Detained: Chapter 20


As soon as the front door shuts, I sink down to the floor, my back pressed against the door. I can’t let my feelings for Frankie skew my thoughts.

If there are more women that my dad has trafficked in Vegas, I need to do the right thing. Which is everything I can to save them from him.

I truly believe Frankie will protect me, that he’s proven. Yet there is this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I can’t fully trust him. He’s cunning, ruthless. I could just be a pawn in this game to him.

Glancing at the suitcase I packed earlier, I remember my passport is inside.

There are a couple of the Vegas addresses I saw in the book that I memorized. I have to go and see this with my own eyes. Just sitting here, waiting for Frankie to make his next move, won’t solve the problem. I need to stop my father.

I have to find out who I can really trust.

And there is only one way to do that.

It’s about time I put my detective skills to use. I’m sure I can figure this out before Frankie hunts me down.


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