Detained: Chapter 67


There’s a somber feeling in the air. Kings gym is lined with our men, full to the brim. In hindsight, we didn’t lose many, but any is too much.

Jax, Grayson, and Luca join me and Zara up in the ring. I need to do what any good leader does; show them their worth, and keep them loyal to me.

I tighten my grip on the red ropes. Just because Romano is gone, doesn’t mean we start slacking. There is always another enemy waiting to swoop in for power. We’re now working with the Russians who have enemies in the country.

It’s always going to be a dangerous life.

“Romano is dead, the Capris are no longer an organization, nor a threat to us.” I start my speech off with, which earns me a cheer from the crowd.

“Each and everyone of you have earned your place here, and will be compensated well for your work.”

What they don’t know yet is each of them will be receiving a hefty financial bonus.

“Now, business will return to usual. We have more shipments coming in and deals with the Russians to take into consideration. Jax will lead the front with them and Grayson will continue with your training, both combat and boxing.”

I glance at my two main men, both sporting grins.

“Zara and I are exploring expansion opportunities. Mainly with clubs and properties, potentially into the takeover in Sicily. The End Zone will be coming back. Some of you will work on that until Keller is ready to help.”

I let out a breath. He’s awake, he’s in recovery. Despite having some touch and go moments, he pulled through with his wife by his side. I know he will be back in action in some form as soon as he can.

“He’ll be back, but sticking to training this time.”

“And I’m sure you’ve all noticed the reappearance of the other Russo brother.” I turn and gesture for Luca to join me.

“Now, this asshole, he’s not going anywhere. He might not be the boss anymore, but he will be my right-hand man, working closely alongside Enzo.” My hand claps him on his shoulder.

Luca nods and waves like he’s on a Sunday float. With a baby on the way, he’s moving back to New York. He made it clear he had no intentions of leading alongside me.

Zara takes her spot beside me and holds my hand.

“And we will celebrate this victory at our wedding in a couple of months. I expect you to all be on your best behavior. Now, get back to work. We don’t stop, we don’t slow down, we expand. New York is ours. This time we fucking keep it that way. Who is with me?”

The men roar, and I squeeze Zara as Grayson and Jax join us to look out at the army we’ve built.

We may be the most fucked up family to walk this earth, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Family are the ones you choose. Zara and these men beside me, they are my family, the ones I will kill for, or give up my fucking life for.

The ones I will have by my side as we rule over the city.

There is just one last piece to put into place… making Zara my wife.

My forever.


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