Detained: Chapter 17


I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything so erotic in my life. I have ultimate control over myself. I have always prided myself on that.

Until her.

Every muscle in my body is tense. There’s a thin thread of restraint stopping me from saying ‘fuck it’ and both of us letting into our darkest urges. No dominance, no submission, just raw and intense fucking.

She’s right, she isn’t like any other woman I’ve met. That’s probably why I’m so hell bent on claiming her. I see her potential. The fact she’s on her knees, naked, with my belt squeezing her throat, tells me everything I need to know

I’m just not sure I have the capacity to deal with a woman fierce enough to start her own fires. This distraction could be deadly for everyone around me. Yet, I can’t stop myself around her.

My cock painfully aches in my pants, and I groan, tipping my head back. Never has my brain been so hectic. I grunt as she fumbles with my zipper. I should tell her to stop. I never ordered her to do that.

I will break her. It will be my mission to do so.

Just not today.

I need to punish her for getting to me like this. For putting herself in danger. I knot my fingers through her hair and pull tight, leaving her panting as she frees my cock.

Warm blood trickles down my neck. I swipe it up and look at it, coating my fingertips.

“Clean this mess up first,” I grunt out. I bring my fingers to her lip and she opens for me.

As her fingers delicately gripping around my shaft, she sucks on my fingers.

“Good girl.” That rewards me with a moan.

Knotting my hand back into her dark hair, I tug her closer so her mouth teases against the engorged head of my cock. “Spit on it.” I look down at her and she licks her lips.

Her warm saliva coats me, remnants of the blood staining my dick. As she takes me in deeper, I loosen the pressure of the belt around her throat so she can choke on me properly. Squeezing my eyes shut as the sensation sets me on fire. The way she starts to gag, without even being told to and using her hands at the same time, it’s perfect.

I pull on her hair, moving it out of her face and tipping it slightly to the right, so I can get a full view as I start to fuck her mouth violently. Tears run down her face, and she looks up at me through her lashes with mischief.

Biting down on my lip so hard I probably broke the skin, I’m fighting with myself to stay in control. Do not let this woman take it from you.

I yank her back and she pouts at me, before licking those luscious lips of hers.

She bats her lashes at me. “What next, sir?” 

She mocks the last word, which only infuriates me further. She has no idea the power that word could hold for her.

“I’ll ask you once, stop talking.” Picking up her panties from the floor, I scrunch them into a ball.

She grins. “You’re going to have to put your dick back in my mouth for that to happen.”

It’s getting harder to ignore the fact my cock is about to explode at her filthy words.

“Open.” I hold them between us.

To my surprise, her chin drops and she tips her head back. I shove the silky thong in there, tapping her jaw lightly.

The shock on her face is evident. She starts to take them out of her mouth and I shake my head, giving her a firm stare.

I am about to give her a valuable lesson in not tempting the devil.

She asked for this.

Her whining is muffled as I pick her up by the waist and throw her over my shoulder. It would be so much easier at my home. I toss her down on the bed hard enough she bounces back.

A perfect mixture of fear and desire on her face.

“Lie on your back, arms above your head,” I command, waiting for her disobedience.

She swallows, causing her neck to bob.

“What’s the matter, dolcezza? Bitten off more than you can chew?” I taunt, striding to the edge of the mattress.

Her head shakes slightly, her hair cascading around her face, as she carefully lowers herself to lie flat. Running my eyes over her tattooed body, I pause to admire the intricate patterns that decorate the skin and encircle her ribcage.

As my finger glides along it, I feel the smoothness of her skin, following the tribal pattern until it ends between her breasts.

“Let’s test it, shall we? How wet is my stalker for me?”

As I glide my index finger along her pussy, her body reacts instantly, arching in response.

“So responsive, detective,” I growl, adding a second and third digit, admiring how well she stretches around me.

If I trusted her more, I’d remove her gag so I can hear her screams. Her time will come, I’m sure. I take my hand away, and she lets out a frustrated groan, her eyes locked onto mine.

“So fucking sweet, baby,” I mutter, licking her flavor from my knuckle.

“In fact, I need a real taste.”

As I position myself between her legs, I firmly push them apart until her knees are on the mattress. With my hands planted on her hips, I sensually suck on her throbbing clit, savoring the way her body shivers against my tongue.

As I retreat, she grabs a handful of my hair, guiding my face back towards her pussy. Yanking her hand from me, I sit up on my heels. She can’t resist trying to take over.

Her eyes go wide and she reaches to remove her gag.

“I wouldn’t,” I warn.

Her eyes narrow, opposing the red blush running along her neck as she rests her arms above her head. My cell starts buzzing in my pants. I pull it out and rest it with my ear on my shoulder and trail my fingers along the inside of her thigh.

“Enzo,” I greet him, keeping my voice neutral.

“Mikhail has an update on the girls and Romano. He’s already on his way.”


Keller and Grayson have flown out to Greece for Rosa and Luca’s wedding. There’s no one I trust to take care of it. I have to take care of this shit myself.

“Okay. I’ll see you soon.” I cut the call and rest my body above hers, keeping the emotions away from my face.

She doesn’t need to know. I’m still not sure how much I can trust her.

“Are you a patient woman?” I run my finger along her cheek.

She shakes her head erratically.

“Well, you are about to have your first important lesson. I need to deal with something. I will be back.”

It’s impossible to resist leaning down and taking her erect nipple in my mouth, then twirling the silver bar with my tongue. Her moans are completely muffled by the panties in her mouth.

Sinking two fingers inside her, I admire how her back arches off the bed. Her juices drip down my palm and my cock begs to explode at the sight of her.

With a sigh, I remove myself from her, bracing for her to slap me.

She doesn’t. She just looks filled with disappointment. As I step back, my gaze fixates on my mask resting on her dresser. With a grin, I walk over, and the intoxicating scent of her fills my nostrils.

“I see you’ve had your own fun already,” I growl, and her cheeks flush a deep red.

Pocketing the mask, I reach the door, but before leaving, I can’t resist stealing one last look at her.

Perfectly naked and ready for me to use her how I need.

Another reason Romano needs to die has just been added to my list for tearing me away from this woman.

“Make no mistake. I will come for you, Zara.”

There’s a way, somehow, she manages to bend my control. The way she looks into my eyes, we are two of the same people.

A dangerous mix. Lethal even. I’m not sure if that’s for everyone else or each other.


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