Detained: Chapter 27


Song- Who Do You Want, Ex Habit 

Who Do You Want by Ex Habit (

I resist the urge to touch her. That isn’t what she needs right now.

She wants discipline. She needs it as much as I do. For us, this is how we get what we need from each other.

With every step away towards her, she takes a breath, watching me like a hawk. Even now, she defiantly lifts her chin up to me.

My cock throbs painfully at the sight of her on her knees for me.

To punish her, I have to punish myself. If that’s what it takes for her to become the version of herself she so desperately deserves, then so be it.

I step towards her and caress her cheek. She presses her face into my touch.

“What am I going to do with you? Hmm?”

She peers up at me, giving me a naughty grin, which will soon be wiped off those plump lips when she learns what I have planned for her. She wants to come, that I can give her until she can’t move. Until she’s so ruined, she can only feel me inside her, claiming every single inch of her.

Cracking my knuckles, I step back, watching the steady rise and fall of her chest.

She lets out a shaky breath as my hands go to the buckle of my belt.

“Fuck me, preferably,” she counters with a sexy smile.

I look down at her. “Enough talking.”

My cock aches painfully in my boxers. She squirms beneath me, that fire still blazing in her eyes.

I’ve had enough of her trying to fight me for control.

Snatching her by the hips, I flip her over, tugging her by the legs to the edge of the bed, so she is bent over, her feet planted on the floor.

I drop to the ground, spreading her ass cheeks apart. I drive two fingers to her soaking entrance and I’m rewarded by a gasp.

“For the woman who just tried to run away from me, you’re fucking dripping for me, baby.”

A breathy moan escapes her so I slide in a third finger, curling them slightly to hit her G-spot. As her hips begin to rock against my hand, I lean forward and suck on her clit.

I pull back and she lets out a groan, so I adjust myself and withdraw my fingers, teasing her rear entrance. The way her body shivers as I barely touch it makes me almost come in my pants. Sucking the inside of my mouth, I spit my saliva on her asshole, using that to gradually push a finger in.

“Fuck, Frankie.”

Her body jolts forward, and I instantly pull her back by her hip, sinking my finger deeper, holding her firmly in place.

“That’s it, baby,” I rasp.

With my hand on the base of her spine, I run it along her tattooed hip. I increase the tempo of my index finger in her ass and add another two into her pussy.

Her hands grip onto my sheets, squeezing her eyes shut.

“More,” she says through gritted teeth.

I pull back my hand and smack her upper thigh. “I’ll tell you when you can have more. If you’re going to beg, it has to be better than that, dolcezza.”

Sweat beads on her forehead and her walls clamp down on my fingers.

“You’re so fucking close,” I whisper, taunting her.

She wiggles her ass, bringing it up further in the air.

“Is my dirty whore going to come on my fingers?” I thrust into her down to the knuckle, over and over, causing her moans to turn to cries.

“Give yourself to me, Zara,” I demand.

Her body convulses on the bed. I keep fucking her through her climax, her hips rocking violently against my hand.

“Take it, take what you want.”

Just as she starts to fade from the wave of her first orgasm, I swiftly turn her over so her back is on the bed.

“Bring your knees up.”

She does, opening her legs, and I step between them. I lean over and grip the sides of her throat. Her breath catches as I slide three fingers back into her.

“Another one.”

Her cheeks flush as I keep pumping my hand. Her back arches off the bed and her juices smother my palm. It doesn’t take long to have her balancing on the edge again.

“Look at me.”

Her hooded green eyes meet mine.

“Look at the man who owns you as you come.”

She opens her mouth, and I add the fourth finger to stop her speaking.

“Oh my god.” She lets out a muffled cry.

Her pulse hammers against my grip, so I squeeze it tighter.

Before she can finish on my fingers, I drop down and hook her legs over my shoulders, tugging her body towards my face. I don’t waste any time and start fucking her with my tongue, rubbing her clit with my fingers at the same time. Letting her completely soak my beard.

She erupts around me and I take everything from her, her hips bucking, her legs shaking next to my face.

“Frankie!” she cries out; it only spurs me on more. I hold her thighs down and keep thrusting with my tongue.

“I-I can’t,” she sobs.

Reluctantly, I inch my face back away from her.

“Yes, you can,” I say and lightly slap her pussy, making her scream.

I feast on her like my life depends on it, sucking, licking and biting. Her legs start to close around my head and I push them apart again.

I’m desperate for my own release. I want to sink inside of her and fuck her until she can’t see.

As soon as she is close again, I drive a finger back into her ass. She squeezes her eyes shut.

“Eyes on me, gorgeous.”

I want to witness her fall apart. Over and over again.

She sits herself up on her forearms and does as I say, her green eyes glistening. With a suck on her clit, her gaze pinned on me, she lets loose. Her plump lips open and she screams my name. It is a fucking sight to behold.

She flops herself back onto the bed as I stand. We are far from done here. She watches me as I slide my belt from my pants, tossing it onto the bed.

“Pick a number.”

“One,” she replies, biting down on her lip.

I lean over her and tilt her chin up.

“Wrong answer.” I shake my head.

I pull open the drawer, taking out a set of cuffs connected to metal chains and clip them onto the hoops on the headboard.

She doesn’t move a muscle as I position her in the center of the bed and buckle her wrists into the leather.

Yes, I want to punish her for running from me. It’s more than that. I want to show her how fucking freeing it can be, letting me take control. For once in her life, she can stop that brain from overthinking everything.

If she says stop, I will. This is a test. Can she trust me enough to hand over herself entirely to me? I want to prove to her she can give me every single part of her and I will protect her with my life.

I’m not her enemy here. I don’t think I ever truly was.

I roll up my sleeves and she whimpers as I rest on the bed.


I place a finger on her plump lips.

“No talking. You’ll see you don’t have to keep fighting me.”

With a gentle touch, I run my finger down her chin, between her breasts, and trace the tattoos beneath them all the way to her bare pussy.

I flip her around by her hips then reposition myself between her legs, on my knees. As her hands meet above her head, the metal clashes.

Rubbing my hands over her perfect body, I ache to be in her.

“Such a gorgeous fucking ass, Zara. It will look even better covered in my marks.”

Her soft moans are replaced by screams as I smack my palm against it.

“Count for me, dolcezza.”


“Good girl. See, you can listen.” My hand cracks down again. I run a finger along her soaking cunt and she jolts forward.

“Two,” she stutters, and my cock is begging to explode.

“So fucking wet.”

With her ass spread open, I lean forward and lick from her entrance to her asshole, then quickly withdraw. That was for me—I needed another taste.

I pick up my belt and climb off the bed, admiring the view.

“Look at me. I want to see you.”

She turns her flushed and sweaty face to me.

I slap the belt down over her pale skin on the perfect swell of her thighs. Her face squashes into the pillow and she cries out. I suck in a breath as the welts start to appear. It’s perfect.

“Beautiful.” I stroke along her back.

Her fists clench as I slide two fingers inside her, letting her balance on the edge of pleasure and pain.

Now, let’s see if I’m getting anywhere with her.

“Who does this pretty pussy belong to?”

“M-me,” she moans.

I withdraw my fingers and follow it with another lash of my belt on her other cheek, causing her to cry out.

“Try again.”

She sucks in a shaky breath.

I push three back inside her. With each thrust, I grunt out a word.

“Who. Do. You. Belong. To?”

“You,” she screams out at the top of her lungs. “You, only fucking you,” she cries.

Tears roll down her face and a fire spreads through my chest. I free my fingers and proceed to lick them clean, one by one.

“You are so sweet,” I groan.

“Please, Frankie.” She pulls her knees closer to her chest. Her soaking cunt has me salivating.

I keep my touch light as I slide my index finger from her entrance to her clit.

“La mia ragazza perfetta.” My perfect girl.

I keep my gaze locked on hers as I undo each button of my shirt.

I’ll give it to her. She is the first person to almost make me break my resolve. It took everything not to tear off my clothes and sink into her the second I walked in here. She is addicting in every way, both in and outside of the bedroom.

“Please, Frankie?” The desperation in her voice has me groaning.

“What do you want, baby?” The cool air is welcome over my fevered shoulders as I toss my sweaty shirt aside.


Her response has me pause, kicking my shoes off. “Me? Really? I didn’t get that impression earlier.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing.” My pants hit the floor, freeing my eager cock.

I clamber behind her, staring at her beautifully red ass and curl my hands on the underside of her thighs, bringing her up to me.

“What do you want, dolcezza? My fingers?” I say, pushing them inside her.

I quickly pull them out and her body sags forward, so I tug her back, holding her hip tightly.

I hover my mouth over her pussy. “Or my mouth?” I say and take a slow and sensual lick before sitting back on my heels.

“Fuck, Frankie. Please fuck me.”

“Oh, is it my cock you want sinking deep inside you? Do you want to be fucked like you’re my dirty little slut?”

“Yes!” She writhes against the silken sheets, her flushed body begging for me.

Turning her over onto her back, I remove the restraints on her wrists and place her hands on the pillow above her head. I stroke myself, not breaking eye contact with her.

“You want me? Is that right?” I bite down on my lip and tug on my dick. The sight of her by itself is almost enough to get me off.

“Yes, Frankie, I want you.”

She can’t take her eyes from my hand, moving up and down my shaft.

“Are you mine?”

“I’m yours. I promise.” She squirms around me, her legs hitting against mine.

“I don’t believe you.”

She sits up and I clench my thigh muscles as she runs her nails along my skin. She squeals as I pick her up, my mouth hovering over hers and my cock nudging against her entrance. Her legs wrapped around me so tight.

I don’t sink into her. I hold her tight as she tries to wriggle her hips.

“I haven’t heard you beg yet, baby.”

I bite down on her neck and suck, using my other hand to grab one of her breasts and roll her nipple bar between my thumb and index finger.

I slide the tip in just a little more and pull back, she cries out in frustration.

I bite down on the skin between her neck and shoulder and lick all the way up the column of her throat to her ear.

She sucks in a breath. My defiant little thing is fighting herself.

I pull back her bottom lip and a little moan comes out.

“Now, beg like a good girl.”

“I need you to fuck me more than I need air to breathe. Please, sir,” she purrs the last word. It sends blood rushing straight to my cock.

I waste no time slamming into her. I can’t take it anymore. I need to know how it feels to claim her.

“Fuck,” I hiss out as her pussy clamps down so tight on my cock.

“Oh my god, Frankie!” she cries out and nuzzles her face into my neck to muffle her screams as I sink as deep as I can go.

I pull nearly all the way out and thrust inside her, over and over again.

She bites down on my shoulder, I grit my teeth as the pain shoots through me.

I slap her thigh hard. “I am earning every one of those screams. Let me fucking hear them.”

Her fingers claw at the air. “Frankie, fuck, shit.”

“Now, Zara,” I hiss out.

Together, we both tip over the edge. Coming with such force that my entire body is ablaze. Her name escapes my lips as I reach my peak.

Leaning over, I let my cock twitch inside of her and rest against her exhausted body on the mattress. The room is filled with nothing but the sound of our heavy breathing.

Brushing her dark hair off her sweaty forehead, her eyes open with a flutter as I smile.

Freshly fucked and perfect.

“That was pretty good.” She bites back a grin.

I tilt her chin up so she can see me. “You think we’re finished?”


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