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Discovering Mr. X: Chapter 20


I pull back hard on the rowing machine in my gym, sweat already soaking my t-shirt.

Fuck, I need to sort my head out.

At the party at Rachel’s house, I nearly lost my shit in front of her and all her friends. First, there was Drew, bringing up the panties with those other flight attendants—I’ve already ripped him a new one for pulling a stunt like that. Then there was Chris, her ex-fuck buddy. God, I could have strangled him knowing that he’s had his hands on her. But then Rachel didn’t react badly at all when we bumped into Mandy, so how would it have looked if I had fired off? Of course, I can’t expect her not to have a past; mine’s probably worse. There’ve been women—a lot of women—but it’s always been short-lived. And the relationships I had, well, they turned to shit once it became apparent they liked my name and money more than anything else.

The thing that’s bothering me most, though, is Megan’s drawing of Rachel’s mom with that quote on it. It’s what made me listen more intently to their conversation at the airport all that time ago; it’s what started all this. My mom used to say it to me all the time, and my nana to her too. I’ve never heard anyone else say it before.

This is a head fuck. It’s got to be a coincidence. What else could it be? I don’t think I believe in all that shit about signs. Although, I do like to think that Nana hears us talk to her, wherever she is. It’s just a weird, head-fucking coincidence, that’s all.

It has made me wonder how the hell I’m going to tell Rachel, though. Seeing that drawing, spending these past few weeks with her—I’m worried. I don’t want to lose her. But surely telling her the truth will undoubtedly mean that I do. She’s going to think I’m a weird creep. How can I explain that isn’t what it’s like at all?

I quit rowing and pick up my towel to wipe my face. I only saw Rachel last night, but I need her again, especially if our remaining time could be cut short soon. I grab my phone to send her a text.

Me: Now you know my surname, it’s only right you should see my house.

It’s crazy that she hasn’t been here already. A part of me was probably holding back after all the relationships I’ve had where money just confuses things. I should have asked her sooner. I know she’s not like that; I’ve always known. I have to force my help on her, and she kicks and screams in protest. I chuckle at the thought—my wild firecracker.

Snow: Okay, I accept your invitation to view your smug wanker pad.

I laugh, shaking my head as I take a swig of my water bottle before replying.

Me: I’ll pick you up at six. Bring an overnight bag and don’t wear any panties.

Snow: Your request will be given consideration.

She’s a cheeky bitch. We both know full well I will have her naked and fucking soon after she gets in the door.

And I know she wouldn’t want it any other way.

“So, how was New York? And the party?” Mom asks as she sits down next to me at my kitchen island.

“It was great. Rachel wanted to go ice-skating.”

“Tanner!” Mom laughs. “I can’t imagine you doing that. She must be special.”

I smile into my coffee. “I don’t think I will make a habit of it; I’ve only just stopped aching.”

“Oh, Tan!” Mom smiles, looking over at me, her brow creasing. “Is there something else going on, Tan?”

I focus my eyes down on the counter. “What do you mean?”

“You seem like you’ve got a lot on your mind,” she says kindly. “A mom always notices these things.” She sits and waits patiently while I have another drink and delay answering.

“I have to tell her something, Mom, and I’m worried that when I do, she won’t want to know me anymore.” I put my mug down and rest my arms against the counter.

Mom places her hand gently on my arm. “It can’t be that bad, Tan.”

“Can’t it?” I stare down at my hands.

“You’re a grown man. I know you don’t tell your old mom everything, and that’s how it should be, but I know you, Tan. You’ve got a good heart, and you would never cause hurt on purpose.” She squeezes my arm gently before continuing. “Whatever it is, you need to tell her. I’m sure she will understand once you explain.”

“You don’t know her, Mom.” I smile sadly.

“No, I don’t. We need to change that. Why don’t you bring her over tomorrow if you’re both free? I can make us all lunch?” she says brightly.

“That sounds nice, Mom, thanks.” I smile back at her.

If only a homemade lunch would solve all my problems.

“Rach! Tan’s here,” Megan calls up the stairs after she lets me in.

“I’ll be down in a minute.” I hear her shout back.

Megan tells me about her latest work dramas as I follow her into the lounge and take a seat on the sofa. Almost immediately, Nigel hops over, looking up expectantly at me.

“I think he wants you to pick him up.” Megan giggles.

God, a few spinach leaves, and he’s anyone’s pet. He needs to work on his negotiation skills.

“Come on then, big fella,” I say as I hoist him up into my arms. He immediately rolls to the side, so I’m effectively cradling him like a baby.

Megan looks at him in delight and shakes her head. “He’s smitten with you.”

I look down at him. He’s quite cute, really, and he gives Rachel a lot of happiness, so I guess he’s not so bad—biting aside.

“Apparently, they’re going to announce something big at the meeting this week.” Megan goes back to telling me about her job.

“You’ll have to let me know how that goes. It could mean you’ll get a new boss,” I say with interest. I know her current one is a bit of a dickhead, from what she and Rachel have told me.

The door creaks open, and I look up as Rachel pokes her head around the door, her face lighting up when she sees Nigel in my arms.

“I’m ready for the grand tour,” she jokes. “Although, it looks like Nigel may have something to say about you getting up right now.”

“I think he must have found his BFF for life.” Megan laughs.

I look down at him, stretched out, and smile. “You’re much better to look at than Drew. I’ll give you that. We can work on the conversation,” I joke as I ease my arms apart. Nigel reluctantly relocates to the sofa next to Megan.

“See you tomorrow,” Rachel calls as we leave.

“See you,” she calls back.

The drive to my house takes less than half an hour, and before I know it, we are pulling through the two metal gates and into the private crescent-shaped road of just a few spaced-out houses. Their timber and black glass fronts are modern but also blend into the established trees surrounding them.

“I knew it! I knew you’d live somewhere like this. I bet you’ve got a home gym and a giant home office.” Rachel smirks and shakes her head as she looks out the window.

“Don’t forget the hot tub,” I joke good-naturedly. “I’m not sure whether to be disappointed that I’m so predictable or impressed at your powers of deduction.” I laugh.

“Impressed will do,” she says as she climbs out onto the driveway and looks up at the house.

“Come on then, show me inside.” She grins, walking up to the front door.

I open it and catch the impressed look on her face. The double-height entryway is flooded with light from the glass wall at the front of the house. I designed an indoor garden of plants by the bottom of the staircase and put in a clear glass banister. It’s very white and minimalist.

She leans down and takes her boots off as I step out of my shoes. Her toenails are bright red, her legs long and tanned.

I can’t wait to have them wrapped around me later.

I put her bag by the bottom of the stairs and lead her down a hallway, passing the lounge with its giant entertainment system, my home office, and the laundry room.

“What’s in there?” She points to a closed door.

“The basement. There’s a gym and games room down there,” I say, leading her into the kitchen, my favorite room of the house. The bright walls and glass back wall overlooking the Japanese-inspired garden make it the perfect spot to have a coffee in the morning while I catch up on work emails.

“You have a kitchen bigger than the entire downstairs of my house, and yet you’ve spent more time at my place than your own this last couple of weeks.” She shakes her head as she looks at the ten-seater dining table and a large sectional sofa horseshoed around the other end of the room. “You really are loaded.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” I walk over to her, effectively trapping her between me and the marble kitchen island.

She smirks as she realizes what I’m doing. “Are we talking about you being loaded or hanging around my house so much?”

“You’ve got such a smart mouth.” I take another step towards her, so she’s forced to tilt her head back to look up at me. She blinks slowly before dropping her eyes towards my groin and licking her lips.

I don’t wait for an invitation. I put a hand into her hair and pull her against me sharply, so we are pressed against one another, our lips almost touching. She sucks her breath in as her eyes light up.

“Don’t tease me, Rachel,” I growl against her mouth as I lean in and claim it as mine, my kiss pushing into her deeply and pulling pleasure back with each dance of my tongue against hers. She kisses me back with force, and I feel her snake her arms around my neck, inviting me in further.

I pull back, panting, and hold her around her neck with one hand. “You are so fucking beautiful. I want to bend you over this counter right now,” I murmur. “Did you leave your panties at home like I asked you to?”

“You have a one-track mind, Tanner Grayson. Finish showing me around, and I might let you find out,” Rachel says, her eyes challenging mine. Fuck. She knows what she does to me, and yet she’s holding back, making me wait even longer. I run my fingers through my hair and let out a deep groan.

“Fine.” I sulk. “After you.” I gesture with my arm. At least I can check out her ass and legs as she goes up the stairs first. Surely, she can give me that pleasure for now.

Her eyes glitter at me as she holds out her hand. “No, it’s your house, I insist. Besides, how will I know where to go?” she says sweetly.

I swallow down my annoyance. She knows just how to push my buttons. She’ll regret being a tease later once I have her begging me to let her come. The thought pleases me as I head back to the hallway and stride up the stairs, wanting to make this part of the tour as quick as possible.

“Bedrooms, bathrooms, you’ve seen plenty of those before,” I say as we get to the top, and I turn to go towards the master bedroom.

“Hang on,” Rachel says slowly, walking off in the wrong direction.

For fuck’s sake.

She insists on looking in every room and asking me multiple questions about the décor before looking out of each window and commenting on the individual views.

Finally, we get to my bedroom door.

“I’m starting to wish I lived in a tent,” I grumble. “We would have been done ages ago.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” She winks at me as she slides past me into my room, and I smell her jasmine perfume. She takes her time looking around at the giant bed with deep, white bedding piled high on it, the dark frames with black and white architectural style prints on the walls.

She wanders inside the en suite with a giant walk-in shower and twin sinks. I hear her gasp—it sounds like she’s just noticed the giant freestanding bath with the floor-to-ceiling window next to it. You can soak in it and stare right out at the garden.

She comes back out and walks over to me. I’m leaning against the doorframe, failing to disguise the bulge of my cock as it stands to rock-hard attention in my jeans.

“I think you’ve been very patient,” Rachel says as she looks up at me from under her lashes, her hands going to my jeans and slowly undoing them.

I suck in my breath. Fuck, she’s so arousing. The way she smells, the way she looks at me, her pretty little mouth that pours out such horny filth. “I have… so patient,” I agree, reaching up to brush a loose strand of hair from her face.

“I think you deserve something for being such a good boy.” She smirks as she drops to her knees and pulls my jeans and boxers to my ankles with her. I step out of them and rip my socks off.

“Fuck, yes I do!” I say, standing back up and grabbing the base of my cock, pumping it slowly. Rachel parts her sweet red lips and leans forward so I can rub the dripping end of it over them. My pre-come makes them glisten before she darts her tongue out and licks it off hungrily. “Fuuuucck,” I hiss, tapping the head against her open mouth as her eyes look back up at me.

“Tan?” she murmurs before swirling her tongue around the tip. I tilt my head back and let out a low groan as she sinks down, drawing my length into her mouth and sucking.

“Yes, Snow,” I barely hiss out.

She sucks down onto me again, one of her hands gently tugging my loaded balls at the same time. I shudder as my cock throbs.

She pulls back, her warm breath against the tip of me as she talks. “I want you to fuck my mouth.”

I look up, silently thanking God for bringing this woman into my life.

“If that’s what you want, baby,” I say, looking down at her darkly as I place a hand on the back of her head and cradle it.

“It is. I want to taste your hot come pour down my throat,” she purrs, her baby doll eyes regarding my face carefully as she bites her lip to hide her smile. She’s a fucking vixen disguised in a sweet Snow-White package.

Fuck, I’ll be lucky to last two minutes.

“You’ll tell me if I’m too rough?” I ask as my knuckles stroke over her cheek.

She fixes her eyes on mine. “I can handle it.”

God, this woman.

I push forwards and slide between her parted lips; she lets out a small moan, and my cock drips into her fiery mouth in response.

Jesus, she feels fucking fantastic.

I pull back and slide in again, further this time, my hand gently guiding the back of her head forward to meet me. She still has one hand cupping my balls, and the other, she’s resting on my inner thigh.

She never takes her eyes off mine as I build up pace and start fucking her mouth, my hand pressing harder against the back of her head. Her eyes are full of desire, which just spurs me on even more. I thrust even deeper and hear her gag, making me pause for a moment, but she sucks back onto me greedily and gives me a look that tells me not to dare stop. It’s almost too fucking much.

I bring my other hand to the back of her head and thrust my hips up and forward as I push her down. She’s taking my entire length now, my balls hitting her chin as I make her gag a couple more times. I’m ready to fucking explode when she reaches around behind me and slides her thumb up inside my ass.

“Fuck! Rachel!” I yell as I come suddenly, the sensation so unbelievably strong. She swirls her thumb around, and I jerk violently in her throat as my cock pumps it out. The vibration of her giggle in her throat rubs the head of my cock, and I jerk again as the last hot spurts come out, emptying me completely.

“What the fuck?” I look down at her as she sits back onto her heels, removing my cock from her throat at the same time her thumb vacates my back passage.

She smiles at me and licks her lips. “Turns out smug wanker pads are a bit of a turn-on.”

I can’t help but laugh as I pull her up quickly, lifting her, so she has to wrap her legs around my waist. I’m pleased to feel her wet, naked pussy against my skin—no panties—just like I asked. I turn and rest her up against the wall.

“Where have you been all my life, Rachel Jones?” I ask against her lips before I kiss her, my tongue delving between her lips and tasting the salty remnants of my come in her mouth. She moans against me and brings her hands up to my hair as she kisses me back passionately. God, this woman, what she does to me—it’s fucking insane!

We keep kissing each other hard until we’re both panting. I pull back to look at Rachel, and her cheeks are flushed with arousal. I should really make her wait and draw it out, like she did to me—delayed gratification. Only I’m not sure my willpower is as strong where she’s concerned. She only has to look at me, and I’m like a pubescent boy, ready to go again with an almost permanent raging hard-on.

I carry her over to the bed and throw her down onto it, climbing up over her as she lands.

“Someone’s eager.” She smirks.

“You fucking bet I am,” I say as I reach down and unfasten her belt. My hands go to her dress next. What is this? It’s got like a thousand buttons down the front, and I’m tempted just to rip the stupid thing off.

“Don’t go throwing a tantrum.” Rachel laughs, seeing my irritated face as I work on the buttons. She grabs the bottom of the fabric and pulls the whole thing up and over her head.

Thank fuck for that.

I reach a hand around underneath her and unhook her bra, tossing it to the side.

Bras I can handle.

I pause for a moment to take in her incredible tits, their deep pink nipples already hard and straining towards me, begging me to suck them.

“I love your tits,” I say, kneading them in my hands as I bring my mouth down and suck on her perfect nipples. Rachel moans in response and arches up into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around one and then the other, stretching it back between my lips as I suck hard.

“Ah! Tan,” Rachel cries out. Judging by the way she’s grinding her soaking pussy against me, I’d say she likes it.

“You like it rough, don’t you, baby?” I say, rising onto my knees and straddling her ribs. She knows just what I want to do and brings her hands to her tits, pushing them together as I rest my cock between them. I grip onto the headboard and slide forward. She looks so incredible, lying there like this for me, her eyes wild with passion. I slide back and forth slowly a few more times, my cock straining to pump fast. I’m being greedy, though, and I think I’ve made her wait long enough.

“I think your sweet pussy is feeling left out,” I say as I climb off her and move to stand at the bottom of the bed. She looks up at me in amusement.

“Your cock may be big, Tanner, but it’s not going to reach from over there.” She laughs.

“Cheeky bitch, who said anything about my cock?” I grin wickedly at her as I kneel on the floor and grab her ankles, pulling her in one swift movement, so her ass is right at the edge of the mattress. She moans out my name as I lift her feet over my shoulders and lean forward, inhaling deeply.

“You smell delicious. I can’t wait to have you come all over my face.”

“You’re a bad boy, Tanner Grayson,” she says, her hands moving to my head and fisting in my hair.

I respond by leaning forward and sliding my tongue between her soaking lips, finding her swollen clit and tracing circles over it. Rachel’s hips writhe on the bed, and she pulls on my hair. “Your pussy is a hungry little thing, begging me to give her an orgasm,” I say before sinking my tongue deep inside Rachel’s body and licking in large, deep circles. Fuck, I can’t get enough of tasting her like this. She’s so warm and wet, so sweet. I slide my tongue out and back onto her clit, groaning as she grinds against me.

“You taste incredible.” I suck her clit hard.

“Tan,” she moans.

God, I love hearing her say my name like this.

She pulls my hair, forcing me onto her harder, and my cock weeps in response. I love it when she can’t get enough of what I’m doing to her.

I move one hand up to pull her nipple sharply at the same as I slide three fingers deep inside her.

“Tan!” she hisses, but I know she can take it. Her wetness is all over me.

“Make sure you scream my name loudly when I’m sucking your orgasm out of you,” I growl.

“Fuck you!” Rachel pants.

I smirk as I suck on her clit extra hard, and she bucks off the bed.

“Have I told you that you’re a wanker?” she forces out between her gasps as my fingers pump into her harder, the sound of her wetness echoing around the room.

“Not often enough when you’re like this.” I smirk at her before really going for it with my mouth, sucking and swirling my tongue over her in fast circles while my fingers continue to fuck her hard.

I can sense she’s getting close, so I push her feet back up onto the bed, so she’s spread wide for me. Then I push my fingers back inside her, changing the angle, so they rub up against her front wall, finding that magical, sweet spot. Her hands pull my hair even harder, and she lets out a loud scream as she bucks up off the bed and her legs shudder. I use my free hand to hold her opposite leg down, pinning the other to the bed with my elbow as she comes hard against my face.

“Oh fuck, Tan!” she screams as I keep tracing hard, fast circles against her with my tongue. I can feel her contracting around my fingers as I keep plunging them into her in quick, smooth strokes. I will never tire of this—her riding an orgasm out that I’ve given her.

It’s what dreams are made of.

I let out a low, deep growl of contentment as I feel her orgasm slow, her fingers releasing their vise-like grip on my hair. I kiss her gently all over her lips and inner thighs, gently sliding my soaking fingers out of her and sucking them clean.

“I’ll never get enough of tasting you like this,” I say, more to myself, as I savor her taste on my last finger.

“I’ll have to make you do it more then.” She pulls me up to lie next to her.

“You won’t hear me complaining.” I smile and lean in to kiss her as my erection presses against her thigh.

“And you said I was greedy?” Rachel tuts.

“No, I said your pussy was hungry,” I correct her, which earns me a slap across the chest.

I laugh as I roll over and pull her on top of me. She looks down at me playfully as I reach my hands up to cup her tits.

“Now ride my cock like a good girl, and I’ll run you a bath after.”


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