Detained: Chapter 45


Song- Easy to Love, Bryce Savage 

I swear to God I stop breathing the second she appears, head bowed, hands clasped, and completely naked.

I take a second to admire my view.

It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Telling her the truth, both of us laying our cards on the table.

There is nothing either of us could have said that would have changed how we feel.

Pure fucking love.

“W-where do you want me?” she whispers. I can smell her desire from here.

“Shh, no talking.” I walk towards her and she stays completely still. “Take my belt off.”

She sucks in a quick breath, and her hands reach for my waist.

She slides it from my pants and holds it out to me. I take it and wrap both of her wrists behind her back. Then, I pick up the black blindfold from the bed and slip it over her head.

“Perfect,” I groan, tipping her chin up to see her. I taste her lips and she moans into my mouth instantly.

“I bet you’re already soaked for me. Aren’t you?”

She nods silently. I trail my hand down her trembling chest and smooth belly. She opens her legs as I reach her pussy. Lightly, I stroke along her slick slit.

“So wet,” I whisper against her ear and watch the goosebumps form. I bring my finger to her lips and pry them apart, sliding the tip in.

“Isn’t it delicious?”

“Hmm hmmm,” she swirls her tongue around my finger and my dick wants to explode.

“Let’s get you prepped, shall we?” I lead her to the edge of the bed and bend her over, so her ass is in the air. Stepping behind her, a whimper escapes her as I drag my index finger down her spine and between her cheeks.


She shuffles her legs apart, her dripping pussy now on display for me.

I drop to my knees and part her ass and start feasting on her. She lets out a strangled cry, as if she’s holding back.

“Be as loud as you want, dolcezza. Let me hear you.”

I lick all the way from her clit to her entrance and up to her tight, puckered hole. I circle it lightly and she jolts forward.

I pull her back and keep going.

“Frankie,” she pants and I reward her by thrusting three fingers in her pussy all the way to the knuckle.

I tease her ass with my wet finger, and she sucks in a breath.

“Yes,” she cries and I bite back my smile.

Complete and utter perfection.

“You like being filled in both holes?”

“Y-yes,” she whimpers.

My cock painfully throbs at her words. I slap down on her hip with my free hand and she screams.

“Come for me.”

She’s so close, her walls tighten around my fingers. She’s resisting, holding back.

“Surrender to me. Fucking. Come. Now.”

With a final smack, she explodes around me and I keep fucking her through it, as she squirms on the bed.

I let her catch her breath for a moment as I free her wrists.

“Now you’re ready.”

As I lift her body, she clings to me, her arms tightly wrapped around my neck, and we make our way towards the sling hanging from the chains to the ceiling.

She lets out a small gasp as I lay her chest on the cool leather. It pushes her breasts up, teasing me with her piercings.

Brushing her hair away from her neck, I tighten the collar around her throat and spread her arms so they can be snugged into the wrist restraints.

Seeing her like this, hanging and fastened at my mercy, she is magnificent. Her dark tendrils splay against the pale skin of her back. Suspended and waiting, she has me aching in need.

A shaky breath escapes her lips as she nervously bites down on her bottom lip.

“Such a good fucking girl.”

“Frankie, please, I need you.” Her voice is barely a whisper, laced with pure desperation.

“We had one rule, Zara. You let me make every choice. You don’t get to beg, not now. So, it looks like I’m going to have to punish you.”

My cock throbs painfully at the thought of my belt welting her delectable ass.


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