Detained: Chapter 29


I pull her spent body into my side and listen to her steady breathing. This isn’t something I’ve done in the last ten years.

And now that she’s here, she isn’t going anywhere. Even if she wants to fight me on it, it’s something I’ve come to love. She might be a brat, but she is my brat. She lets out a soft snore, her warm breath hitting against my chest, and my dick is instantly hard for her.

As my phone starts ringing on the nightstand, I hiss in frustration. Jax’s name flashes up on the screen.

“Jax.” I keep my voice quiet to not to disturb her.

What the hell is he doing up at this time of the morning?

“Have you seen your messages from Enzo?”

I rub my eyes. I’ve been far too occupied with Zara to check anything. I swipe up and see the onslaught of texts from Enzo.

I open up the attachment and I stare back at a Lieutenant of the NYPD, with a hollowness in his eyes. As Zara stirs beside me, the warmth of her hand glides down my chiseled abs.

“What does that picture mean?” I ask.

“That guy and one of his cop buddies have requested a membership at Enzo’s club. Using fake papers, obviously.”

“Oh.” Interesting.

As I pull up my text chain with Enzo. I can hear the faint sound of my fingers tapping on the screen as I type out a simple instruction.


Approve their memberships and invite them this evening. I’ll be bringing Zara.

“Okay, Jax. I’ve sent instructions to Enzo. Round up a team, we will be meeting there at 6pm.”

“Nice.” I can hear the excitement in his voice.

“This is work, Jax,” I remind him.

“Work hard, play harder.”

“We’ll see.” I cut the call just as Enzo’s prompt reply comes in.


All arranged. There won’t be any trouble inside the club and I expect Zara will still be on a guest pass?

A smile creeps up on my lips as I recall our last encounter in Enzo’s club. He’s right. She has absolutely no need to participate in any activities.


Yes. I’ll see you there.

I place my cell back on the table. I don’t want Zara knowing anything about the cops. I want to see if I can really trust her. I’ll be able to sense her alliance from a simple interaction with them. It will prove if we’re really on the same team.

Her leg brushes up along my thigh, resting over my morning hard on. When I look down, I am captivated by her big green eyes, sparkling with mischief.

“Morning, gorgeous.”

“Are you always this busy?” she asks in a husky tone.

“It would seem that way.”

“How could you possibly have time to fit me in that busy schedule?” she teases, biting down on her bottom lip.

I brush my nose against hers. I don’t think she quite understands what I expect out of our arrangement, especially if she passes my test tonight.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of time to make sure all your needs are met, baby.”

“Is that so?” She pouts, and I bite down on her protruding pout.

“I’ll always make time for people who deserve it from me.”

Rolling on top of her, I firmly grasp her hands, restraining them above her head with one hand.

“Can I trust you to behave today if I leave you for a few hours? I need you to do something for me.”

Her eyes light up.

“You can trust me.”

She sounds sincere enough, but words mean nothing to me. Actions are the only thing I take note of. What she doesn’t realize is, I’ll have my men tailing her wherever she goes, until she fully earns my trust.

“What do you need?” she asks as I plant wet kisses on her neck.

“For you to buy yourself a new sexy dress, something you want me to rip off of you. I’ll give you my card, buy whatever the hell you need for tonight and, well, for the rest of your life.”

As she wiggles her hips, her laughter fills the air.

“Frankie,” she says with warning in her tone.

“What, dolcezza?”

“I’m not just going to sit around here and look pretty for you, waiting for you to take me out and shower me with gifts. If that’s what you think is happening here, I won’t be here when you get home.” That fire in her eyes is back.

I tighten my hold around her wrists. “You’ll do exactly as I say.”

I hide my smile against her neck. Fucking with her is still one of my favorite past times. This woman is wound so tight it’s almost too easy.

“Like hell—”

I silence her by sinking my teeth into the column of her neck. A soft moan escapes her lips beside my face.

“You think that is what I want from you? I’ve told you I want a woman to stand alongside me. It’s up to you if you become that.”

“Oh,” she says in a breath.

“Oh, indeed.”

“Money doesn’t mean power with me, Zara. Take my card, max it out if you want. Buy something from a thrift store, I don’t care. I won’t ever have you going without. You’re unemployed, remember?”

I smirk at her. She shoots me a look that tells me to fuck off.

“Just make sure whatever you buy, I have access to your pussy whenever the hell I want it,” I murmur against her skin and she shivers.

“Where are we going?” she asks as I roll my hips, pressing my dick against her heat.

“We have a meeting to attend at the club.”

“The End Zone?”

Of course, she knows about Keller’s club. I doubt there isn’t much she doesn’t know.

“Nope, the club we’re going to, I’ll actually be able to touch you this time. And I won’t just know what you look like when you come thinking about me. I know what you look like when my cock sinks so deep inside you that you can barely contain yourself.”

“So something short, tight, and revealing?” I can sense the tease in her tone, I can’t help but growl at her words.

“If you want anyone who looks at you to die, then go ahead, angel.” I pull back, my eyes searching hers.

She isn’t remotely worried about my threats. In fact, that desire written across her face tells me the opposite.

“You think that bothers me?” she says with a menacing grin. I swear my heart almost pounds out of my chest.

“Jesus, fuck.” I rub a hand over my face, letting out a breath.

This woman.

I need to marry her and never let her out of my sight again.

As she giggles, I seize the moment and press my lips firmly against hers.

I really hope she proves me right tonight because now I have her, I don’t think I’d ever be able to let her go. The more she lets me see, the deeper she digs her claws into me.

“You’re crazy, you know that, right?” she says between kisses.

I raise an eyebrow. She’s right. I’m crazy about one thing.


“I may have been told that one or two times before.”


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