttons of my shirt, and she nimbly works the first couple through the holes.

When she peeks up at me with that little smirk on her lips, I know she’s about to pull something naughty. She grips my shirt and rips. Buttons fly all around us.

She seems amused until I yank her bra down, the sound of lace ripping loud in the quiet room.

“Hey!” she starts, but her bare tits are exposed right in front of me. All soft and full, nipples hard as rocks. The neon lights from the shitty bar across the street cast a blue glow in the room that adds to her ethereal beauty. Even the scar down the center of her chest suits her. A battle scar. A testament to how hard she’s fought. How fucking strong she is.

I’m absolutely starstruck.

“That bra was La Perla. You owe m—”

I shut her up by spraying a circle of whipped cream over her right nipple. Instead of reaming me out, she swaps to moaning and running her hands through my hair when I drop my head and suck her breast into my mouth, taking a long pull.

Her chest arches into me as I lick the whipped cream from her body. A milk product has never tasted so good. I can feel the gooseflesh of her skin against my lips, and once I’ve cleaned her off, I graze her nipple with my teeth.

“Mm,” I murmur, slightly leaning back to admire the way her breast glistens before reaching behind her and removing the torn bra entirely.

She watches, speechless.

I go for the other nipple, covering it in cream, pausing for a moment to appreciate how she looks all scandalized and painted with sugary cream.

It’s giving me the filthiest ideas. Ideas I let play through my mind as I drop my head again and take my time cleaning her off while she moans and writhes.

When I straighten and drop the can on the floor, I cup her breasts and grin down at her.

“I thought you hated milk?” she huffs out, all glassy eyed and eager.

“I’m developing a taste for it.” I growl as I lift her up, pressing her into the door and kissing her again. Her legs wrap around my waist, squeezing my hips as she sears me with a kiss, my hat toppling off her head to our feet.

All I can taste is whipped cream and cherries, and all I can smell is her.

All I want is her.

Which is how I find myself carrying her across the blue-lit hotel room with long sure strides, ignoring the twinge in my shoulder—because who needs a fucking shoulder with a girl like this?—and tossing her down on the bed, her dark hair shimmering out around her, like rays of sunshine off her sweet, freckled face.

We pause for a second, her splayed out across my bed while I stand entranced between her knees. This is the moment where we fully consider if we’re about to do this.

“Do you want me, Princess?” I ask as I tug a boot off each of her feet.

Her lips part, and she stares back at me when I drop them on the floor with a heavy thud. “Yes.”

I reach down and unbutton her jeans, stepping away only to drag them down her legs. “Why?”

“Because . . .”

I discard them and stare down at her, panties wedged high, showing the outline of her pussy. I groan. That paired with the knee-high socks she’s wearing and her tits on display could make me blow on the spot. Paint her with something else entirely.

Stepping closer so my knees bump up against the mattress, I grip behind her knees and spread her legs wide. As I do, her panties slide over, exposing one of her bare lips.

“Fuck, Summer. Fucking look at you.”

She whimpers, hands falling to her tits like she’s trying to cover them. But I catch her rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, clearly trying to avoid answering my question.

“Tell me. Tell me why you want me.”

Her lips roll together, her panting audible.

“You want this?”

She nods.

“Talk to me, Summer. You want me to fill this tight little cunt?”

“Fuck,” the word whooshes out of her as her eyes widen in surprise. Such a proper little princess.

“Have I got your attention now?”

“You’ve always had my attention, Rhett.” Her confession comes out quiet and soft. Like a secret shared between lovers. And like a balm to my deepest wounds.

I groan and reach forward, running my thumb over the seam of her pussy, feeling her pulse and clench against me. Feeling how wet the lace there is already. Nudging the strip of fabric aside, I push a finger in and revel in her, smooth and slick. Drenched.

“You’re soaked, Summer. Is that mess all for me?”

I swear I can see her cheeks flush pink, more of a purple in the blue glow.

“Yes,” she says meekly, sounding almost embarrassed. And, well, that’s just not going to do.

She needs to know how wild this makes me.

“I love it,” I growl, dropping to one knee, slinging her leg over my shoulder and tugging her ass to the edge of the bed. When I pull the scrap of lace to the side, I feast my eyes on what I’d only felt before.

“All this for me.” I rub her pussy again, feeling her leg clamp down on my shoulder as her head shyly flips to one side. “What a fucking treat.”

She tries to press closed her free leg, and I slide one finger into her wet heat while tutting her. “Nah, nah, nah. Don’t get all shy now. Legs wide open for me, Princess.”

I slide one hand up the back of her thigh to open her as she breathes out a quiet, “Okay.”

Pressing a kiss to the inside of her knee, making sure she feels the rasp of my beard, I ask, “Should I keep going?”

She takes a beat to respond. So, I wait, bestowing more kisses up her inner thigh, grinning when her hips buck. “I’ve never . . . well, this is new.”

I freeze for a moment, looking over her outline from where I’m kneeling. “New? Like no one has tasted this?” I rub her again, and my cock jumps when I realize she’s even wetter than before.

She shakes her head no.

Doctor Douche really is the fucking worst. But I don’t say that. Instead, I reach for the lace underwear and drag them down her legs. If this is going to be her first time riding a man’s face, it’s going to be good. And there aren’t going to be any fancy panties in the way.

When they clear her ankles, I resume my position. “That’s a crime, Summer. A terrible shame.” I slide a finger in and feel her contract around me as she gasps. “It seems I have some wrongs to right.” I pump in and out, raptly watching her pussy take my finger, and then two. “And I’m not even sad about it. Do you know why?”

“Why?” she replies quickly, voice all raspy and thick.

“Because if this were my last moment on earth, that’s how I’d want to go.” I thrust in hard now, watching her body shake with the force, hearing her curse. “Head between these pretty little thighs, your pussy on my tongue.”

I hold her wide open, drop my head, and get to work.


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