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Discovering Mr. X: Chapter 30



“Okay, Mrs. Grayson. Your turn to choose.” I hold up the box as Rachel reaches her left hand inside. The light catches the giant pear-shaped diamond sitting next to the wedding band on her finger.

“Hmm, I wonder what we will get today.” She lifts out a packet, tearing the top off and tipping its contents onto the bed. She carefully unwraps the red tissue paper. A tiny thong, resembling the size of one of my shoelaces, falls out. The string that goes at the back is made entirely out of pearls.

I cough back a laugh. “You did not work a flight in that.” I point to the shred of material that Rachel’s slowly stepping into and pulling up underneath her dress.

“I did too.” She winks, turning around and lifting the back of her dress up so I can see the line of pearls running down between her ass cheeks.

“Fuck.” I sigh, squeezing my cock through my boxers as I lay back on the bed and watch her. “You look sexy as hell in that.”

“Only the best for my favorite client,” she teases, circling her hips slowly.

“Your only fucking client,” I growl as I reach up and pull her down, so she’s straddling me. I lift her dress up over her head, throwing it on the floor. Her tits are exposed at the perfect height for me to suck her rosy, pink nipples into my mouth. “You look so good.” My eyes roam down her body and to the tiny piece of white lace fabric that’s barely covering the front of her pussy.

She grinds her hips down onto me and bites her bottom lip as her eyes hold mine. A grin plasters itself on my face as I let my head drop back, enjoying the sensation of her against my throbbing erection.

I’m one lucky guy.

We got married a month after she came to find me in Vegas. Rachel didn’t see the point in waiting, and seeing just how sure she was about us was the biggest turn-on. I don’t know how I kept my hands off her long enough to even say the vows. We had a small ceremony, just our family and friends. Holly and Jay flew over with baby Summer, and that was everyone we needed, right there to witness Rachel become Mrs. Grayson. She looked so beautiful. The entire day is a memory I will treasure until my dying breath.

The day my Snow became mine forever.

A sharp tug on my balls causes me to suck in a breath as my stomach tenses. “Earth to Tanner.” Rachel smirks.

I love this game she likes to play. Ever since we came back from Vegas, Rachel seemed unhappy about the box of unopened lingerie in my cupboard. She said it was supposed to have been enjoyed and wasn’t living out its purpose. She felt like it sitting there was a grim reminder of how badly things almost went wrong for us. The “cleansing ritual,” as she likes to call it, involves one of us choosing a packet and then fucking each other senseless while she wears whichever pair of panties is inside. I can’t complain about her quirkiness over it. Fuck, I’d be an idiot to do so. It makes my wife happy, and she looks incredible in every pair. I’m more than happy to oblige.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about the last time.” My hands caress her ass cheeks, squeezing gently. I run my thumb underneath the pearl string and down between her legs, where she’s slick with arousal.

“The last time?” She tilts her head, circling herself against my fingertips.

“Yeah, remember, against the window?” I grin, remembering the way her tits left marks that were visible on the glass the next day. I refused to wipe them off until she agreed to a morning re-run.

“I remember.” She smiles, lifting herself off me so I can pull my boxers down and kick them off. “Why don’t you focus on this time now?” She leans down towards me, her breath warm on my neck as she kisses me underneath my ear. “I’m so wet for you,” she whispers, reaching two fingers down to swipe through her folds. She brings them, glistening with her juices, up to my lips as if to prove it.

I lurch forward, grabbing her wrist as I suck them into my mouth, hard. Her whole face lifts and her cheeks flush pink. “What a good husband I have.”

“Want to see what else I can do?” I grin as I reach my arms under her legs and lift her, sliding down the bed underneath her at the same time. When I place her back down, it’s onto my hot and hungry waiting mouth.

Rachel moans as I pull her panties to one side, and my tongue explores her.

“You’re like fucking heaven.” I swirl my tongue around, savoring her sitting on my face. My cock throbs and drips in response.

“I’m pretty sure you can’t fuck heaven.” Rachel’s laugh is cut off by a sharp gasp as I pull her clit between my teeth.

“Don’t be so snarky,” I scold.

“Wanker,” she fires back, but her smile is clear in her voice.

Maybe I’m wired wrong, but I fucking love it when she insults me. It means I’m hitting the right spot. I love giving her pleasure. Hell, I live for seeing it on her face, hearing it in her voice, and feeling it in the way her body reacts to me.

I go to town on her pussy, sucking, licking, and devouring it for as long as she will let me before she’s clawing at my hair and panting my name.

“I need you, Tan,” she groans, trying to pull her swollen clit away from my tongue.

“Busy,” I murmur, clutching her hips and pulling her back down onto my tongue.

She struggles against me as her breath comes in short, sharp bursts. She’s so close, I can tell. “Why don’t you ever do as you’re told?”

“Because I like it when my hot wife is angry at me.”

“You’re a wan—”

I don’t let her finish; I suck on her clit, and she shudders and comes hard on my face, screaming out my name, along with a list of profanities, all aimed at me.

I drink her up as she rides her release down. When she stops shaking, she lifts her body away from me, her dark hair falling around her face as she looks down. Her red lips are parted, her cheeks flushed.

She looks beautiful.

“Bet you’re pleased you married me, huh?” I grin up at her.

“You have certain redeeming qualities, I suppose.” She looks at me, her eyes bright.

“Time to showcase another for you, Mrs. Grayson.”

Rachel eyes me with amusement as I slide out from underneath her and spring up onto my knees on the bed behind her.

“I love it when you look back over your shoulder at me like that,” I groan. She gives me a wicked grin in response as I grip her hips and pull her back roughly. “Sit back on my cock like a good wife, Rachel,” I instruct, my voice gruff.

Any other time these words would earn me a slap. But now, with her cheeks still glowing from her last orgasm, Rachel is more than happy to oblige.

She lets me be in charge… sometimes.

I line the head of my cock up at her entrance, electricity coursing through my body as she looks back and pushes herself onto me. The hot, wet caress of her body gripping me as I slide in deep is so fucking perfect. I could have this every day and never tire of it. I do have this every day, and all it does is make me crave her even more when we are apart. Thank God she agreed to move in with me straight away. With the understanding we would keep her house, and Megan could stay as long as she wanted.

Rachel clenches around me. “Fuck… what are you doing to me?” I groan, kneading her ass cheeks with my thumbs.

“Just enjoying what’s mine,” she says as she dips her back and grinds onto me.

“It’s all yours, baby. It’s yours forever.”

I speed up, setting a steady pace to drive into her over and over. Rachel tips her head back and moans as I reach to her shoulder and pull her back roughly, keeping one hand there so I can deepen each thrust. My other hand clutches her hip with white knuckle force as I fuck her harder, spurred on by her rising volume.

“Tan, oh fuck, you feel so good. I’m going to come all over that perfect cock of yours,” Rachel cries out as her body convulses and her arms shake underneath her.

I feel every movement of her, every tremor, every tightening of her pussy as she orgasms again. That, combined with the sight of her perfect ass banging back against my body, is too much, and mine builds, reaching its peak.

The white pearls of her thong glisten against her skin where I’ve pulled them to one side. The first release of my orgasm is almost on me as I grab the pearls and yank them hard. Rachel lets out a gasp, and it’s the final push that sends me free-falling over the edge.

“Oh fuuuccckkk!”

Hot, white heat from my cock fills her as she sucks me in and milks me dry. My vision blurs, and I see stars.


I’m seeing tiny white stars flying around us both. There’s a soft splattering as the tiny, pearlescent balls shower us like raindrops, landing on the mattress.

“I think this pair has definitely been cleansed,” I pant, pulling out from Rachel’s body and bringing her down to lie on the bed with her head resting on my chest. Both of us are covered in a sheen of sweat.

“I think so too. Let’s open another.”

My mouth falls open. “You wanna go again? Already?”

She smirks at me as she sits up to grab another packet, pulling me up into a sitting position as she bounces back down onto the bed next to me and sits up straight.

“You open this one,” she says, her eyes dancing.

“My balls are drier than the Sahara Desert, Rach.”

She fixes me with a look that tells me if I want to continue being able to have sex at all, I should shut up and obey. I shake my head with a chuckle as I tear open the padded packet and turn it upside down.

“What’s this?” I stare at the item that’s fallen out onto the bed. The thing is small, but that’s where the similarities between it and the panties I was expecting ends.

“Turn it over and see,” Rachel says.

She watches me closely as I pick up the small object, studying it as I turn it over in my hand.

“Rachel…” Any tiredness my body felt a moment ago is eradicated. I feel like I’m on top of the world as I take in the immense meaning of what I’m holding in my hand.

The little blue and white stick only has one word on it. But it’s a life-changing one.


“You’re pregnant?” My voice comes out high while my eyes feel like they may fly out of my head.

Rachel nods at me, her eyes wide as she bites her bottom lip. “Seems like your balls work fine.”

I thrust my arms up and punch the air. “Did you hear that?” I call to the ceiling. “My balls work! I’ve knocked my wife up!”

“Never do that again,” Rachel snaps, but when I look at her, she’s grinning.

“This is fucking incredible, Rach.” I pull her into my arms as I stare at the pregnancy test again. She tilts her face up to me, pulling me into a tender kiss, and traces her tongue along my lips as though this is the only place in the world she wants to be.

“We’re going to be parents,” she murmurs against my lips.

I place the pregnancy test down on the bed and reach up to hold either side of her face. Staring into the eyes of the woman I love, I know I must be the happiest guy in existence.

“No, Rach. We’re going to be a family.”

Her eyes widen as she whispers, “a family?”

I nod at her as I stroke her cheeks. Praying that she can feel my love and adoration for her and our baby seeping through my fingers.

“Yes. We’re going to be each other’s family.” My words are soft as I watch Rachel process them.

She looks up at me, unshed tears in her big baby doll eyes. “I love you, Tan.”

“I love you too, Rach. I love you too.”

I wrap her in my arms, and she relaxes, trusting me completely to hold on to her forever.

And I will.

Because just as I am hers—Rachel is mine.

And what a fucking beautiful destination she is.

The End.


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