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Dragonia: Rise of the Wyverns – Chapter 34

The wyverns flew around each other in the orange sunset. With each passing day, they saw less and less of the orange sun. The wyverns they saw were every color, from gold to red to blue and green. He’d watched them dancing in the sky all week. Ayla had communicated with the wyverns to show off to Devarius. He had the rest of the men and women stay behind to work at the camp. Not too many trees were in the mountains, but enough to begin creating homes. They would need a city on Adeth Isle.

Aquila stepped by Devarius’s side. She glanced up to the sky, smiling.

“They are beautiful,” she said.

“Yes, they are,” Devarius replied.

“Have you learned anything?”

“A lot,” he said.

She furrowed her brow. “Like what?”

“Remember how the dragon we first met breathed fire?”

“Yes.” Aquila shuddered. “I remember.”

“Well, not all wyverns breathe fire … at least not that I’ve observed.”

“Really?” Aquila asked.

“For the last week, they’ve been … playing with each other. They’ve been showing off. I asked Ayla to tell them to show off their talents, their flying maneuverability. These creatures are a bit …” Devarius frowned. “Arrogant.”

Aquila nodded.

“Well … when they irritate each other, some of their hidden abilities come out. I don’t know if they’re unaware of all they can do or if they’re trying to hide what they can do from me.” Devarius brushed his hair behind his ears. “However, when they grow irritated with another, their abilities slip.”

“What have you seen?” Aquila asked.

“Smoke … mostly, but I’ve seen a few slips of flame … nothing major, mind you, but little puffs of fire.” He glanced up. “Watch the red wyvern there.”

She sat on the ground, gestured for him to follow, and together they glanced up to the sky. A red wyvern flew around a blue, and both nipped at each other as they maneuvered. Their speed was incredible, but even more impressive was their swift aerial cuts. When the red dove forward, the blue twisted, changing directions immediately from flying forward into a side spin and flying backward. The red wyvern, upset at chomping its jaw into air, spun around in midair, and two long puffs of smoke exhaled from its nostrils, including a small orange dot of what could have been fire.

“Is it only that wyvern?”

Devarius turned to her. “No … I’ve noticed all the red wyverns do this.”

Aquila pressed her lips together. “What about the blues?”

“I’ve seen a blueish mist exit their nostrils.”

“Really? I wonder what that means.”

“I believe the different wyverns can access different elements. I think the blue wyvern may have the ice element.”

“What makes you believe that?” Aquila asked.

Devarius reached into his sash and removed a leather-bound journal. He opened to a page, and he showed her a diagram of possible fighting techniques and elemental wyvern theories.

“I’ve taken detailed notes,” Devarius said.

Aquila’s eyebrows rose. “I can see that. I’m impressed. I didn’t know you were an alchemist.”

He smiled. “I’m not, but I’m trying to learn what I can to help the Resistance.”

“So what about the blue makes you believe they have the ability to create ice?”

“It’s easier to show you.”

He whistled into the air. All the wyverns in the sky spun to face him. One by one, all of them flew to the ground and perched in a line.

“Come with me.” He smiled.

He stood and offered his hand to her. She accepted and got to her feet. They walked side by side to the wyverns. He reached over and took her hand. She shivered when their hands met. An electric shock tingled through Devarius’s body as he touched her.

Devarius nodded at her. He moved her hand up to linger an inch from the red wyvern’s nose.

“Ow,” she cried as she pulled her hand away.

“What did you feel?” he asked.

“Its breath is hot.”

He nodded. “Put your hand in front of the blue wyvern.”

Aquila raised her hand toward the blue wyvern’s nose, carefully this time, edging closer slowly. Chill bumps traveled up her arm.

“Oh my,” she whispered. “Its breath is freezing.”

“Interesting, isn’t it?” Devarius asked.

“Quite.” She bit her bottom lip. “I wonder what abilities the other wyverns may have.”

Devarius’s eyes gleamed. “I know. I plan to do some experiments tomorrow to see what I can learn.”

“Exciting,” Aquila whispered. “Would you mind if I joined you?”

“Not at all,” Devarius said.

Aquila glanced up as the orange sun made its final descent below the horizon. “Will you watch the stars with me tonight? They are beautiful this time of year.”

“I would love to,” Devarius whispered, taking her hand in his.


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