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Finn Rhodes Forever: Chapter 35


I LIFTED my head and made a noise like whahuhh? but his hand pressed me back down against the counter and his mouth returned to my slick center.

“I can’t,” I gasped, eyes clenched closed, writhing as his tongue stroked me. Fuck, I was so sensitive.

“You can, and you will. I know you can.” He sounded so certain. “I want you to come on my mouth and that’s what I’m going to get. We’ll stay right here until sunrise if we have to.”

The delicious threat melted into my blood and my inner muscles tightened. He laughed, low and dark.

I should have been humiliated. This shouldn’t have been so hot.

“You love that idea. You like thinking about me worshipping this pussy until the sun comes up and people start knocking on the door.”

He made a noise of appreciation as he licked my clit in steady strokes. “God, you’re so wet and sweet. Love how you get so wet when you come.” His fingers pushed back into me while his tongue worked and my eyes went wide.

I felt that familiar pressure low in my stomach. Oh, shit. This was working. My thighs were damp as more heat thrummed between my legs. I squirmed, bent over, pushing further onto Finn’s mouth as he fucked me with his fingers at a demanding pace.

His other hand palmed my ass and I moaned, clenching.

“Oooh, there we go. Squeeze me like that, Liv. I can’t wait to fuck you hard.” He sucked my clit and I bucked. “I’m going to fuck you in front of a mirror so you get used to seeing us like this.”

The image of it sent more heat, more pressure, more wetness to my core and I arched, forehead on the bar.

Holy shit. He sucked hard and my second orgasm closed in on me.

“Is my good girl going to come again for me?” He sucked more pressure on my clit and I broke, crying out and writhing against his mouth and fingers, pulsing around his hand, soaking his face while he groaned and let me ride it out on his face. My vision turned white and a cool chill ran down the back of my legs, like my nerves were fraying.

I tumbled back to Earth with four brain cells left.

“Holy fuck,” I panted, slumped over the bar.

“Come here.” His voice was low and soft. His hand snaked beneath my chest and pulled me up, turned me, and wrapped me against his chest.

I moaned, sinking into his warmth, face against his shirt, huffing in his scent. He lifted his hand and sucked the wetness off his fingers with a low groan.

“Fuck, that’s good.”

I’d be thinking about that later, his expression as he tasted my orgasm on his hand. I tilted my face up and gave him a lazy smile. He stared down at me like I was everything to him. The fierce, possessive look in his eyes burned me, and my hand came to the front of his pants.

His lips parted as I stroked his thick length through his jeans.

Finn had big dick energy because he had a big dick. I remembered how it felt that night, filling me, stretching me, pushing into me and eventually driving into me. My mouth watered and my hands came to his belt, holding eye contact with him.

His eyes darkened. One of his brows arched, and I shot him my own wicked smile. He leaned against the counter, hands braced at either side while I fumbled with his belt. The bastard wouldn’t even help me, wanted to watch me struggle, and even though that was kind of fucked, I liked it.

I liked that he was in charge.

Fuck. I’d deal with that later. I got his belt undone, slipped my hand in and wrapped it around his straining length.

He made a noise in his throat, watching me with that dark, hot, hungry expression. I squeezed the base and he groaned, long and low.

“Take your shirt off,” I whispered. “I want to see you while I suck your cock.”

His eyes darkened further, and the corner of his mouth turned up. “Say please.”

Asshole. I stroked his length. His skin was like fire, so warm. “Please.”

He reached over his head and pulled the shirt off, messing up his hair, making me smile. I lowered to my knees and he swore. His cock was long, thick, and beading with pre-cum.

“You look so good on your knees, Liv.” His eyelids drooped. “Dreamed about this.”

I held his gaze, watching the flare of heat in his eyes as I licked the drop off the tip.

He bit his lip and shook his head slowly. “Don’t you dare torture me, baby. I’ve been so patient.”

I shot him a little smile and nodded. “You have.” I licked a long line up his cock and he shuddered.

His hand came to the back of my head and without a word, I opened my mouth and let him push between my lips. He groaned, head falling back as I took him to the back of my throat.

“My fucking god, Liv. Your mouth.”

I let my tongue run up the bottom of his shaft as my mouth bobbed back and forth, slow at first while I kept my gaze on him. The ink on his abs rippled, tightening as he watched me. His hand rested on the back of my head, letting me lead, light enough pressure to make me wet all over again. To remind me that he was in charge.

I slipped my tongue over the sensitive tip and he groaned again. His other hand came to the back of my head.

“Yes, baby. Like that.” His head fell back before he snapped it up, eyes trained down at me on my knees for him. “You’re so pretty with my cock between your lips.”

Pleasure weaved through my veins and I sucked, hollowing out my cheeks, taking his length in my mouth while his chest heaved.

He let out a sharp laugh. “Not going to last when you look and feel like that.”

I hummed an acknowledgement, grinning around him, and stroked his base harder while I took him deeper.

“Liv.” His voice was strained. His fingers dug into my scalp and his hips began to shuttle back and forth, and we found a rhythm as he fucked my mouth with his thick length.

I loved every second of it. I loved having him at my mercy, even for those few moments.

“Gonna come,” he gritted out, watching me with furrowed brows and a tight jaw.

No wicked grin in sight, I noticed.

His expression turned to agony and disbelief as his abs tensed and he came in my mouth. His low, drawn-out groan was the best thing I’d ever heard.

“Swallow,” he said through a clenched jaw. “Every drop, Liv. That’s yours.”

He held my head, kept his thick cock in my mouth while I did as I was told. Embarrassment and pleasure twisted through me. My face warmed and I knew I was blushing but I couldn’t tear my gaze from Finn’s. His eyes blazed with heat as they pinned me.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a sight.” He hauled me up to standing and kissed me hard, tongue slipping into my mouth. I could taste our orgasms and from his low, pleased groan and the way he deepened our kiss, sucking on my tongue, he could too.

Our kiss broke and he began to put my clothes to rights, straightening my top and doing my fly up, and I did the same for him, ignoring the panic sitting at the edge of my consciousness at how intimate this was. His hands landed on my shoulders, slipping up to frame my face.

When he put his hands on my face and gazed down at me like I was the only person in the world, I forgot all the reasons Finn and I shouldn’t be together.

“Never letting you go.” He searched my eyes, stroking the sides of my face. “How do you feel about that?”

I quirked my eyebrows at him, smiling. “Fine.”

He snorted, shaking his head, but he smiled and it reached his eyes. “We’ll work on that answer.” He pressed a soft kiss to my mouth and my heart squeezed.

Finn led me upstairs to my apartment. He sat on the edge of the tub while I brushed my teeth, watching with a little smile, then he climbed into my bed, eyes all over my body while I changed into a sleep shirt.

“Getting comfortable?” I asked with raised eyebrows. Sarcastic on the outside, but on the inside, my heart leaped at the idea of him spending the night.

Olivia, you stupid, stupid woman.

“I’m sleeping here,” he said, holding the covers back for me.

I climbed in and he pulled me into his chest, tucking the covers around me. He watched my face with pure affection while I settled against him, heavy, floaty, and drowsy. His hand came to my hair, brushing it back, and I gave him a small smile.

“Goodnight,” I whispered.

“Goodnight, Livvy.”

While Finn fell asleep, my mind whirred with thoughts.

What if Finn was going to stay? What if a judgement from years ago wasn’t fair, and he had grown up?

What if we were meant to be together, and if I didn’t take this chance with him, I’d never get another one? Anxiety twisted in my stomach at the thought.

It was so easy with Finn. When I let go, he caught me. He was right there, waiting and thrilled, and all I had to do was jump.

A thought pierced through and my breath caught. It was too late. If Finn left, he’d take half of me with him. The stupid plan to get him to dump me wasn’t working.

I was falling back in love with Finn Rhodes, whether I wanted to or not. The guy was sleeping beneath me in my bed, and I couldn’t be more content.

This was a disaster. I should be running, packing up my belongings and moving to the next town to get away from him.

Never letting you go, he had said, and I wanted it to be true more than anything.

I didn’t want to run anymore. I wanted to jump, and I wanted Finn to catch me. I’d held on to Finn is evil for so long that letting go of it made my throat knot, but what if it didn’t serve me anymore? What if it was in the way of something better?

In my head, I saw my mom’s narrowed eyes of disapproval when she found out Finn and I were back together for real, and my stomach churned.

I didn’t want to think about this anymore. I shifted on his chest, shoving the thoughts from my head, and took a deep breath. For the first time in my life, I didn’t need to have a plan. I didn’t need everything mapped out. It fit, didn’t it? I had no fucking clue where the flower was, had no idea where I was going to work or live come October, and I couldn’t force Finn to stay in town. I would never want someone to stick around out of obligation. I’d rather be alone.

So what if I went along with it, floated with the current and enjoyed being with Finn? Perhaps I wouldn’t try so hard to control everything.

Maybe it was my turn to be reckless.


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