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Finn Rhodes Forever: Chapter 29


I STOOD in Liv’s shower while she held the bottle, wine glugging into the glass on the counter. When she raised her eyebrows at me, her eyes shone bright.

“You should take your shirt off,” she said. “It’ll stain.”

I shot her a wry look. “Uh-huh. I see why we’re in here now.”

Her mouth curled into a pretty smile. “You offered.”

I reached over my shoulder and yanked the shirt over my head. Liv kept pouring the wine but her gaze strayed to my chest and stomach.

“Pants, too.”

In the back of my mind, the level-headed part of me told me to step carefully. That Liv and I were still on shaky ground and this was a slippery slope. The other part of my mind, the one that reached my hand out on the couch and melted when she put her hand in mine, that part wanted to push Liv a little further, see how she’d react.

And that part of me liked the way her gaze lingered on my body. My blood beat a little harder in my ears at the idea that Liv thought I was hot.

That part of my brain made me unbuckle my belt slower than normal before sliding my jeans down my legs. She finished pouring the wine and stood there staring at me with heat in her eyes.

Blood rushed to my cock. I was already erect, standing on display for her like this in my boxer briefs.

Her eyes flicked up to mine and a smile twisted onto her mouth. “Ready?”

I grinned at her.

“How dare you!” she gasped before tossing the wine at me.

I burst out laughing as it splashed over me, running down my neck and chest. Liv grinned ear to ear, wiggling her eyebrows as she studied me covered in wine.

“That was fun.” She set the empty glass down on the sink and pulled a towel out from the closet. “Here you go.”

“Hold up.” I arched an eyebrow at her. “What about me?”

She froze, hands on the towel, crooked half-smile on her face. “What do you mean, what about you?”

The wicked part of me that I was trying to hide so badly rattled his cage. “My turn.”

She blinked and a flush spread over her cheeks. “Fine.”

She lifted the bottle and poured another glass of wine before handing it to me. I gestured at the spot beside me in the tub but before she stepped forward, her hands came to the hem of her shirt and she pulled it over her head.

Oh, fuck. There was that bra again, the tattoo running up her side. All that smooth skin begging for attention. She pushed her shorts down.

“Wow,” I said, staring at her. My balls ached. Liv was half-naked in the bathroom with me, and as she stepped into the tub, into my space, it was almost too fucking much to handle.

“Wow,” I repeated, staring at the soft swells of her tits.

“You already said that.”

I swallowed, nodding, memorizing her curves. The flare at her waist where I had held her when she straddled me. The hollow at her collarbone where I’d run my tongue.

“Finn?” Liv’s voice was soft and her eyes flashed with amusement.

“Hmm?” God, those fucking thighs. They’d feel so good around my neck, warm and soft, squeezing me as I worked my tongue between her legs.

“Throw the wine.”

“Right.” My heart was beating so hard. My dick strained against my boxers. “Close your eyes.”

Her mouth turned up, her eyes closed, and I tossed the contents of the wine glass in her face. She chuckled and sputtered, eyes still closed, dripping in red wine. Droplets rolled down her nose, her chest, into her bra, down her stomach.

She wiped her face and opened her eyes, studying me with a coy smile. I reached to set the glass on the counter before turning back to her. That asshole who rattled the cage inside me earlier, telling Liv to strip down, he was back. My hands framed her jaw, tilting her face to mine.

“That list earlier, your bucket list?” I whispered.

She nodded.

“I want it all. I want to be all your firsts. Everything. I want those things with you.”

Her throat worked under my hands but she didn’t move.

“Do you understand, Liv?”

She nodded, eyes big and full of something brave. “Yes.”

We held each other’s gaze for a moment, understanding passing between us.

I want to find the flower with you.

I want to have kids with you.

Let’s live a long, happy life together.

My lips pressed against hers and a groan ripped through my chest. Soft. Sweet. Her breath tickled my face and her hands came to my chest. I slanted my mouth over hers, coaxing her open before slipping in to taste her.

She moaned and my hands threaded into her hair. Her delicate mouth tasted so fucking sweet, so Liv. My tongue stroked hers and she nipped my bottom lip. I felt the little bite all the way to my cock, pressing into her stomach.

“Fuck, Liv,” I whispered, looping an arm around her waist to pull her to me. “Fuck.”

Kissing Liv was fucking heaven. We should have been doing this since the day I got back to town. We should have been doing this for years. I tilted her head back, opening her up more, taking her deeper, and one of her hands came to the back of my neck, tugging my hair. The other palmed my length.

“God, you taste so fucking good.” My voice was rough in between kisses. I reached behind her and turned on the shower. Water poured down on us, rinsing the wine off, and I backed her into the spray, getting her hair wet. Our kisses were getting faster, more needy, more hungry, and behind her back, I undid her bra before tossing it aside.

Her tits. Jesus Christ, Liv’s tits. My palms covered each breast, stroking and rolling and gently tugging the pinched nipples while Liv made these delicious fucking moans into my mouth. Her hands were everywhere—in my hair, grazing my chest, scratching up and down my abs, digging into the back of my neck. Seeing this side of Liv was intoxicating.

“I knew you wanted me like this,” I rasped in her ear. “Knew you wanted me like I want you.”

“Shut up.” She pulled my mouth back down to hers and I laughed against it. My fingers found the waistband of her panties and tugged down, baring her. She kicked them off before yanking my boxers down. My cock sprang free, beading with pre-cum, and her arms looped back around my neck, soft lips returning to mine as she practically hung off me. I dragged a breath in, slowing our kiss down and looping an arm around her back to pull her tight to me.

Something crazy was happening in my chest. My heart squeezed, expanding into every corner of my chest.

This was right. This was real. It was big and intense and special and meant to be. I pulled back to search her eyes, heavy with desire, such a warm, gorgeous brown. Her wet hair dripped down her forehead, down her chest, and the moment felt so goddamn intimate. Like we were the only people that existed.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, baby,” I whispered.

The corner of her mouth curled up and I wished I could hear her thoughts but she wrapped her warm hand around my cock and my mind blanked. She gave me a long, firm stroke and I groaned into her neck as pressure built in my balls.

Wait. My head snapped up, head pounding with lust.

“Hands on the tile,” I told her. “You can touch me when I say you can.”

Her lips parted and she pulled in her bottom lip, eyes daring and ready to challenge me.

“You want to fool around? We’re doing it my way.”

Her eyes blazed as she leaned back against the wall. “Make it good, then.”


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