Detained: Chapter 46


Song- Chills- Dark Version, Mickey Valen, Joey Myron

My body vibrates against the leather as he picks up my ankle and clasps it to the chains. All my weight is held in the swing. Between that and the blindfold, every single sense is heightened.

I can feel his breath beat against my skin.

The anticipation in itself has me teetering on the edge.

“How badly do you want my cock?” His husky voice sends ripples through me.

“I need it, sir.” I barely recognize my own needy words.

His firm hand caresses my ass. I bite down on my tongue as his belt cracks down. Stars fill my vision and I scream, shaking in my restraints.

I try to lift my head, but it tightens the collar around my neck, leaving me gasping for air as he places a soft kiss on my tender flesh.

I open my mouth to beg him to fuck me and quickly stop myself.

“Just one more, baby,” he groans.

My pussy pulses. I can’t concentrate on anything else other than the sting on my ass. I clench my fists. The belt connects with my flesh on the other side and I lose it.

Tears slip from my eyes, and I tug on my restraints,

“Fuck!” I cry out.

Before I can register the pain from the spanking, he thrusts inside me and it is pure ecstasy.

“Ride out the pain, angel.”

I stretch around him, focusing only on the sensation of him hitting against that sweet spot.

“Fuck, yes,” he grunts.

I gasp as he slaps my pussy, ferociously pounding into me from behind.

“Let me come,” I beg, “please.”

I can’t hold it off. My whole body is tingling. I’m ready to combust.

I shiver as he pulls out, then I hear the familiar buzzing of my vibrator. I try to push myself back as I feel the tip of his cock press against my asshole.

Frankie growls out my name as he starts to fuck my ass, and the vibrator enters my pussy. He ups the momentum, both thrusting inside me at the exact same time. I’ve never felt so full, so completely consumed.

“I can’t take anymore.”

“You can and you will. You will take everything I give you.”


“Jesus, Zara.” His voice is strained. “Break for me, baby,” he orders.

I shatter around him until I can’t physically give him anymore.

I drop my head, focusing on my breath as Frankie pulls out of me. He lets my ankles free first and they fall to either side of the sling.

I squeeze my eyes shut as he removes the blindfold.

“Look at me.” His face softens as I do as he says.

He releases my wrist, pulls my spent body up and cuddles me against his chest before laying us down on the bed.

My head hits the pillow and my body sinks into the soft mattress.

Without a word, he presses his lips to mine.

“How was that?”

Overwhelming, intense, perfect.

“Everything I never knew I needed.”

He nods.

“For you?” I ask, curiosity getting the better of me. Is this what he does with every woman? Is this what he expects all the time?

“Complete and utter perfection.”

I roll onto my back and wince as my ass hits the covers.

Frankie rolls off the bed and disappears into the bathroom, reappearing with a bottle of lotion.

“Lay on your front for me, baby.”

I do and rest my head on my hands.

“God, just looking at this is making me hard again.”

In response, I let out a soft hum as he begins to gently massage my delicate skin, causing my eyes to flutter shut.

“That feels so nice,” I whisper.

His hand slides between my thighs, and I open my legs. Despite my body being completely exhausted, I can’t resist him.

“Let me take care of you?”

“Please do.”

After massaging the lotion, he turns me over and positions himself between my knees, settling his face beneath my belly.

He keeps his eyes pinned on me as he starts to softly lick me. I bring my knees up and run my fingers through his hair.

“Mmm, yes.”

He slowly circles my clit with the tip of his tongue and I roll my hips, letting the waves of pleasure roll through me.

He reaches over to the bedside table and picks up what looks like a small white ball.

Sitting on his heels, he places it in his mouth and I cry out as the icy cold connects with my pussy.

He runs the smooth ice along my hot center.

I spread my legs wider, desperate for more. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this in my life. His frozen touch isn’t melting away any of this burning heat inside of me.

His eyes pin on mine. “Take a deep breath, baby.”

I do as he says, watching him intently, my body shaking from built up desire.

“All the way out now.”

I blow out the air slowly. He licks his lips and pushes the ice inside of me. My eyes go wide as I adjust to it.

What the fuck.

He crawls up my body, laying on top of me, his hand between my legs still circling my clit lightly.

“How does it feel?”

“Good, cold, burning.”

His fingers tease my entrance and I’m a quivering mess.

“You are soaking my fingers, baby. So Goddamn perfect.”

I can feel the cold liquid spilling out of me as it melts. I wiggle my hips, trying anything to release this pressure.

“Focus on how good it feels, dolcezza. Just relax for me,” he says in a low and commanding tone.

I grit my teeth together, trying to hold off for him.

“I need to come, Frankie, sir.”

“And you will, the only way you get to do that is with my cock buried deep inside of you.”

That’s exactly what I want. I want him to consume every single part of me. Anything is his.

He presses his lips against mine.

I open my mouth to let his tongue explore and his hands fist in my hair.

“Oh, my god.” I arch my back off the bed. I can’t take much more. All I want is him.

I gasp as he thrusts his fingers inside me, his name rolling off my tongue. Lining his cock up to my entrance, he cups my face with one hand, while the other grips onto the headboard.

“So beautiful.” He thrusts into me. “So perfect.” He kisses me.

“Mine,” I reply.

With every thrust bringing me closer to the edge, the way he commands my mouth, stroking my face, it sets me on fire.

“Always mine, angel. I love you.”

“I love you, sir.”


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