Detained: Chapter 23


I pick up the call and stop in my tracks when I hear a Russian accent coming through the speaker.

“Frankie, how serious were you about killing anyone who touches her?”

My fingers squeeze the phone and I let out a breath.

“Deadly,” I reply, anger now rippling through my veins. “Show me.”

“Umm, okay.”

A few moments later, a picture comes through and for the first time I can remember, jealousy hits me. I shake my head, looking at her in that tight black dress, the ink running down her arm. I can see the smile on her red lips. That should be for me.

As I zoom in, I see that asshole’s hand on her lower back. Even from a picture, I can see she is doing this for one reason and one reason only.

To get at me.

I can see her side eying Nikolai. She knows. Of course she does. My girl isn’t stupid; she knows how to watch.

“Let her have her fun, but he goes. I’ll be there shortly.”

I cut the call, dialing Enzo before the line even fully silences. “Get the jet ready now.”

I sit in the driver’s seat, with Grayson in the passenger seat, and Jax and Kai in the back.

“What did he want?” Grayson’s eyebrows shoot up.

I chose to withhold the information about Zara for now.

“Change of plan. We are heading to Vegas,” I say, turning on the ignition.

Grayson grunts, the sound punctuating the tense atmosphere.

‘Let me reach out to Maddie,’ he says, pulling out his phone.

“You do that.”

“She’s going to be fuming at you, boss,” Jax calls out from the back and I shoot him a look through the rearview mirror.

“Trust me, if anyone is furious, it’s me.”


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