Detained: Chapter 36


After finding and successfully getting the first three girls to safety, I have a new determination to find the remaining five. I don’t care what I have to do. I know I have Frankie and a whole army behind me on this mission.

It’s more rewarding than any police work I’ve done to date.

Once I know they’re all safe, I’ll happily make my father pay for this.

My fists tighten, fueled by the burning fire of my hatred for him.

My eyes are fixed on the screen, where the slimy mug shot of my latest target stares back at me. He fits the bill, late fifties, multi-millionaire property tycoon. Wife, two kids, perfect family.

I flick through the next pictures. This has him standing next to the Mayor of New York. The one that really nails it for me is him standing in our precinct shaking hands with my father two years ago.

Enzo sent me over the suspicious transactions to dig into. He makes a lot of payments, all low value to shell companies in Moscow, Albania and Mexico. He has no registered businesses I can find in any of these countries. But, what he has done recently that really caught my attention, opened a new hotel in Vegas.

“Here you go, baby.”

I jump back, not even hearing Frankie sneak through the door and place a steaming mug of coffee next to my computer.

“Thank you. I think I’m onto something, Frankie,” I say, tapping my pen against my chin.

He steps behind my chair and wraps his muscular arms around my shoulders. “I’m all ears.”

I turn, bring the screen closer and pull up the report I’ve collated on Mr. James Thompson.

“This guy. He’s from New York. High up in the chain with the Mayor and my father, property developer. Links to Russia and Vegas. Recent transactions are telling me he’s involved.”

“I know of him. He wanted to buy the End Zone from Keller last year.”

I spin the chair around. He’s just given me the perfect idea.

“What’s got you grinning like that? Is your wicked brain working?” He smirks.

I tap my finger against my chin. “What if we got Keller to invite him to the End Zone? Tell him he’s looking to sell?”

He scratches his beard. “He’s not going to just give us the location of the girls.”

I can tell he’s impressed.

“That’s nothing a little bit of interrogation won’t fix. I can be quite resourceful at getting people to talk.” His eyes light up as he speaks.

“You can’t kill him, Frankie.”

Not yet anyway. James is far too high profile for that to get brushed over. We need to find the girls before we do anything.

Frankie crosses his heart with a mischievous grin.

“I’m coming with you. I can easily slip something into his drink. Keller and Jax can tie him up in the office and then you can work your magic.”

He nods, grabbing my legs and wrapping them around his thighs. “I like that plan.”

“Well, get it in motion. We have women to save.” I tap on his cheeks.

“We have babies to make.” He lifts me into his arms and sits me up on the desk, being careful to move my paperwork and the array of colored pens out of the way.

“Text Keller, then you can do what the hell you want with me.” My body is on fire just saying those words.

“You drive a hard bargain, future Mrs. Falcone.” He winks and I roll my eyes, bringing my left hand up and resting it on his chest.

And there it is, that stunning diamond ring, slipped back on my finger. Like he does every damn day.

“I told you, I’m not keeping it on until you get on your knees, sir.” I try to keep my face stern.

“And I told you, there is only one of us on our knees here, dolcezza.”

I run my fingers through his hair, hovering my lips over his.

“Well, looks like dolcezza will always be my name, Mr. Falcone.” I slide the ring off my finger and place it inside his suit jacket pocket, and tap over his heart. “You know the rules. Now get texting. I’m so fucking ready for you.”

Reluctantly, he pulls out his phone and starts texting with concentration on his face. I reach for his belt and he slaps my hand away.

“You know my rules,” he says in a low tone.

I put my hand back on the desk, anticipation sizzling in the room.

He finishes and tosses his cell on the desk before turning to me with a darkness in his eyes. “Now, where were we?”

My fingers tug again at his waist. “You were about to drop to your knees and show me how good that tongue is.”

His hands slam down on either side of me, his nose touching mine.

“Oh, angel. You don’t realize how long you’re going to have to wait to come now.”


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