Detained: Chapter 34


Song- Outta my head, Omido, Rick Jansen, Ordell

“Wakey, wakey, baby,” I hear Frankie whisper in my ear.

I keep blinking through my blurry vision. I can feel his lips ferociously kissing my neck. I dig my nails into his back and he grunts.

“Frankie?” I croak out.

He pulls his face away and his lust filled eyes meet mine. His fingers are turning me on before I can wade out of the haziness of sleep.

“You can’t escape me. Even in your dreams, dolcezza.” His voice is husky.

He laces his fingers with my left hand and places it on his chest with a mischievous grin.

“What’s so funny?”

His eyes flick down to our hands.

I’m staring at what could be the biggest pear-shaped diamond ring I’ve ever seen in my entire life, on a thin gold band with red diamonds clustered on either side.

It’s absolutely gorgeous.

But, wait. I know what this is. “You are joking, right?”

I try to pull my hand back and he holds it in place over his heart.

“Mine, dolcezza. See what happens if you take it off. Try it. I dare you.”

His face is stern. I swallow past the lump in my throat, my cheeks on fire.

“I-We, Frankie.”

He chuckles. “Lost for words?”

“Well, yes.” My palm flattens against his skin as I watch the gems glitter in the morning sun.

His smile broadens. “That’s the correct answer.”

A moment of silence passes with my mind going into overdrive. “What? No. Why?” My thoughts jumble into a mess of words.

He traces my snake tattoo with one finger, raising goosebumps with each feathery touch.

“You’re mine. I want you in every sense of the word. My wife.”

“It only counts if you get down on your knees, sir.”

Holding back a grin, I roll back onto my back.

Frankie remains silent behind me, I can feel the anger rolling off him.

I pad to the ensuite. As I go to shut the door, his voice echoes through the bedroom.

“‘No’ isn’t an answer, Zara.”

“Well, maybe try the proposal again,” I shout back and slam the door.

Every day I give him more and more of my heart, willingly.

If he wants to marry me, he can damn well ask me properly. I’m certain my heart belongs to him. No matter how much I tried to fight him, it was always meant to be his.

Turning on the shower, I let the steam fill the room and start brushing my teeth. I frown, looking at my pink bag on the counter.


I forgot to take my pill.

I fumble with the zipper and pull out the packet. When I find it, my hands start to shake making dropping the toothbrush into the sink. I storm to the door and it opens before I reach it. Leaning against the frame, Frankie crosses his foot and wears an amused expression on his face.

“What the fuck is this?” I shout, holding my empty pill packet.

He takes a step towards me, I hold my ground, trembling with rage.

“It’s exactly what it looks like.” He stops in front of me, and I grit my teeth as he tips my chin up to him.

I shriek as he lifts me and drops me on the sink, settling between my legs. I press the empty packet against his chest.

“Why did you do this? It’s a pain in the ass to get more.”

“You don’t need them.” He snatches it from me and tosses it behind his shoulder.

He’s lost his damn mind.

“You are un-fucking-believable.” My finger pokes against his solid abs.

“Watch your mouth,” he warns.

I glare at him.

“You really want me to pop you out a goddamn heir?” I laugh, because this is a joke.

A serious expression settles on his face, his jaw visibly clenches.

I stop laughing. Shit. “You’re for real, aren’t you?”

He leans in, his lips grazing my ear. “Deadly. I want you by my side, where you belong.” He grips my arms almost hard enough to bruise in his intensity.

I suck in a breath.

In this second, I’d give this man whatever the hell he wants. He was right. You chose your family, and I chose this one.

“Give me one good reason.”

“Just imagine, coming home from work and mini versions of us running around the house causing chaos. With two parents who will burn down the earth to protect them. Family, dolcezza. We can build a legacy, a home. We can have everything we fucking deserve in life. I want that with you.”

One where I am accepted for who I am. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to mess with him. I won’t let him think I’m that easy.

“You think it’s a good idea to have kids with our genes running around? I don’t think the world will know how to cope with that.” I flash him a teasing smile.

He drops his head so his eyes are level with mine. “No one else matters. They will have an empire to run.”

“You really want this?” My voice is a squeak, heavy with doubt.

In one swift motion, he yanks me flush against him, my hands pressed against his chest, feeling the frenzied pounding of his heart. “I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”

“I’m not marrying you until you get down on your knees and do it properly.”

“We’ll see about that.”

I slip away from his grasp, brushing past him with a subtle hip sway.

“The baby–all you had to do was ask,” I say, looking back over my shoulder at him.

I hear him growl behind me.

“Don’t fuck with me.” His tone is gruff, setting pulses straight to my core.

“Me? Never.” I hold my breath. If he wants to play games, then so will I.

As soon as I take a step into the bedroom, he grabs ahold of me by the back of the neck, spins me around, and forcefully presses me against the wall. Our eyes lock and I slide the ring from my finger, pressing it into his chest as his fingers tighten around my throat.

A darkness flashes across his features as he retrieves the ring from my fingers.

“That was a mistake.” His teeth sink into my shoulder and I stifle a moan.

With my legs wrapped around him, his dick presses against my entrance.

“You will wear my ring. You will be my wife. You’ll see.”

I want both of those things, his last name and his baby.

I gasp as the cold metal of the ring presses against my throbbing clit. My body starts to shake as he circles the diamond against me.

“Maybe you can’t have it all,” I reply, my breath caught in my throat.

His jaw ticks. “Wrong answer.” Pinning my arm between our chests, he pushes the band back onto my finger.

“What the f—”

He cuts me off, clamping his hand over my lips, which has my senses dulling to anything outside of him. His grip tightening around my throat, my lungs burning as he plunges into me, fucking me into oblivion, taking what he wants.

My nails dig into his muscular back as he removes his hand, replacing it with a ferocious kiss that steals the last of my breath. He consumes me in every way possible.

My body shakes in his hold, sparks ignited in my veins.

He plunges his cock deeper inside me.

“Come for me, dolcezza,” he pants out, upping the pace and squeezing my throat. “Now!”

When he moans into my ear, I scream out his name, and he joins me with a few final thrusts.

He drops his forehead to mine and I try to regain my breath. That was hot.

Dragging my nails along his shoulders, resting on his front. A smirk dances on his lips as he removes my ring from his little finger and slides it back onto mine.

Licking my lips, I shake my head.

“Is that really how you’re going to put a baby in me? A quickie against a wall?”

“Oh, Zara. You have no fucking idea what I’m going to do to you.”


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