Detained: Chapter 16


Song- PLEASE Omido and Ex Habit

PLEASE by Omido, Ex Habit (

I ran out of my dad’s office, not even apologizing to Alex as I barrelled into him. That book was filled with names and addresses. This clearly wasn’t the first time Dad’s been involved. I want to kill him myself.

Tossing Frankie’s scream mask on my bed, heat burns my cheeks as I stare at it. I can still feel him on me, as I brush my fingers along my neck where he squeezed.

Even after I shower and get in my little pair of shorts and crop top, I can’t stop thinking about him.

Lying down in the center of my bed, I stretch out and sink into the mattress. I slowly peel down my shorts and spread my legs, imagining he is here watching me. Sliding my hand down the front of my body, I start to circle my clit softly, letting out little puffs of air and my eyes flutter shut.

I replay his hands around my throat, how good it felt when he sucked my clit. Increasing the pace, I slide a finger inside, not holding back the moan that follows. His name slips from my lips and I arch off the bed, grabbing his mask.

I rub the fabric over my pussy, letting all my wetness smother it. He wants to play with me, I’m going to finish one way or another. And then I’ll mail it back to him.

This will be his reminder of me. I roll my hips, grinding the plastic mouth against myself until I crash over the edge.

I lay here, waiting for my breathing to return to normal. It’s not enough.

Holding up the damp facade, an idea springs to mind. One way I can dig deeper into Frankie. He might be the only person on my side, that doesn’t mean I can trust him. Not yet. Jumping off the bed, I take the mask to my office, pulling out the drawer.

Perfect. I knew I had one in here.

Placing a listening device to the inside of the seam of his disguise, I set it down on the desk and grab my phone. The one thing that kept appearing in that notepad was Vegas shipping addresses. If I’m going to get the answers I need, it’s going to be there.

So, I book a flight for tomorrow morning. After seeing that extensive list, I can’t sit and do nothing. Despite Frankie’s warnings, I know how to handle myself. Leaning back on the chair, my eyes are heavy. I check the time on my phone and it’s one am. Grabbing the mask, I head back to my bedroom.

After tossing it on my dresser, a crash comes from the kitchen.

What the hell?

I creep down the hall, keeping my back against the wall. My breathing is shaky as I tiptoe towards the kitchen.

A hand clamps over my mouth and I’m pulled against a hard frame.

I claw at the powerful arms, thrashing against their hold. My arms fly out trying to elbow him in the ribs.

“Looking for this?” Frankie’s deep voice sends shivers down my spine and I freeze. His erection presses against my ass.

Anger overtakes the fear, but I stop trying to fight back.

He takes his hand away from my mouth, still holding me tight against him.

“You here to finish the job?” I ask.

He brushes my hair away to expose my neck. I cry out as he bites down and sucks.

Picking me up, he props me on the counter and steps between my legs. I lean back on my hands and fumble them along the wall, flicking on the kitchen lights. I find his hooded eyes piercing into mine with a devious grin on his lips.

With my other hand, I push it back further to my knife collection. Pulling out the first one I touch, I lock my thighs around his waist, pushing him closer towards me so I can press the blade to his throat.

His gaze flicks down to my arm and back up to me, a spark of desire now muddled with anger. Just how I like him.

“Well played, detective.” He licks his lips.

I stay frozen in place.

There is no fear on his face. He’s looking at me like he wants to punish me, in all the best possible ways.

“What’s your next move?” he rasps, his mouth dangerously close to my own.

Blood hammers in my ears, and desire ignites in my core.

I open my mouth to speak, but no words follow. I can’t even think coherently, let alone string a sentence together.

He rolls his bottom lip between his white teeth. I tighten my hold on the knife and gasp as he pushes himself forward against it.

“It will cut you, Frankie.”

He stares into my damn soul. “You think a bit of blood bothers me, dolcezza? I have enough of it on my hands.”

This is ridiculous. He shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be thinking about how hard he can fuck me. Yet no matter how much I want to stop, I can’t. I keep the blade where it is, his eyes flicking between my lips and my eyes.

“I’m here to finish you. Now spread those legs wider for me and give me that pretty cunt to play with.”

My heart rate picks up. “You think I’m that easy?” I raise my brow, looking down at the knife still on his throat.

“For me? I know so. I’m done playing games with you, detective.”

“What if I’m n—”

He silences me by leaning forward and crashing his soft lips over mine. His fingers run through my hair and he pulls at it, arching my neck.

 “Let go of the knife, dolcezza.” His breath hits my burning cheeks and I do as he says. His hand covers mine and retrieves my last line of defense.

I hold my breath as he brings the bloodied knife up to my neck.

“It’s only fair I get to mark you too, don’t you think, dolcezza?”

I squeeze my eyes shut as the sharp tip presses against the skin of my collar. After a sharp sting, I open them and let out a ragged exhale. The pressure between my legs is almost unbearable.

Frankie leans in and runs his tongue along the wound, only intensifying the burning from the small cut.

“We need to stop this,” I stutter.

“Not happening. I’m not letting you get away again. I’ve had one taste and I need more. Tell me, do you think you could go through the rest of your life not knowing?”

I nod weakly, but I know it’s not true.

He’s all I’ve dreamt about for weeks, no matter how hard I tried to stop it.

“Such a beautiful liar.” He strokes my hair away from my face and crashes his lips over mine. His tongue pushes into my mouth and I can taste the metallic twang of my own blood.

Shivers run through me as he runs his thumb along the inside of my thigh, still ferociously kissing me.

“This time you’ll see it’s me fucking you, you’ll feel it’s me. You will forever remember this, the man who owns your orgasms. The man who owns your soul.”

I roll my eyes and he forcefully grabs my chin between his fingers to face him.

“Do not roll your eyes at me, brat.”

“I’m not one of your ‘yes girls’.” I glare at him.

He kisses along my jaw. “Trust me, I know.”

I pull back. Weirdly, I don’t like that comment.

“What do you mean?”

He chuckles. “If you were, you’d already be sucking my cock, and I wouldn’t have had a knife pressed against my artery.”

He has a point.

A darkness flashes across his eyes and he brushes his fingers along my arm.

“On your knees, Zara.” His voice is deep and commanding.

I almost obey, but I stay strong, holding his stare.

“Submissives and I have a mutual agreement. You and I, however, do not have such luxuries.” He taps the bloodied knife on the tip of my nose.

“You could be perfect for me.” He tilts his head.

I gasp as he starts to slice through my crop top to expose my breasts.

I swallow past the lump in my throat as he watches with intent before his other hand shoots out and grips my neck.

“I’ll get you to submit to me, angel. Just watch.”

A smirk twitches on my lips. He’s really messing with the wrong woman here.

I tear off the rest of the ruined shirt so I’m completely naked on the top and shuffle off the counter. I hold my hand out for him. “Knife, please,” I say seductively.

He places it in my palm, amusement clear on his face.

I swipe up his blood from the blade, I don’t break our stare as I suck the coppery crimson off my index finger before dropping it. I push down my shorts and panties and step out of them, tossing the knife back on the counter.

“Fuck,” he mutters. That turns me on more. I can get to him just as much as he does to me. He might want to control me, I want to break his resolve.

As I saunter to the couch, I hear him behind me unclasping his belt, his heavy steps following me. I choke on a breath as the leather loops round my throat and he tightens it, completely restricting my airflow.

I try to pull at it and he only yanks it up.

“Knees, now!”

Closing my eyes, I do as he says, my heart now beating erratically as he comes into view. I look up and the panic that was bubbling sates slightly when I see the way he eats me up with his eyes, like a man starved.


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