Detained: Chapter 37


Settling into Keller’s luxurious leather office chair, I gaze at the monitor, the soft glow reflecting off the smoke swirling from my lit cigarette, while Jax and Kai set up our latest torture area.

A decent selection of knives, nail pullers, and tooth extractors are laid out on the desk and a chair with rope in the middle of the room.

Jax leans over my shoulder, looking at the monitor I’m watching, waiting for Zara to do her thing with James.

“Wow, Zara is looking smokin’ tonight, boss.”

I look up at him, grinning ear to ear and blink a few times at his stupidity.

“Jax, one day he is going to knock you the fuck out,” Kai says to Jax. He’s a smart boy.

“I’d listen to him, Jax,” I warn.

“I was just winding you up, boss.” He taps my shoulder and I take another inhale.

“Try it again. You don’t need your tongue to work for me.” It’s a struggle to keep from smiling.

His eyes go wide and he steps back. I don’t miss Kai laughing in the background.

They start bickering behind me.

Tuning them out, I sit forward with my elbows on the desk and zoom in on Zara as she walks into the VIP area with the tray of drinks for Keller and James.

Stubbing out my cigarette in the ashtray, I watch as his eyes roam her body and anger boils through me. I might not be able to kill him, but I’ll certainly make this hurt.

She leans over the table, purposely brushing her hand on his arm as she straightens up, placing two shot glasses next to their beers.

He says something to her, and she fakes a laugh dramatically. I watch as her tits bounce in her revealing dress. Much like our friend James, I can’t take my eyes off them.

She shakes her head as Keller knocks back his scotch.

Giving James a wave, she turns and looks up at the monitor and winks. She knows I’m watching.

It doesn’t take long for me to hear her heels clicking in the hallway as she approaches. She steps inside the secluded room and waltzes towards me, sitting on my lap.

“How did I do, handsome?”

She picks up the packet of cigarettes and lights one, leaning back on me as she exhales a plume of smoke into the air above us.

“Jax, Kai, out!” I order, and they silently slink to the exit, closing the door behind them.

“You’re lucky I’m about to torture the guy.” My jaw clenches thinking about his slimy hands itching to touch her.

She purses her lips and looks at me through her lashes. “I’ve heard you used to be quite good at sharing at the club.”

“That was different.”

She raises one of her elegant eyebrows. “Oh, really?”

“Yes really. Those girls were never mine to be possessive over. You, however, are all mine. And I don’t share. At all.” It’s hard not to squeeze her tighter than I should.

She bursts out laughing.

“You’re too easy to wind up sometimes, Frankie.” She blows out her last drag and stubs it out.

Her hands frame my face. My nostrils flare as I fight the heat of anger burning within me. I’ve never been a jealous person, but, for Zara, I’d kill someone for looking at her the wrong way.

“I’m only yours, sir. Always.”

I let out a breath. Hearing her say the words out loud calms the rage burning inside me.

The door opens and Jax and Kai drag in a drugged and unconscious James.

“Well, that worked quickly.” The green of her eyes grow as they widen.

“It’s good stuff,” I reply. “Do you want to go out there and have a drink with Keller? I’ll deal with this asshole and then I’ll join you.”

She nods, pressing a kiss to my cheek. I grab her face and claim her lips, reminding her who she belongs to.

“Have fun.” She winks at me breathlessly before lifting herself off my lap.

Pouring myself a glass of scotch, I sit back and sip as Jax finishes tying James to the chair, leaving his head slumped over. Glancing over to the array of supplies, I know many of them I won’t be using. I know his type. He will talk at the first chance to save himself.

Picking up the taser, I shoot it at him and watch him vibrate on the chair. He breaks out into a coughing fit, gasping for air. I step in front of him, smiling down at him when his pale, wrinkly face looks up.

“Mr. Thompson, how are you feeling?”

He looks around the room and starts tugging at the ropes around his wrist. “Who are you?”

I step forward, forcefully grabbing his face, noticing the tension in his jaw as I tip his head back.

“I could be your worst fucking nightmare,” I say through gritted teeth. I release my grip and tap his cheek. “Or I could be your savior.”

He looks at me blankly. I clearly need to step it up. Heading back to the tools, I pick up a thin knife, bringing the blade up in front of my face.

“We can make this really easy, James. Am I okay to call you James?” I ask.

He frantically nods, his legs starting to tremble.

“This knife, I can either cut your ties and let you go, or I could gouge your eyes out and remove your fingers.”

His pupils dilate as I let the reflection of the bright light flicker across his face.

“Ooh, it’s sharp,” I say, swiping the blade across the tip of my finger, watching the blood drip down.

His chest rapidly rises and falls as a tide of sweat breaks across his forehead. “What do you need to know?”

“Where are the girls, James?” I step towards him, towering over this pathetic man.

“W-what girls?”

I raise my eyebrow, lowering the sharp edge to his throat. “Don’t play dumb. I know you’re an intelligent man. Tell me where you sent them. Once I have them back safely in my care, I’ll let you go.”

He swallows against the cold metal. “I-I haven’t touched them.”

I tilt my head. “What did you do with them, then?”

I take a breath to calm myself before I really stab him through the neck.

“I’m using them for cheap labor in my hotel.”

“How many? Where are they?” My jaw ticks.

“Just three. I’ve got them in a house just outside Vegas. I was told it wasn’t safe for them to start yet.”

“By who?” I press hard enough to break the skin. As blood trickles down his throat, it stains his pristine white collar.

His head quivers and he squeezes his eyes shut.

“James. Come on. It’s your life or theirs. Think about your wife, your kids.” It’s the one threat that will break any man.

His eyes fly open, full of fear. “George O’Reilly.”


“Anyone else?”

“Some Italian guy he works for. I only dealt with George. He wanted them out of the city. He knew I had properties. I normally deal with Ivan.”


He nods, and the smell of sweat and urine starts to seep from him. That explains the ties to Moscow that Zara found. I bet he’s been buying women from Mikhail’s father for a long time. I might not be able to kill James now, I will be coming back for this piece of shit at a later date.


He reels it off and I pull out my phone, texting it to Enzo, so he can orchestrate the operation with Mikhail and his men, who are on standby waiting.

“Once we have them, I’ll let you go.” I back away, tossing my weapon into the pile. I take a seat, leaving my phone face up on the table. I light a cigarette and wait, listening to the clock on the wall tick.

Forty minutes later, I have confirmation that Mikhail has all three girls.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day, Mr. Thompson.” I cut his ties, letting him stand. Before he can pass by me, I grab hold of his throat and forcefully slam him against the wall.

“Breathe a word, I’ll kill you. Buy more girls, I’ll kill you. I’ll have men watching your every move, tracking every fucking call you make. You can’t escape us. No matter where you are. Remember that.”

I drop him, and he lands on the floor in a heap, clutching onto his neck.

“I won’t,” he croaks out.

Just in time, Jax and Kai reappear with a grin, looking at James on the floor.

“Take him home,” I purposefully say as a reminder to James we know everything about him.

As I stride into the VIP area, I find Zara giggling away with Maddie sipping on champagne, while Keller and Grayson nurse their scotch.

When our gaze connects, she abruptly halts her laughter, her tongue darting out to wet her lips.

“Well, how did it go?” she asks, sliding out of the booth and wrapping her arms around me.

“We saved three more girls.”

Her brows furrow as she tosses back the rest of her drink.

“What’s the matter, baby? This is good, right?”

“There are still two missing, Frankie.”

I tighten my embrace, stroking her bare back. “I know. We will find them.”

Zara has taken this on like a personal vendetta. She feels responsible because of her father’s involvement. I get it. The woman has determination like no one I’ve ever met. That’s what makes her special.

Sienna waddles over with a fresh bottle of champagne and a glass of water for herself, taking a seat on her husband’s lap.

“Hey, Zara! Do you want another one?”

She looks up at me holding an empty flute on the verge of pouring.

“You deserve to let go. Enjoy yourself, baby.” I place a kiss on her temple.

“Yes please,” she says.

“Frankie?” Maddie asks.

“Is it your best stuff?” I ask Keller.

He chuckles. “You know I don’t serve shit in here.”

I slide into the booth next to Zara, resting my arm around her shoulder.

“Well, tonight was a success. Enzo is working with Mikhail to track down a location on Romano using his father’s links. The end to this is near.” I hold up my drink and the rest of the group joins.

“Do you think Luca and Rosa will come home when this is over?” Maddie asks.

“I’m sure they’ll be back, baby,” Grayson replies before kissing the side of her head.

Keller clenches his jaw and traces his hand up and down Sienna’s arm.

Having spoken to Luca and Rosa a few times, they are happy traveling through Europe. I won’t be forcing them to come back. They deserve a break. Looking at Keller’s face, he needs his brother. We all miss Luca’s sarcastic persona. Even me. We are their family. I’m sure they’ll return when the time is right for them.

“If not, then we will just have to go and visit them. I’d like to meet them,” Zara says with a smile.

“We will, dolcezza,” I reply, rubbing small circles lightly on her shoulder.


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