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Detained: Chapter 6


Song- abuse me, Ex Habit.

abuse me by Ex Habit (exhabitmusic.com)

I park early and wait in the alleyway, so I have a view of the door. I’m going to have to think on my feet to get in here. It turns out the internet wasn’t overly helpful in advising me on my latest predicament.

I pull my coat tighter around my waist and wait, hoping my opportunity hits soon.

“I wonder who you’ll sub for tonight, Lex.” A high-pitched voice has me backing into the hedge more as their heels click along the path.

“I hope Mr. F,” the other one replies. I roll my eyes, knowing who they’re talking about.

My heart races; this is my chance.

As they waltz past me in a fit of giggles, I step out of the shadows and slip in behind them as they approach the entrance. They swipe their keycard and it opens.

After they step through, I put out my hand to hold it open for myself. The blonde girl turns her head and looks straight at me.

“Thank you. It’s my first night here.” I smile as sweetly as I can.

She scrunches up her face, looking me up and down. I resist the urge to headbutt her for being such a judgmental bitch. Another reason I never had girlfriends growing up and found myself tied to a gang from the age of fifteen. I shake my head. I don’t have time to dwell on that right now.

“Come on, I wanna get in there.” Her friend nudges her and she lets go of the door, letting me step through.

The second I walk through, the aroma of vanilla mixed with sex fills my nostrils. The girls head off on their mission down the dark hallway, and I follow behind them.

“Come on, we can show you where to go,” the other blonde girl says, pushing her hair from her bare shoulder.

“Can I take your coats?” The woman behind the desk asks as we approach.

I shuffle mine off and hand it to her, revealing my tight black dress that plunges between my breasts, showing off the tattoo between them that scales down across my ribs.

“Thank you.” I give her a smile as I hand it over. The two girls push open the gold doors and saunter down the hall. I trail along behind, keeping my eyes down to not attract any attention.

If Frankie and his men are here, they would spot me. So, I try to hide behind these two bundles of joy in front of me.

“Girls, you’re late. He’s expecting you. Keep your head down, remember?”

I look up and quickly drop my gaze back down to the floor. It’s one of the guys who works with Frankie. The one I can’t put a name to.

A brunette hostess wearing only a set of stockings opens the red door up for us and I follow behind the girls, mimicking their position.

The first thing I’m greeted by is a woman’s ass as she’s bent over a dark-haired man. His navy suit pants are framing her, her hands gripped onto his muscular legs. Another dark-haired woman is positioned on her knees on the floor behind her, her face between her legs, pulling her ass cheeks apart and going to town.

Desire pools in my core. I scan my eyes up. I’m not one of these girls. Now that I’m in, I don’t need to bow my head.

All the air is knocked out of my lungs as the man tips his head up, his cold gray eyes meeting mine. Him.

The shock on his face is there for a second before his cold resolve masks it.

He roughly laces his fingers through the blonde’s hair and pushes her down so she gags. His eyes don’t leave mine as he gives me a smirk.

The two girls I entered with discard every shred of clothing they have on and drop to their knees beside him, keeping their heads down.

I plant my feet firmly in place, tightening my grip on the door handle. My brain is screaming at me to leave. This is dangerous, not just for my safety but for my head. I can’t let him get to me.

I shouldn’t be turned on by him. Yet, I’m clenching my thighs together, a complete horny mess.

“Now you’re here, why don’t we play a game?” Frankie’s voice just heats me even further.

I can’t physically tear my eyes from his. I’m under his spell. His eyes dart to my hand on the handle and he raises an eyebrow.

He thinks I can’t do this.

I straighten my spine, dropping my hand. “What do you suggest?”

A grin twitches on his lips. Frankie’s grip tightens in the girl’s hair, causing her to moan.

“You give me a show. If I come, I’ll answer anything you ask me. If you can’t get us both off with your performance, you stop this little mission of yours.”

Desire flashes in his eyes. I lock my gaze with his as I step forward, slowly unzipping the side of my dress and letting it fall to the floor. He groans, raking my body all the way up. My red lace thongs and matching lace bra are a brilliant choice for tonight’s activities.

“Show me what you’ve got, detective.” He drawls out that last word in a way that has me soaking.

The two girls kneeling both look up directly at me. Frankie growls, making them turn their heads away.

“Lexie, here.” Frankie’s tone is commanding. For some reason, I open my legs, the pressure building in my pussy.

She saunters over, not before flashing me a malicious grin and sits next to him, her legs spread wide as she leans into his shoulder. He slides a hand down her stomach and between her legs, starting to fuck her with them. His eyes still firmly on mine.

Fine. If he wants a show, I’ll give him one. I can probably do that better myself, anyway.

I mimic his actions, brushing my hand along my bare stomach and slipping it under my panties.

I start to circle my clit lightly, and Frankie grunts in response. The thrill of it has me on the edge; my entire body is on fire. I start to picture him doing this to me and a moan escapes my lips.

Unclasping my bra with the other hand, it falls to the floor, letting my breasts bounce free. The cold air makes my nipples stand to peaks as I roll my nipple piercing between my fingers. Tipping my head back against the door as I slide in two fingers.

The pure fire in Frankie’s eyes greets me when I look back at him. I can’t focus on the other women. He is all I see.

I can hear the woman’s moans. I can feel my temperature rising. I want the man who’s staring at me like he’s torn between strangling me and fucking me until I can’t walk.

Gritting my teeth, my blood pounds in my ears. I shouldn’t want him like this. I hate the man. I want to take him down.

I just can’t stop.


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