Discovering Mr. X: Chapter 8


I open the door to my hotel suite and stand back so Rachel can go in first. She looks up at me as she passes, and I breathe in her heady jasmine perfume. My cock hardens as my mind is transported back to when I showed her around the house. I had hoped then that this day would come, but I didn’t think it would be so soon.

I’m one lucky bastard.

“Nice,” she says, looking around at the suite, her eyes landing on the giant four-poster bed in the middle of the room.

It’s sexy and seductive. It’s not a room you make love in. It’s a room where fantasies are played out, and mine is standing right in front of me.

“Would you like another drink?” I ask her as I open the minibar. I turn to look for her answer and realize she’s moved to stand right next to me.

“No, thank you, Tanner; we both know why we’re here.”

Fuck, my cock hardens more at the way she’s looking at me, her glittering eyes confident and determined.

“Maybe I need reminding,” I say, my eyes never leaving her face as she reaches up and around my neck and pulls my mouth down onto her warm, waiting lips. I can taste the whisky on her tongue as she opens for me, allowing me to press deeper, exploring her. Holy fuck, her lips are even sweeter to kiss than I imagined. I bring my hands up to her face and tilt her head back, getting her exactly where I want her. She pushes me, forcing my back against the wall as her hand drops to my pants. I let out a low groan as she grabs me roughly through the material.

Pulling her lips back from mine, she looks me in the eye before leaning closer. “It’s not just your ego that’s big then?” she whispers before nipping my ear between her teeth.

The feel of her breath as she whispers to me unleashes something, and I spin us around hard, so she is pressed against the wall instead. I look down at her, and she gazes up at me wickedly from under her long dark lashes, one hand still on my cock. She wraps her fingers around it and squeezes, her eyes fixed on mine, gauging my reaction.

“Fuck, you could make me come just by looking at me with those baby doll eyes,” I growl as I grab a fistful of her hair. I pull her head back sharply so I can kiss her again, deeply stroking my tongue against hers. I’m aware of our breathing growing ragged. I suck on her bottom lip before giving it a slight tug between my teeth.

“Let me see you, baby,” I say, reaching my hands down to the hem of her dress. I inch it up slowly over her knees and thighs, my fingers brushing against her soft skin. She draws in a small gasp, and I smile to myself as the sound confirms it—the touch of my hands against her bare skin feels just as good for her as it does for me. I pause once my hands reach her hips, my palms cupping each hip bone gently before my fingers slip underneath the lace fabric of her panties to stroke her skin.

“What are you waiting for?” She moves her hands to her dress to pull it over her head.

“Wait.” I stop her hands, and she looks at me in curiosity. But when I drop to my knees, she smiles, leaning her head back against the wall and parting her legs wider.

Fuck, she’s opening right up for me, beautiful girl.

“Watch me, Rachel,” I growl as I lean forward and press my mouth against the lace, biting her clitoris gently.

“Tanner,” she hisses, sucking in her breath as her body bucks forward from the wall.

“I want you to watch as I fuck you with my tongue, Rachel.” I look up at her from between her legs.

Her eyes drop to my face, and I watch them darken as I press my face back into her soaking wet panties and inhale deeply. “You smell so fucking delicious.” She shudders as I use one hand to yank the lace roughly to one side and press my hot tongue against her skin. She tastes so sweet, even better than I imagined. I groan as I lick her slowly across her lips and up to her clitoris in one smooth motion.

“Fuck, Tan,” she says, her eyes burning into mine.

“We’re friends now, are we?” I smile against her, sliding my tongue in and around her folds as I watch her eyes roll back in her head. “You just called me Tan.”

“You’re better when you don’t talk,” she moans, threading her fingers into my hair and pulling me back against her dripping wet sex. I laugh against her and use my hand to spread her wide, so I can suck hard on her clit, which draws a hiss from her lips.

“Too sensitive, baby?” I tease, pulling back.

“You’re a wanker,” I hear her murmur, but it sounds as though she’s smiling.

I lean back into her, stretching her open as I slide my tongue up deep inside her. Oh man, she really does taste fucking incredible. I feel the end of my cock leaking inside my pants, throbbing at the feel of her on my face. I swirl my tongue around, devouring her, my arousal increasing more and more as her wetness covers my chin.

“Oh fuck,” Rachel pants above me. It’s just the sound I need to ramp it up, knowing that I’m the one responsible for her moans. I keep holding her wide open with one hand and use the other to lean against the wall so that I can really drive my tongue as deep inside her as possible. I’ve got my face pressed right into her as she pushes back, grinding against me.

“Oh God,” she moans as her legs shake around my ears. I lift one over my shoulder and pin her back against the wall harder. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she moans above me, lost in her own ecstasy.

I groan against her, diving deeper and rubbing my face against her swollen clit. It’s then I feel the fucking perfect moment that she releases, her body sucking my tongue up inside it as it pulses around me and comes undone.

Her grip on my hair tightens. “God, Tanner,” she cries as I swirl my tongue around harder, feeling her muscles clamping, holding it tight. I drink up her wetness and bury my head deep between her legs as she shudders and shakes, riding her orgasm down around my tongue.

As her shallow breaths grow deeper and slower, I slide my tongue out gently. I take one more deep breath in, savoring her scent before kissing her tender skin. She shudders in response.

“Get up here,” she orders, dragging me up by my hair.

As I stand, there’s an unmistakable fire in her eyes as her pupils dilate back at me. “Well, aren’t you full of surprises?” she pants, cocking her head to one side, unwittingly exposing her neck. I swoop down on it, kissing it hungrily, biting it gently as she moans.

The sounds she makes speak directly to my cock, which is straining painfully now. Rachel notices and unfastens my belt and pants, pushing them down my hips with my boxer shorts so that they all fall around my ankles, freeing my cock, which is heavy and aching. Fuck, my balls feel huge and tight, full to the brim, just for her.

“Are you as good at fucking as you are at giving head, Tanner?” Rachel whispers, causing me to tear my lips away from her delicate neck and bring them to rest millimeters away from hers. I glance up into her eyes, which are dark and fiery.

“Maybe you should find out for yourself,” I say, leaning down and sucking on her bottom lip. Her lips are swollen and a darker shade of red now.

“I want you to fuck me like you own me, right here, against this wall. Do you think you can do that?” She cocks a brow at me.

I keep my mouth shut as I bend down to my pants pocket and grab a condom.

Fuck yes, I can do that. You’ll be begging me to stop when I’m done with you, baby.

“Let me,” Rachel says, taking it from my hand, her eyes never leaving mine as she rolls it all the way down onto me. I hiss at the sensation of her fingers around me and glance down to see her red fingernails cupping my balls, giving them a brief squeeze. “Looks like you’ve got a big load for me.” She bites her lip as she uses her other hand to wriggle out of her panties.

Oh fuck, she knows just what she’s doing to me.

“You’re a naughty girl,” I force out through gritted teeth as I lift each of her legs and wrap them around my waist.

Her eyes sparkle back at me as she snakes one hand around the back of my head and brings her lips to my ear. “You should fuck me extra hard then, Tan; that’s what naughty girls like.”

The sound of her saying those words is too much for any sane man to take. I line my cock up and let out a deep groan as I slowly sink into her, inch by inch, until I’m balls deep.

“Fuuucckk.” I can’t help hissing out. She feels incredible, all wrapped around me, so hot, tight, and wet.

“That feels so good,” she sighs, leaning her head back against the wall.

“Don’t you dare look away,” I growl as my cock twitches inside her, already threatening to blow its load. “I want you to watch as I fuck you, so you remember who made you so sore.”

Her eyes light up, and she smirks at me. “That’s big talk. Do you think you can live up to it?”

“You cheeky bitch,” I say as I draw back and slam into her. Her eyes widen before she reaches around my back and pushes her hands up inside my shirt, smiling back at me.

I draw back and slam into her again as she lets out a cry and digs her nails into my skin. It’s animalistic and raw. I pull back, again and again, slamming into her harder and faster each time, setting a relentless rhythm.

“Oh fuck, Tan,” she cries, leaning her head back, her mouth falling open.

“I said, fucking look at me!” I practically shout as I drive into her, both of us gasping for air.

She drags her eyes back to mine as I pick up the pace again. She’s struggling to keep her eyes open.


“Yes, Snow?”

She smiles briefly at my name for her before her eyes roll back in her head, and she screams, “fuck, I’m going to come, I’m going to come.” She drags her nails down my back, and even though I wince as they draw blood, my cock swells even more.

“That’s it, baby, come all over my cock, let me feel you,” I growl as I watch her explode in my arms. The sight of her coming hard because of me, the feel of her muscles clamping down around my cock, is too much, and I release violently inside her. “God, fuck!” I moan as I keep hammering into her, my cock going wild, pulsing out with each thrust. “Fuck, Rachel,” I pant, as I feel all my sense of control gone. I slow my body down until we are both panting, a sheen of sweat where our skin meets.

I lean my forehead against hers, closing my eyes briefly, still trying to catch my breath. “You’re fucking incredible,” I whisper.

When I open my eyes, she brings her hands to my face, pulling me into a slow, deep kiss.

Fucking hell, I knew this woman would be trouble.


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