Detained: Chapter 68



I jog down the stairs. I need some air. After seeing Zara in her wedding dress and her begging me to make her ass red, I had to drag myself out of that room. I follow the smell of cigarettes that wafts through the window and head out into the yard. Grayson, Jax and Luca sit around the table with a bottle of scotch.

“Starting without me?” I ask as I stride toward them.

“We didn’t realize you would be so damn long,” Grayson says, pouring me a glass and sliding it across the table.

“Sorry, Zara needed me.”

Jax rolls his eyes. “Needed a dicking more like.”

I slap him in the back of the head. “Watch your mouth.”

Luca and Grayson hold back their laughter. He’s not wrong though.

“You never know, Jax, you might find a woman one day who can show you a thing or two.”

“Quality over quantity,” Grayson adds, and holds up his glass.

“Yeah, easy for you guys to say that. I’ll stick to my plan, thank you.” Jax knocks back his scotch and lights his cigarette.

“And what plan is that?” Luca asks. Rosa comes through the door and sits on his lap. I smile as I watch him cuddle her against him, pressing a kiss to the side of her head, his hand protectively stroking her little belly bump.

“What plan?” she asks, looking around the men with a questioning stare.

“Oh, my plan to stay single forever and fuck my way around New York,” Jax replies with a smug grin.

“And how’s that going for you?” she asks, making us all laugh.

Jax rests his arm up on the chair next to him, tugging at his tie. “I’m pretty happy.”

There is no disguising the lie in his tone. He’s still young. He has plenty of time to work it out. Even if we all have to give him a bit of a push in the right direction.

Keller and Sienna walk out hand in hand, with Max and Darcy in front of them. Keller cradles their newborn son, Nico, in his arm.

“Looking good, Mr. Russo.” I greet him.

“Getting there.” He smiles back, running a tattooed hand across his stubble.

“Darcy, wait for Daddy!” he calls out as his dark-haired daughter runs off into the yard.

“I’ll go get her, Dad,” Max replies and runs after her.

After pouring him a scotch, I hold it out to him.

“Are you ready to get back to work?” I ask.

“No. He’s not.” Sienna replies while side-eying him.

Keller chuckles and pulls her snug into his side before placing a kiss on the side of her head.

“Not that kind of work, princess. Helping out with the End Zone renovations is what he means.”

“It better be.”

I hold my hand up and chuckle. “I swear.”

The revamp of the End Zone is in full swing, and in typical Keller style, he wants to be involved. Seeing as that will be primarily his base from now on. The hottest club will be back, even bigger this time.

The doors slide open and a red faced Maddie comes storming out, pointing her finger at me as she stomps closer in her black dress and heels.

“You, Frankie, ruined Zara’s hair and make-up,” she says, jabbing her nail into my chest.

“I’m not apologizing, Maddison.” I hide my smirk.

She huffs, looking at her husband.

Grayson shrugs. “I’m not getting involved.”

“You men, you need to get going. You need to be at the venue.” She grabs my arm and looks at my watch. “Ten minutes ago!”

“Calm down, I’ve paid enough for them to not care.” I ruffle her blonde hair, making her glare at me.

“Grayson, get him out of here before I kill him.”

The men all stand up while she gives me a scowl.

“I’m going, I’m going.” I hold my hands up in surrender.

“Sorry Frankie, I’m just a bit stressed,” she pouts.

“It’s okay. I appreciate all your help organizing this for us.”

“You’re going to love it, it’s spectacular. Very ‘you’.” She grins.

“As long as my girl is happy, I’m happy. Is her bag all packed?”

She nods.

I have a little surprise up my sleeve for my wife tonight.


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